Director David O. Russell Wants To Work With Britney Spears


Did you know that Academy Award-nominated director David O. Russell, whose last film The Fighter won accolade and acclaim this past awards season, is a HUGE fan of our dear Britney Spears? ‘Tis true. Russell confessed his love to New York magazine and revealed that he has a burning desire to work with Britney in some capacity. Um, AMAZING! Read on to find out just how much David O. Russell really hearts Britney Spears.

You work with so many different people in movies. Who would you love to work with, no matter how far-fetched?
Oh yeah, Britney. Yeah.


You’re getting me into so much trouble. Who am I talking to? New York Magazine? This is bad. I’d also love to work with Johnny Depp under any circumstances. I think Britney could be great in a lot of different things, and I’m a huge fan of hers. And I actually auditioned her for a couple things.

Yeah. [To woman.] So there, I gave him something he’s going to write about.

You really want to work with her?
Used in the right way, I think she could be … I’m a believer, I’m not a hater, which I realize more columns and articles are built on hating. You get more journalism out of hating than you do out of loving. But I’m a lover, not a hater. So her, Johnny Depp. Who else would I love to work with? Who’s, like, a musician that I’m always, like, I would die for? … Jack White. Oh, I also, I’m going to say Cher. [Laughing hard.]

Okay, what would you like to do with Britney Spears, Johnny Depp, Cher, and Jack White? Would you want to put them in a movie or what?
Sounds good to me. Sounds like you can’t go wrong with those people right there. Just add camera and stir.

Have you auditioned any of the others besides Britney?
No, I mean, Britney was several years ago, for another movie.

It wasn’t for The Fighter.
[Laughs.] No. She could have played one of the sisters when she was in her rough period, but not now.

Did you go to any of Britney’s concerts?
I went to the Circus concert.

Was it good?
Yeah. I think she’s a great entertainer.

Do you have her latest album?
You’re just getting me more and more in trouble. Yes, I do. It’s on my iTunes. Yeah, I’m rooting for her.

Favorite song from her album?
Um, is Femme Fatale the title track or is that the name of the album? There are a couple of good tracks; I can’t remember their names, there’s a couple of tracks. I also love Rihanna. I would work with Rihanna in a second. I think Rihanna was hilarious on Saturday Night Live, and I also have Rihanna’s album. And I like Rihanna’s work with Kanye. Maybe we need to add them to that movie. [Laughs.]

Wow. This is very unexpected. At first I couldn’t tell if he was kidding or not … but as he continued to answer, it really became clear that he is a Britney fan. I love that he, like so many people out there, is “rooting for her”. I honestly cannot imagine a project where David O. Russell and Britney Spears might collaborate … but stranger things have happened. Altho I’m not really holding my breath for any such collaboration to ever take place, I am really hoping that Russell does end up working with Britney in some capacity. Wouldn’t that be amazing?


  • Mark

    Would love to see Britney do some more film work after the Femme Fatale era is over!!

  • Thanks for posting this! :D And speaking of Britney, will you be doing a contest for tour tickets like you did the last time around? I’ve heard the least expensive seats are going for $100. Yikes!

    • @Ruben — If I can give away tickets again, I absolutely will do so!

  • Nora

    Brit is a $$$ cow! Anyone looking for green wants to collaborate with her and it as nothing to do with talent. Look (listen to her S&M song) she sounds like she needs to blow her nose and ruined the song but still it’s making $ the poor girl needs medical attention more than mediatic attention.

  • I’d loveee to see Britney do another movie. But my only wish is that she put her heart into it, takes acting classes and researches the role she decides to take. Right now, it seems like her heart isn’t in the game anymore. :[

  • Lorraine

    I’d like to see others write/direct her music videos too. I heard somewhere that Quentin Tarantino is also a fan. He’d make an awesome video for her too.

  • adri

    maybe he can do Criminal? It would be amazing :] criminal can be like 10 mins long.. I would watch a ten min britney music video >:D

  • Lorraine

    @adri that would be perfectly awesome. Criminal sounds a bit like the music from Kill Bill as does Womanizer.

  • Andrea

    If you go to ticket master you will see the cheapest seats are not 100 they are like $29.99 is some places. I know in Toronto where I will be going that is the case…..

  • Marcella

    Awww!!! This is so cool!!! Britney always gets slammed and I love when she gets praise from acclaimed people in the business! Thatagirl! :)