First Look: Christian Bale Reportedly Surfaces On The Set Of ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Rises’


On Wednesday we got to see a few photos of Tom Hardy on the set of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises lookin’ beefy as all get-out as he prepares to play the role of the villainous Bane in the upcoming sequel film. Today we get to see a photo of lead actor Christian Bale lookin’ pretty beat up in a reported make-up test for the film. Check out the photo below and see just how bad Bale gets “beaten” in The Dark Knight Rises.

An image has popped-up online, which many think is a leaked photo of a Make-Up test done on Christian Bale for The Dark Knight Rises. Some fans claim that this is what Bruce Wayne will look like after getting beat-up by Bane (Tom Hardy). Others think it might be a make-up test from the now-in production drama The 13 Women of Nanjing, which Christian Bale is headlining. In a few short hours, we may even find out that it’s some super old picture from Terminator Salvation. But hey, its fun to look at, and maybe this is the handy work of Bane after all. Who knows?

Yes, I suppose it’s impossible to know where this photo was taken and for what film without official confirmation but it’s — at the very least — very feasible that this photo of Bale is from the set of The Dark Knight Rises. Considering that the Tom Hardy photos from the set have come out (I understand Hardy sent the photos himself to a fansite for posting), it’s very likely that other stars of the film are on set as well. Altho we have an entire year to wait for The Dark Knight Rises to hit theaters, I know (very unfortunately) that the time will fly by. We’re getting our first glimpses at photos from the set but very soon we will be seeing photos from actual filming production. Batman will rise again … who’s excited?!


  • Lets hope he doesnt throw another “bitch fit” on set and scream at ppl. lol

  • Grace

    In my book, Christian Bale is always hot.
    Crazy fits and all.

  • Kayla Ann

    This isn’t a set photo of Bale from The Dark Knight Rises. This was a photo taken years ago for Rescue Dawn. Check your sources a little more closely next time. ;]

    • @Kayla Ann — I not only checked the source, I link it directly in the post. It makes clear that there is a possibility that the photo is not from the next Batman movie ;)