Hugh Hefner Shares The Invitation To His Wedding To Crystal Harris


With just under a month to go until the wedding of Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris, the final preparations for the nuptials are beginning to fall into place. This week, family and friends of Hugh and Crystal are starting to receive their invitations to the ceremony that will take place on June 18. Hugh shared a photo on his official Twitter profile of the wedding invitation and as you can see below, it is appropriately bedazzled with plastic jewels.

Friends and family are already receiving our wedding invitation

I don’t think it’s any big surprise that the wedding will take place at the Playboy Mansion here in SoCal so … if you’re on Hugh and Crystal’s wedding invitation list, you should watch your mailboxes for an invite that looks like this. Despite the stick-on jewels, I have to say … the invitation looks much less gaudy than I expected. In no time at all, we will all be toasting and congratulating the holy union of 85 year old Hugh Hefner to his 24 year old bride Crystal Harris.


  • loriannakim

    I dunno whether to laugh or be disgusted

  • I can just imagine her sitting there sticking on all of the little gems herself. I bet you anything she contemplated whether to add glitter, too!

    And I could be wrong, but shouldn’t it say, “two thousand eleven” and not “two thousand AND eleven”?

    • Peeks

      Cristina, I was about to say the same thing about the “and”. You would think an upscale wedding would have a correctly-worded invitation!

    • sharon

      but it does say two thousand AND eleven.

  • Oh, Trent! Will you be in attendance??

    • @Cristina — I hope so!! I’m still waiting for my invite ;)

  • brandi

    i can’t wait for the photos to be released so we can see all the inappropriate attire many of the guests are sure to wear!

  • helen

    why do you think he never wanted to marry Holly, but he chose to marry crystal??

    • @helen — You know, I honestly don’t know. I really liked Holly and Hef together. It was a shock to me when they broke up … and a bit surprise when he not only immediately replaced her but got engaged to be married so soon after their split. It’s all very odd.

  • Ashley

    I saw on the E! True Hollywood story of Holly that since they were unable to have kids together their relationship fell apart. Holly tried IVF once or twice and it didn’t take. I liked them together too but Holly really wanted to have kids with Hef and when that wasn’t going to happen, she bounced.

    • helen

      well that makes sense… but, idk, I always felt like Holly truly did care for him, and Crystal just strikes me as a very opportunist person..

    • Ashley

      From watching the Girls Next Door, Holly did seem right for him. However, I don’t know much about Crystal soo I can’t say much about her.