Reuters Reports That The iPhone 5 Will Be Released In September


It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard a seriously juicy iPhone rumor so it was very nice of the Reuters news agency to report the latest rumor this week that the anticipated iPhone 5 will be released this September. Altho iPhones are usually released in June, there has been much speculation that the next generation iPhone will be pushed back from its usual June release date. While Apple has not confirmed this report (because they never confirm anything they themselves do not report), this rumored release report from Reuters could have some semblance of truth to it.

Hold onto your seats, it’s another “when will the iPhone 5 ship” rumor. This time the rumor originates from Reuters, which tweeted late last night: “FLASH: Apple suppliers to start production of next-gen iPhone in July, Aug; begin shipping in Sept – sources.” The associated article also states the iPhone 5 will have a faster processor but offers no additional details. This September shipping date rumor contradicts earlier ones that the iPhone 5 wouldn’t begin production until September with an October or later ship date. This is just my two cents, but my money is on the Reuters rumor. With Apple apparently focusing WWDC solely on software this year, it makes sense that the company would hold off introducing an iPhone 5 until September when iOS 5 will likely launch. It also makes more sense launching the iPhone in September — and not later — as it would allow Apple to sync iPod touch and iPhone hardware launches. In the past when the iPhone has launched in June, everyone knew what new hardware features were most likely going to appear in the next iPod touch when its annual refresh came in September. With a synced launch date, the new iPod touch would have the same “wow” factor that the iPhone always gets.

Some believe the iPhone 5 delay might be due to manufacturing problems caused by the earthquake/tsunami that hit Japan earlier this year, others believe Apple is just trying to put some space between the iPhone 4 release for Verizon that happened in February (not to mention the iPad 2 release in March) and the introduction of another newer generation iPhone. Whatever the case may be, the consensus is that the iPhone 5 will not be released in June. I am really hoping this September release rumor turns out to be true because I hate waiting for new tech. There was talk that the phone might be pushed back to a 2012 release, which would drive me absolutely insane. Reuters is not the kind of new organization to release info that they believe to be mere speculation. If I’m gonna believe any of the iPhone 5 rumors going around right now, I’m gonna go with this Reuters rumor.


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Shit, I have been with verizon for over 10 years (I love them) and I Have been waiting patiently to get rid of my broke down blackberry and move on to the newest Iphone which I thought was coming before September. I guess I am going to have to hold out a little longer. My current phone is on its last leg…Please HURRY up!

    • Brandy

      Ditto Mr. G – I was due for upgrade a couple weeks ago and figured my BB would hold on til June or July…don’t know if I can wait that long!! Might have to go android.


    This kinda annoys me because I went with Verizon for the iPhone 4 in September..

    • EMILEE

      February…wow. Not September.

  • ashton

    ugh I’ve been due for an upgrade since last month and have been waiting till the new iPhone comes out. I still have an iPhone 3 for heavens sake!! I don’t wanna wait any longer :(

  • This is good news! I am hopeful that my iPhone 3 holds up till then and luckily I will be out of contract and ready for an upgrade!

    Feeling sorry for the Verizon folk, now they will have to wait almost two years to get a new one. I would be bummed!!


    • CL

      yeah really..Im still on an IPhone 3. I gotta wait till next year to upgrade!

  • Joon

    I love my iPhone4, which I got and activated on Dec. 26 of last year. This is my first smartphone; I had a Nokia from 2002. I feel absolutely grateful for my new phone & feel like I’ve caught up with the times … But I can’t believe how quickly new technology comes around & hope I can keep up with it.

  • rOXy

    I don’t want a phone that tracks my location history. It was sneaky of Apple to build this capability into IOS4 without being more upfront about it.

  • Rob


    I hope it’s septemeber as I will be camping out on the streets in an experiment.

    Blog author would there be any chance you could blog about my experiment? I will link to your blog.