David Beckham Goes Motorcycling In SoCal


Last week we saw photos of soccer stud David Beckham all dressed up and lookin’ snazzy at the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but today we learn that Becks has already made his way back home to LA, CA and has settled back into normal American life. Becks spent part of his yesterday tooling around Malibu, CA on his custom motorcycle. As you can see in the photos below, Becks was lookin’ very much the badass … despite the fact that his fancy leather gloves were matched PERFECTLY with his fancy leather manbag satchel.

Okay, accessories aside … Becks does really look tough and stuff on his motorcycle. I LOVE how beat up his helmet is … with all those dents and scars, you’d think he was involved in multiple cycle wipe-outs or something. It was hot here in SoCal yesterday so Becks did need to cool off. During his visit to Malibu, Becks stripped down to his trunks and cooled off a bit in the ocean:

After he sunbathed a bit, it was back on the bike and back home to the family. I don’t know about YOU but I really like the sight of David Beckham on a motorcycle. It’s a good look for him, don’t you think?

[Photo credit: X17]

  • k

    Royal Wedding of Prince HARRY and Kate Middleton? I think I missed something, haha :D
    Love you, Trent!

    • @k — Um, whooooooooooooops :D

  • vVv

    it isssssssss, David we can still be together ;)

  • Lorianna kim

    Yup Harry just got married! LOL

  • kendra

    THIS is why he can never leave California! Well, this and because I’m totally going to do him one of these days and I can’t afford to fly to England to do it..

  • Vicky

    It looks so beautiful there and I am heading to California in just over a month! Can’t wait