Lindsay Lohan Does ‘Blank’ Magazine


Lindsay Lohan, whose trainwreck of a life has been turned into a BRILLIANT off-Broadway show titled Project: Lohan (now playing in NYC), is featured on the cover and in the pages of the international magazine Blank. As you may recall, Lindsay appeared on The Tonight Show last week to tell the world that she is ready to own up to her criminal actions. As a result, it is believed that Lohan will plead no contest to the misdemeanor theft charges leveled against her and she will serve about 3 weeks in jail for probation violation. That being said, she apparently is still a big draw then it comes to magazine publishing.

I mean … it’s another Lindsay photospread. Nothing too exciting, pretty much the same stuff we usually get. I will say that I like the styling of this shoot … again, nothing all that revolutionary but it’s not bad. It remains to be seen if Lindsay is serious about cleaning up her act. I think I’ll reserve judgment until she actually pleads no contest to the charges against her AND serves out her jail sentence. Even then, tho, she still has a long way to go to prove she’s a changed woman. Miracles do happen so … I guess we’ll wait and see. As for this photospread, what do y’all think?


  • nicole

    i kind of like the pictures. the best thing about them is that she looks..healthy.

  • Nate


  • adri

    fresh and fab
    get it lindz!

  • mabel

    it almost doesn’t look like her…especially the one where she is lying down. but they certainly are pretty!!

  • c-word

    legal troubles or not, i still think LiLo is absolutely stunning! the photographer did a great job with these – i especially love that they used a slow shutter speed :)

  • Jordan

    Ok I actually think these photos are awesome. But Trent like you said, it really IS more of the same. I feel like Lindsay needs to stop doing these “overly seductive, vintage hippie, sex symbol” types of shoots. I don’t think she should give anyone more of a reason to see her as a mess. I feel like a fresh, clean, modest photo shoot might really do her some good. However, I do these photos are gorgeous, I just also feel like they are awfully familiar.

    But hey, at least she didn’t dress like Marilyn Monroe in this one…that’s a start…

  • i always love lindsay,and always believe that she will get herself together.and shine agAin ,shes STAR,I CANT BELIEVE i still got A MEAN GIRLS T SHIRT LOL

  • hyundaez

    nice photos….

  • gagaloosoo

    omg! so much positivity in the comments for once :) that being said, she looks hella hot but yeah.. always the same

  • Fashiongangsta

    I love Lindsay and the photographers Gomillion and leupold are amazing!! I heard that they did a
    Shoot with Selena Gomez the same day!! Talk about rock stars!!!!
    Love love love!!