Did Guy Ritchie Get Circumcised For Madonna?


Um, ouch. A new report going around this week makes the claim that Guy Ritchie, ex-husband of Madonna, underwent a circumcision to have the foreskin removed from his penis so that he could be in compliance with Maddy’s Kabbalah beliefs. Now, baby boys get circumcised all the time … but apparently, Ritchie was among the British men who was not snipped as a child. If true, it really sounds like Guy truly loved his wife a lot … enough to get part of his penis cut off.

There are many things a man would do for the woman he loves but not every man would consider losing part of his manhood. But Guy Ritchie is said to have agreed to say sayonara to his foreskin to please his then-wife Madonna. It has been claimed that [Ritchie] … was circumcised to adhere to the Material Girl’s Kabbalah beliefs. Karen Berg, a spiritual adviser to Madonna, is reported to have said that Ritchie underwent the surgeon’s knife to please his then-wife, according to New York magazine. The mother-of-two who co-founded the modern Kabbalah Centre in L.A. is reported to have said that Madonna: ‘keeps a kosher home, she observes Shabbat, she circumcised her son and had her [ex-] husband circumcised’ Madonna, who was raised Roman Catholic is said to have heard about Kabbalah for the first time at a dinner party in Los Angeles while pregnant with her daughter Lourdes. And in an article published in Israeli’s biggest daily newspaper, Yediot Ahronot in 2009, the star described being introduced to Kabbalah at a time when she ‘something was missing in my life’.

UGH! Madonna may have found something that was “missing” in her life but Guy’s conversion to Kabbalah resulted in him losing something … very important. What’s even worse is that Guy got his penis snipped for Madonna and she STILL divorced him. It really sounds like Guy truly got the short end of the stick … quite literally. Poor thing :(


  • Zanne

    I hope this story is not real b/c for a legitimate religious leader to be talking publicly about such private things is completely disgusting and unethical. (Not that I have much respect for religion in the first place but still I would like to hope that most of them would know better than to talk about whether or not members of their congregation are circumcised!)

  • Meghan

    Wow. That’s a shame. Hasn’t she also dropped Kabbalah too?

    • @Meghan — “Hasn’t she also dropped Kabbalah too?” That’s the word on the street.

  • Panti Christ

    Whoa, this is SO personal, I feel bad knowing this information… The poor Guy.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    A) He looks so hawt in that picture above. B) I would so tap that shit with or without the skin. C) that is true love because I can only assume how painful it would be as a grown man to get that done. D) Did I mention how I would love to tap that ass!! He is so FINE!!!

  • rOXy

    True or not, the idea of this just sickens me. Why did he have to be the one to bow down to her? If she really loved him, you’d think that she would accept all of him and kick that adopted religion to the curb. I hope this story is false because I cannot conceive someone would ask for such a sacrifice from someone they supposedly love. If you love someone you protect them from harm at all costs. If true, it proves what they have always said her…that she castrates her men.


    I got circumcised at the age of 19 and it HURT! I was in pain for a week and the erections I got were absolutely painful because of the stitches. However, there really is no difference sexually (in a way, yes, there is a difference, but it isn’t a HUGE difference like people claim it is, only about 5-10% of a difference) so it annoys me when people say that. I would so do it again in a heartbeat because, I, personally, wished I would have got it done at birth. Also, sorry if this is TMI.

    • @CHASE — Wow … thanks for sharing. Can I ask, was it just a personal decision to undergo the procedure?

    • CHASE

      It was a personal decision to undergo the procedure, yes, and somewhat of a medical one, too, but it wasn’t anything that serious. I’m glad I got it done. Srsly. My dad, who is uncut, kind of got mad at me because I didn’t inform him about it. My mom wanted to get me circumcised when I was younger but my dad said no since he wasn’t. I wanted to get it done at 16 but he said no because he didn’t want to take me out of school (I was in high school then) so, yeah. It sucked. He never really told me about my uncut penis (like how to clean it properly, etc., but my mom would tell me how to do it) and my older brother was cut and I felt different and out of the loop/different/not normal growing up because of it… I guess you can say I was pretty traumatized in that aspect. I just walked to the hospital last year, got it done, and then came back and told my step-mom what happened, she was shocked, then I called my dad and told him and had to stay home for a week. I could barely walk without wincing in pain, but it was worth it.

    • @CHASE — You are awesome! Good for you!!

    • Lulu

      I think it must be different for different people. I know a grown man who was circumcised, and he is still vapidly against it. He says the difference is shocking…

      Still, I think it’s wrong to make that choice for a child… But to each their own.

    • Lulu

      Just to correct, I really don’t mean wrong per say, as I know it is done for religious reasons, etc. I guess I simply have a problem with people who do it with no reasons or research into the idea.


    • truthyisalways

      If you’ve shared, it isn’t TMI. However, anyone who would speak about someone else’s very private choices is wrong to do so and I can say this is most definitely news I can’t use. I think it sucks that famous people have to deal with medical issues being shared like this.

    • krissy

      Wow, that is so interesting, thank you for sharing! Some of my guy friends who were snipped at birth say they feel violated. Supposedly the part that is snipped off contributes to sensations, and my friends wonder if they are missing out without all of their God-given nerve endings. Very interesting that someone who has had it done only feels a 10% difference. If I had a baby boy, I don’t really know what I would do.

    • CHASE

      In all honesty, it really is a hard decision. In my opinion, most girls prefer circumcised and some can be VERY shallow if a guy isn’t… Growing up, women aren’t really introduced to uncircumcised penises or the idea, for that matter, so if they run across one they deem it as weird, unusual, etc. I believe people say the whole “But you lose so much sensation…” because it’s a scare tactic. It isn’t really true. People just say that because they think it’s wrong in their personal standards, but yeah. I wish I would have got cut at birth but I only think that way because at 10-years-old, all the way to 19 I, personally, knew that it was what I wanted. You can’t really say that much for a baby.

    • Jerry

      When they circumcise an adult like you, with a fully-grown penis, they usually let you keep most of the erogenous tissue. That’s why you only perceive a 5-10% loss. But when they amputate the foreskin of a baby, they remove most of it. It’s very hard to predict adult penis size on a baby. Also, it depends on the method they use (Gomco, Mogen, Plastibell, Klamp, or free-hand). In the US, they usually remove about 65% of the erogenous tissue.

  • SuzieB

    I’m hoping that this isn’t true, because wow – how much would it suck to have something that personal out there for everyone to know?!?!
    And, is it just me, or couldn’t you imagine Madonna demanding this be done for her. She seems very “it’s my way or no way”. A shame after he went thru that for her they still got divorced. Hey, at least we know he’s even without foreskin now, still in working order since he got his new gf preggers. :)

  • Kieren

    She probably just used it as excuse so she wouldn’t have to deal with his “cheese” down there anymore.

    • Lulu

      Seriously? ….Seriously?!

    • And how do women deal with their “cheese”, Kieren? Not by having bits cut off.

  • Simon

    Perhaps Kieren not every guy with a foreskin has cheese.

  • truthyisalways

    If this entire discussion thread and post are deleted, I won’t complain.

  • ganesh

    @thruthisalways, couldn’t have said it better! Please Delete ASAP!

  • Kieren

    LMAO, its obvious that the people who are getting mad at my comment are the people who are uncut or who are married to an uncut dude. Sorry, but its unclean and gross. Have some cheese with your “whine”.

  • gpgirl

    well in my country, circumcision is a right of passage and they say here is for sanitary purposes. most men are not clean and dont wash their penis carefully so we see smegma stuck inside. right of passage here as well is a reason.. i have assisted in 40 circumcisions. and, when a child is not circumcised, they are considered not MANLY or a real man. they make fun of uncircumcised men here. they think they are dirty. anyway, its more of cultural thing and also religious reasons. i see no difference, just that the prepuce was cut off and i didnt see any drastic or traumatic experience with the people i knew which is like 95% of our male population is circumcised.

    • sledege hammer

      What country?

  • Oscar

    I was circuncized at 10 and that because in the tropics having a foreskin can be real dangerous because of infections.When one swims in rivers that can have bacteria is better if no place can harbor them.Better lose a small piece that the whole head to an infection.But no matter how clean you keep it,after a day of walking or playing a circunscized head tastes better than a non-circunszised one.Right Trent….

  • He’s a grown man. Whether she pressured him or not, it was his choice. (“It’s on – or off – your own head” you might say.) My heart goes out to the little Malawian boy who was taken from his home and culture and got THIS for a welcome! (Was his father asked or told?) And he was old enough to remember it. I won’t be surprised if HE divorces her when he’s old enough.

    • Maria

      But when Karen Berg said Madonna “had her son circumcised”, WHICH son does that refer to? The boy she adopted from Africa, or her son Rocco that she had with Guy Ritchie? Or perhaps she ended up having them both circumcised – who knows. Some other sites are reporting that it was Rocco who was circumcised, so that’s why I’m asking. There seems to be some confusion.

  • Pussy whipped much? It is a violation of reproductive rights.

    • pdqsailor

      “Violation of reproductive rights” – really? And what EXACTLY are reproductive rights? How does circumcision violate anything to do with reproduction? It does not – one billion Muslims did not get on this earth on their own – they reproduce plenty much to get to that number and a circumcised penis does not seem to be any impediment to having gotten there. Let me tell you that circumcised penises work in all categories, they work cleanly when urinating, they are clean when used for both reproduction and are nice and clean for all pleasurable sexual purposes other than reproduction as well.

    • sledege hammer

      You got that right. It also longer lasting in sexual intercourse(I don’t know why)… but the main purpose is personal hygiene… circumcised guy can do a lot of thing… he can run faster, even in the hot desert or hot temperature region… that’s why I’m circumcised.

    • Jaime Cybulski

      Lol! All I can do is laugh at the ignorance!!!

  • Kyle

    Uh, ouch. Any personal opinions on circumcision, Trent?

  • Johnny

    Is Jesus Luz going to have the same thing happen to his foreskin now that he is with Madonna?

  • Best

    Good. He married her for the $

  • Albieri Brandini

    Madonna is a fucking crazy caballah follower. I regret for him it’s this is true.

  • Rufus

    Um, the problem with this stroy and why I think it’s fake is that it was Ritchie who was into Caballa first and who got Madonna into it! He may be cut but she probably had nothing to do with it.