First Look: New Photos From The ‘Footloose’ Remake Hit The Internets


In June of last year we learned that dancer Kenny Wormald won the lead role of Ren McCormack in the upcoming remake of Footloose (after Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford decided to pull out of the film) and today we are getting our first look at the movie. In a new promo photo released from the new version of Footloose, we get to see Wormald dancing with Julianne Hough who will star as his female lead Ariel. Whether you like it or not … a new version of Footloose is headed our way.

She’s been a professional ballroom dancer and a country music singer. Now Julianne Hough is making her mark as an actress – in a remake of the Eighties classic Footloose. Newly released stills show the 22-year-old recreating the role of Ariel, made famous by Lori Singer, shaking her blonde hair as she dances across the screen. But whether the remake can match up to the magic of the original – which launched the career of Kevin Bacon – remains to be seen. The update of the iconic 1984 dance flick will open in October with a new cast including professional dancer Kenny Wormald, who takes over Bacon’s career-making role of Ren McCormack. While Wormald, 26, is not a household name, he definitely knows a thing or two about dancing. The Boston native has toured with Justin Timberlake and starred in Madonna and Mariah Carey’s music videos. Wormald was only a baby when the original came out, but he claims it is one of his favourite films. ‘I was about 10 when I saw it for the first time,’ he told USA Today. ‘I remember thinking, “That is awesome. He’s dancing in a factory. I want to do that.”‘ Dennis Quaid will take over John Lithgow’s role of the conservative reverend who disdains dance. Andie MacDowell plays his supportive wife, while Hough, of TV’s Dancing With the Stars, will play their wild-child daughter, Ariel. Hough, 22, who made her big screen debut in last year’s Burlesque, says fans will get to see a new side of her. ‘People are going to see my performance rather than the glitz,’ she says of the role that requires her to play a 17-year-old. ‘This is hometown-girl hot. I’m definitely wearing some tight jeans in this movie.’ The remake also has a new director, Craig Brewer, 39, of Hustle & Flow fame, who admits he was a rabid fan of the original. ‘I had the soundtrack in my Walkman all the time,’ he says. ‘I constantly played it.’ Brewer was brought on board after director and choreographer Kenny Ortega of High School Musical fame backed out shortly after the original lead, Zac Efron, quit. But Brewer has some big shoes to fill since while the original Footloose cost just $8 million dollars to make, and it grossed 10 times that much at the box office. Even more impressive, the film’s soundtrack sold more than 9 million copies, and scored two number one hits, singles Footloose and Let’s Hear It for the Boy by Deniece Williams. So far, there’s no word on who will be on the soundtrack, but the remake is being shot in several different cities in Georgia and could have a Southern feel. The movie-musical is scheduled to dance into theatres on October 14th.

Blah … I’m SO on the fence with this film. On the one hand, I am kinda curious to see what a new version of one of my favorite movies will look like. I have watched and re-watched Footloose a million times and without question, the film’s soundtrack is one of my fave albums of the 80’s. BUT as curious as I am to see what this remake will look like, I’m afraid it won’t hold a candle to the original and will only disappoint. I’m kinda on board with the casting … I gotta say, I love the idea of Dennis Quaid and Andie MacDowell as the Christian parents (tho John Lithgow and Dianne Wiest cannot be touched, ever!). To be honest, I don’t really think very much about Julianne Hough but I think Kenny Wormald has a chance here to really become a break-out star. I don’t know if my curiosity is enough to make me excited for this film … but it’s deffo got me intrigued. What do y’all think of this first look at the new Footloose? Are you impressed? Excited? Bummed out?

HMMM … now I really want to watch the original film. In fact, I’ll prolly watch the original Footloose another million times before this remake comes out in October.


  • Im with you on this one, on the fence for sure. It will never be like it was in the 80’s when we were kids :) (or younger) lol Gonna watch the original today <3 xoxo

  • Debho

    I hope that this girl plays Ariel better than Lori Singer did. I hated that character.

    • Spice

      If you hated that character – it’s a good sign she played it well. Arial was supposed to be the “lost” daughter of peacher who was doing her best to be something she wasn’t. Lori Singer did a good job of playing small town and trashy. Julianne Hough is a good girl type who if she doesn’t act well – will likely have a hard time being believable.

    • Debho

      I understood the premise of the character, but I didn’t like it at all. Wasn’t particularly keen on the way Lori Singer played it either. Having said that, this isn’t really one of my favourite movies..don’t even own it in my collection. Found the story quite cheesy and the music? Blech. I did think that John Lithgow and Diane Wiest played their roles well, but both are fine actors and always do great work. I didn’t mind Kevin Bacon, but loved him far more in She’s Having a Baby. That’s just my opinion though…I was already in my 20’s when this came out, so was way past the impressionable teen years. lol

  • Amanda

    I don’t know how to feel. Footloose is in my top 5 all-time favorite movies; I worry they’ll just sex it up and ruin a perfectly good movie. I may see it, I may not. I do know I’ll be watching the original today now that I think about it. :)

  • nicole

    i kind of liked Julianna in Burlesque…so it be kind on interesting to see if she can handle a leading role.

  • Dach

    I’m not excited about this movie. I prefer the original. Some movies should NEVER be remade, reboot…whatever they are calling them. I mean they make it seem like this generation wouldn’t even enjoy the movies from the past. Some of the remakes as of late aren’t the best. I might wait and see what you think Trent…..if you go and check it out. Aleast I can say they will most definetly be updating the dance moves.

  • Joy McBride

    I am predicting that this movie will be bigger and better than the original. All of the stars are much better looking, Julianne is much prettier than Lauri Singer and at least Kenny will be doing all his own dancing in this movie. So far reviews from people that have seen it are all very positive. A lot of people said that this is the best remake they have ever seen. Please don’t judge it until you have seen it. I think everyone is going to be really surprised!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I am not going to run out and watch this movie but I will see it at some point for sure. It might be okay but never hold any weight when compared to the original!

  • Lorrian

    I was appalled when I heard that Footloose was being remade…but then I met my cousin’s wife, Ziah Colon, who plays the role of Rusty (the SJP role in the original) in the remake. In the full version of the picture you posted, Ziah’s the gorgeous girl in the plaid shirt and jeans to the right of Wormald. They got to see the movie last week and although she’s not in a position to be objective, she said its really good. I’m still on the fence, but gotta support my cuz. :-)

  • taikwan

    Could be good…it’s one of those timeless stories that gets told over and over. Teen rebelling against conservative parents with rebel outsider. The key to this is not to do an 80’s remake. I hope they set much later, even in 2010. The 2nd key to make this work is terrific music. We already know the dancing will be good, maybe even great. A sad thing though – one of the characters who stayed with me the most is Willard who was played by Chris Penn. Terrific role but Chris died in 2006 :(

    Herb Ross directed the original and I’ve loved just about everthing he did – The Turning Point especially.

  • Meg

    I have a hard time with remakes of “classic” movies. The Parent Trap should have never been remade, it was amazing in it’s cheeseyness and should have been left alone. I also feel the same way about Footloose but I guess it’s because they mean something to me. Perhaps the younger generations that have no connections to the origional movies themselves will find them to be just as entertaining as we did decades ago.