Tina Fey Talks Breast Pumps With ‘GQ’ Magazine


Tina Fey, the star of 30 Rock who just released a new book titled Bossypants and just announced her second pregnancy on The Oprah Winfrey Show, is featured in the new issue of GQ magazine and in her featured interview, she talks about being a mom, being a comedienne and being a TV star … with all the ease and clever humor that you would expect from one of the funniest ladies in entertainment today. Read some excerpts from her new GQ interview below.

On breast pumps: “Yeah, the thing’s upsetting. I would try to pump milk while watching Entourage on demand. And that was the worst possible way to do it. Like, I had the pump on, and I’d hear Turtle on TV: Yo, E, you ever fuck a girl when she has her period? I just sat there thinking: Oooh, this is not how this is meant to be.”

On whether or not she thinks Liz Lemon is ugly: “It’s never that she’s ugly—I mean, she is sometimes slovenly. But for me, it’s always been kind of the opposite of what people have said about her. It’s about how other men see her, and has nothing to do with how she really is. When Jack is like, “Ugh, you’re a mess,” it’s because of what his brain wants a woman to be. It has nothing to do with the physical symmetry of her size or anything. So no, she’s not ugly. She’s kind of sloppy. But all the clothes that Liz Lemon wears are much nicer than what I would wear on a writing-hiatus week.”

On lady blogs exploding after the episode with the Liz-hires-a-feminist-comic thing, (in reference to Olivia Munn being hired by the Daily Show): “I was actually really pleased that Jezebel got that it was about the whole Olivia thing, because the treatment of Olivia was weird on that site. She just kept getting reamed! And it was this weird mix. They would go after her, and then the next thing would be like, “Defending the Rights of Sex Workers.” And I was just like, “Well, why can’t we just say Olivia’s a sex worker? Leave her alone!”

Tina Fey is just awesome. It is SO refreshing to have an intelligent and extremely witty voice like Tina’s in the world of Entertainment these days. She is someone that EVERYONE can look up to. She really has it all — earned from hard work and determination — and she always sounds appreciative for the life she enjoys. Tina just rules, period.


  • brittany

    When I clicked the the PINB link to get to the article the picture was bigger and it looks like they photoshopped her scar, which would really piss me off since it is such a prominent/recognizable feature.

  • Nicole

    I love Tina Fey, but how much Photoshop can be done before it is criminal? I want my 6 months pregnant smart beauty back!

  • N_N

    “Tina just rules, period.”