New Photos From The Set Of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Reveal The Lazarus Pit?


Late last month we got to see the first photos of actor Tom Hardy (Bane) on the set of the upcoming sequel film Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and today we get to see a few more photos from the movie set. These photos reportedly come from India and possibly give us our first look at the Lazarus Pit … which, to Batman fans familiar with the character Ra’s al Ghul, know that is how Ra’s keeps his eternal youth. It is believed that Marion Cotillard will portray al Ghul’s daughter Taila al Ghul in disguise as Miranda Tate … so the appearance of the Lazarus Pit would seem to fit in that storyline. Check out the photos below.

Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises started filming in Jodhpur, India today and we already have some leaked images of the set finding their way online. Leaked set photos normally don’t reveal much about a film, but what makes these interesting for any Batman fan is the inclusion of a green screen pool. The “green screen pool = Ra’s al Ghul’s The Lazarus Pit” theory found its way online the moment the photos popped up and it’s easy to see why so many fans have begun to speculate this given the recent news that Josh Pence will be appearing in the film as a young Ra’s al Ghul in flashbacks. Hit the jump to see the photos and to read more about the Lazarus Pit along with what this could mean for Nolan’s final Batman film. The photos come to us via CBM, who also provides some info on what exactly the Lazarus Pit is:

“The Lazarus Pit is mythical vats of arcane chemicals in the DC comics universe. The most common user of the pit is Ra’s al Ghul. Ra’s al Ghul accidentally discovered the first Lazarus Pit as a cure for the dying son of a sultan he worked for. The Pit had a terrible side effect, however; it turned the Prince temporarily insane, leading to him killing the doctor’s wife. After being blamed for the murder, the man who would become Ra’s Al Ghul was buried in the desert. He was rescued by a tribe and a boy named Huew. After this he used the Lazarus Pit to save himself, and vowed to avenge his wife. The doctor gave himself the title Ra’s al Ghul – The Demon’s Head.”

This is all just fun speculation for right now, but the inclusion of the Lazarus Pit does also fit into the earlier rumors that Marion Cotillard’s character, Miranda Tate, is actually a cover for Talia al Ghul. Given the scale and attention surrounding The Dark Knight Rises, I’m sure we will get more leaked set photos along with news debunking or confirming this rumor soon enough. Until then, we can continue to anticipate and speculate about what Christopher Nolan has planned for us before the film opens on July 20th, 2012.

LOL … I love this … a green puddle on the floor is enough to spark a level of speculation and debate like this. It’s going to be a LONG year of guesswork until The Dark Knight Rises comes out next year. It makes total sense that Cotillard will, in fact, play Talia al Ghul because it’s the only thing that makes sense. The inclusion of the Lazarus Pit does fit in very nicely with all the fanboy conjecture (especially since we know that Josh Pence will appear in the film as a young Ra’s al Ghul). I can’t wait for more photos to leak their way online. Even if we are wrong along the way, it’s fun to try and guess what is really going on on the set of The Dark Knight Rises.

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  • Born This Way

    Actually Trent she is set to play a character named Miranda Tate, a board member at Wayne Enterprises.

    • @Born This Way — Yes, I mention that in this post: It is believed among fans that the Tate character will be a cover for Talia al Ghul.

    • Born This Way

      whoops that’s what I get for speed reading :)

    • @Born This Way — I was SO surprised when the press release came out about the Miranda Tate character … it sounded way too simple. There has to be more to her character … and a reveal as Talia al Ghul would be perfect, don’t you think?

    • Born This Way

      Yes, I was surprised at first too but figured the powers that be must have had something pretty extraordinary planned for the character or else it would have been a waste of Marion Cotillard’s acting abilities.

  • Boundsy

    Agreed. I feel both Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are playing characters other than were “announced”. Talia al Ghul is a sure bet. Bane is likely her protection with issues of his own. All roads look to tie up the trilogy by going back to the beginning. Ra’s al Ghul and the Falcone family. Joseph could be playing a cop, but more likely he’s really Alberto Falcone. The holiday killer. Both stories fit where everything is pointing…the Lazarus Pit and the temple above the blue city. Both actors are too valuable to be wasted in one dimensional third tier casting.