Megan Fox Has Her Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Removed


Megan Fox, who decided to famously publicly profess her undying love for Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe with a HUGE tattoo tribute on her inner arm, appears to have fallen out of love with Marilyn because she has started having the tattoo removed from her skin. Megan and her man Brian Austin Green made a red carpet appearance at a Jaguar event this week and showed off her disappearing Marilyn tattoo.

She’s one of Hollywood’s current leading ladies and a muse of Armani – and it seems that Megan Fox has decided that her numerous tattoos are no longer in keeping with her image. The 24-year-old brunette beauty appears to be in the process of having one of the most prominent inkings removed – a portrait of screen legend Marilyn Monroe on her right forearm. Some parts of the design appear to have disappeared already and all of it seems a lot fainter than normal. Some parts of the design appear to have disappeared already and all of it seems a lot fainter than normal. A heavy black tattoo like that would need numerous painful bouts of lasering to remove it totally, according to experts. Former Transformers star Megan has eight or nine examples of body art as well as the doodling of her blonde bombshell idol, whose real name was Norma Jean, including a quote saying ‘we will all laugh at gilded butterflies’ on her shoulder and a tribal mark on her left wrist. She showed off the fainter design on her arm as she accompanied husband Brian Austin Green to a party celebrating Jaguar cars, and inparticular, the 50th Anniversary of the company’s E-Type at the IAC Building in New York City last week. Her body art has been previously covered up by stage make-up in a host of her movies and in some of her adverts.

And so … we must bid farewell to Marilyn Monroe, again. I’m actually surprised that Megan has made the decision to laser off this tattoo … it’s her most famous tat and considering how well her career has been with the tattoo, I figured she’d keep it forever. As I understand it, black ink is the easiest to have removed but it does take a few sessions to get all of the ink lasered off. While I am a fan of tattoos, I have to admit that this one is kinda big … so mebbe it’s for the best that it gets Peaced the Spork Out! What do y’all think … will you miss Megan’s Marilyn Monroe tattoo?

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  • Luv Ya

    What did I read once? Somehow art too tacky to decorate with is OK to imprint on your skin. I’m ok with people giving it some thought and then incorporating it into their life style. I know you’re proud of your tats, Trent. But too many young people are tatting up using cheap “artists” and cheaper art. Photos of people are especially creepy.

  • nicole

    i actually kind of liked the tattoo, not many girls can pull of a tat that size in that spot, but she could (imo). and for a portrait piece it was really done well.

    • Lexie

      I Know , She is The Very First Person That I Know That Got There Tatty Removed . And Acually Have A Marilyn Monroe tatty

  • Lauren

    @Luv Ya -I have many tatts & my husband is a tattoo artist. All of mine have been a 9 year work in progress, all extensivly thought out and executed with a talented tattooist. All too often people get what I call a ‘lick it and stick it’ piece of ink they end up regreting. There are hordes of those cheap shops out there. It’s a shame, it really does the artform an injustice. I don’t think Megan’s tatt was nessicarily a bad portrait, but things like idols and band names are usually something folks end up regretting.

  • Panti Christ

    That tattoo is fading like a candle in the wind!

    • Ella Bean

      Hahaha this is awesome.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I like her with it and like her with out it!! If she wants it off then good for her…I am way too impulsive to get tats…I would have 1,000 “lick it and stick it” pieces!

    • Lauren

      Nope, it won’t leave a scar to get it removed if it is done properly with a Medlite laser.


    I MEAN… It was an eyesore. Big time. It’s a good thing she’s getting it removed off, but won’t it leave a big scar?

  • Vanessa

    She looks so sad to me or depressed.

    • CHASE

      It’s probably because she messed her face up big time with an excessive amount of plastic surgery and her career is in toilet.

    • mm

      So true. Had trouble recognizing the pair of them. I mean has the husband done something to his face too?

  • krissy

    I think the portrait was well done, but the placement was really bad. I am sure it was a pain in the toosh to have to sit through make-up artists covering it up everyday on every project she worked on.

  • rae

    I liked the tat on her. :( sad to see it go

  • Laura

    Totally tacky and ugly. Can’t wait to see her without it.

  • Lauri

    I’m kind of anti-tattoo removal. They’re meant to be permanent…if prominent people are getting them removed willy-nilly as well I feel like more people will feel ok w/ not thinking through them properly/lead to more bad tattoos. Bleh. Either way, I liked hers.

  • Mag

    I prefer her without it, it’s pretty large and prominently placed. But I love the gilded butterflies quote tattooed on her back, hopefully she’ll keep that one.

  • akb

    tats are proof that you are LOW CLASS. finally she’s growing up and figuring this out. she’s pretty, but the tats gave her a LOW CLASS reputation.

  • steph

    Too many haters. She’s so beautiful (fake face or not), she so was great in Jennifer’s Body, tattoos aren’t trashy, this one was a classic icon that she admired, but people are allowed to change their minds and if she wants to get rid of it that’s cool too. I personally don’t like tattoos, but I really like hers, she chooses interesting spots to place them.

  • dgrin

    strange that I hate tatoos but I kinda liked hers and the placement,
    now Becks on the the hand could do with less,

  • So true. Had trouble recognizing the pair of them.

  • Katie

    I loved the Marilyn tattoo! I wish she’d kept it, it’s beautiful! I still love Megan though!

  • When her acting career is over she can get as many tattoos as she wants, right now that is a tough spot for models and actors..