Watch: Britney Spears Releases Tour Rehearsal Video


With just about 2 months to go until our dear Britney Spears kicks off her Femme Fatale Tour in June, we are getting our FIRST LOOK at some rehearsal video footage that has been made available for our viewing pleasure. Lookin’ very much like the Britney Spears that we all know and LOVE from days of yore as she and her troupe of dancers rehearse the dance moves for her song How I Roll. Check out some screencaps and video below.

She looks fabulous!!! I can’t even believe we are SO close to the start of the tour!! This has been a pretty great week for Britney Spears news. It is being reported that Britney will meet and greet fans who plunked down for the $1000 VIP tickets for her tour (which is really a once in a lifetime opportunity because Britney does NOT usually meet fans … under any circumstances). Additionally, Jive Records has announced that her new album Femme Fatale went platinum this week … meaning it has sold over 1 million copies! Woot!!! And today, we get to see Britney working hard for her upcoming tour. Check out this fun video:

I LOVE this video of Britney. The ponytail and tube top look is CLASSIC Britney. This is what she wears when she rehearses her ass off … and she looks goooood, y’all. Don’t forget … The Femme Fatale Tour will start in mid JUNE … so make sure you get your tickets. Britney is hitting the road with Nicki Minaj, Jessie and the Toyboys and Nervo! It’s gonna be a HOT show!! As for this video … she looks great, don’t she?


  • lilly

    i cant go because they tickets are 600$ each and i would have to drive 4 hours to get to the city she is in, then pay for a hotel room. its too much. she sucks when it comes to this. i dont know how people pay this.

    • jj

      because some people has $$$

  • adri

    Britney looks amazing, but I was hoping for no sitting down! :[

  • Janaegal

    For a minute I was scared that tube tops are making a comeback. I’m glad that it was just a sports bra :)


    Her body looks AMAZING! I’ll be spending $200 for the tickets + gas (for the Sacramento show – it’s 3 hours away from where I live) and I’ll be driving back. In all honesty, it’s worth it ’cause it’s Britney. It’s nice to splurge on things like this. ; ) Anyways, the dance routine is so cute! Also, the song isn’t really a dance song and I’m sure they’ll just wheel her around for the different part of the stage or the main one, at that. Who knows. Anyways, I’m excited! : )

  • james

    but will she SING??????

    • adri

      we no damn well she wont
      so why ask? seriously.. it’s Britney
      and that isn’t dissing her royal highness, the queen of pop.. it’s just the truth :P

    • KiTX

      She lip sync-ed through the Circus performance I was at, and I loved every minute. It’s Brit Brit- we’re all there for the show, and she delivers. I LOVE “How I Roll”, I might have to pay up for the Femme tour after seeing this! =)

  • Mark

    Britney looks AMAZING, soo excited for the Femme Fatales tour!! Already got tix for the Vegas Show, 6th row on the floor!!!

  • Ahmed

    @james no she wont !! Get over it !!

  • Marcella

    I seriously LOVE how I roll! My favorite song off FF…I didn’t think shed perform it cuz I know it’s not other peoples favs but I’m soooooooo glad she is….I was worried she’d only play few song off FF (cuz she just did 3 circus songs for her circus tour and that was disappointing) but this probably means she will do more FF songs! Sooo happy cuz FF is amazjngggggv

    • Vince

      I was so surprised to see that she’s performing How I Roll too. Definitely the first song I instantly gravitated towards on FF. Love Love Love the song.

  • rOXy

    She’s looking connect, happy, and like she’s having fun. She’s also looking very much like the girl we all fell in love with. Bet on this tour, she puts it in a pipe for all those who complained about her dancing….smoke that, haters!

  • Kieren

    She always looks good during the behind the scenese rehersals, but then when the real thing happens she falls flat. Prove me wrong Britney, prove me wrong… BTW I didn’t buy tickets, there’s no way I’m paying $300 for a lip-synched show.

  • Dezden

    Got my Chicago tix this morning… it’s a 5 hour drive, but I’m taking that Friday off, heading up, and making a weekend of it. I love Chicago and Britney, so it’s good for me! I’m pretty sure our tickets are fluked, but they’re pretty good… still probably my most expensive concert ticket ever (the $188 or whatever).

  • nicole

    it looks cute but lets face it (and i dont mean this in any kind of hating way..)..theres no leg work..its more of the same arm movements. and it all goes down hill once she throws heels on – just like the last tour..the rehersal vids were great..but none of that really showed on stage.

  • turn

    She lost a sh!t ton of weight and looks really great!!

  • lil dee dee

    Give a shout out to my fucken baby brittany

  • lil dee dee

    my fucken baby brittany