It’s Official! Paula Abdul Will Judge ‘The X Factor’


Well … OK … the news isn’t really officially official just yet but … it’s pretty much a certainty that Paula Abdul has signed her contract with Simon Cowell to be one of the judges on the US version of The X Factor, due out on Fox this Fall. As you may recall, we heard from Cowell himself a few weeks ago talking about the strong possibility that Paula would get the gig and since that time furious contract negotiations were taking place behind the scenes. Earlier this week, it was announced that Steve Jones and Nicole Scherzinger would be hosting The X Factor and we already knew that LA Reid and Cheryl Cole signed on to judge the show with Cowell … but Deadline is reporting this weekend that Paula HAS signed her contract and she is on board as the 4th judge.

I hear Paula Abdul just closed her deal to be the fourth judge on Fox’s The X Factor and is getting ready for tomorrow’s first two auditions tapings at 1 PM and 6 PM. With contract negotiations dragging on until the last possible minute, it is a good thing that the tapings are here in Los Angeles. Simon Cowell has a penchant for drama, and his U.S. X Factor has already offered a lot of that. The series’ hosts, Nicole Scherzinger and Steve Jones, were announced earlier this evening, less than 24 hours before they will emcee the first auditions. The other three judges on the reality show are Cowell, Antonio L.A. Reid and Cheryl Cole.

Woot!! I expect an official statement from Cowell/X Factor will be forthcoming … with auditions scheduled to begin today, there’s going to be some official announcement that Paula Abdul has joined the show as a judge. I gotta say … Cowell really rounded out his new show very well. I think the hosts will be great (Scherzinger is a MUCH better choice than Taylor Momsen, who was rumored for the host job months ago) and the judges are a proven batch of stars. Cheryl Cole has done a great job as an X Factor judge in the UK and I know there are LOTS of people out there missing Paula on a show like this. Will The X Factor be enough to topple the very popular American Idol? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. The X Factor is off to a great start tho … dont’cha think?



    HMM… I’m not sure if I’m impressed. I really liked Paula as a judge on AI, but during the later seasons of the show she started acting wacky and would slur her words, forget things, etc… I didn’t know if it was just for the the whole ratings aspect or if it was her prescription meds or what, but it was quite distracting. If you watch her from season 1 and then go to season 6 or 7 there’s a HUGE dramatic difference. I doubt it’ll boost her singing career (if she’s going to go that route again) because it didn’t for AI. I really dig Nicole Schelfdslkjfzger and hope she sees success, too. ; )

  • QN

    Woot! I’m going to the 2nd taping, expect deafening applause for her. She gets 0 points for judgment credibility but 11 points for entertainment when paired with Simon.
    Crazy/sweet + sharp/razor.

  • LJ

    if the xfactor is gona be just like ours, expect a few people that can sing and then just some entertainment!
    And you cam keep Cheryl, i doubt she’ll be missed too much
    here in England!