Lady Gaga Calls Fan Criticism ‘Retarded’, Goes On An Expletive-laden Rant In ‘NME’ Magazine


Lady Gaga is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of NME magazine and in her coverstory interview, she seems to have an awfully big chip on her shoulder. Almost every other word out of her mouth is an expletive and she goes so far as to call criticism of her music “retarded” (which I find outrageously offensive). This interview with NME seems to be an attempt by Gaga to release all of her aggression, which is completely understandable, but the way in which she does it — unsurprisingly — is IMHO offensive and childish. Read on for some of the more choice quotes from Gaga’s interview.

Lady Gaga has a message for anyone who thinks her image is contrived or fake: “Fuck off.” In the latest issue of NME, Gaga stood up for herself and her artistic integrity. Though she’s known for her wild outfits and crazy style, they don’t define her. Mail Online found some potty-mouthed quotes from the interview. “Let me tell you something,” she began. “If you fucking rip my hairbow and my wig off my fucking head, my shoes, my bra, every single thing on my body, and you throw me on a piano with a microphone, I will fucking make you cry.” “I feel I have been probed endlessly about who the fuck I am,” Gaga continued. “I have been quite open about it. And still nobody seems to have a clue.” The pop star’s often questioned about her identity. Last month at Google, a fan asked Gaga (real name: Stefani Germanotta), “How do you find time for Stefani?” “I love this question. Who are you looking for? I’m right here,” she answered. “Stefani is also who I am. Gaga is my nickname. It’s like when you’re a kid and your mom calls you ‘Skip.’ I really make no separation between Stefani and Gaga.” Of the infamously divisive lead single from her upcoming third album, she says: “The worst mistake I could have made was not putting out ‘Born This Way’ as the first record. It’s completely balls-to-the-wall, love-it-or-hate-it… Get in or get off the fucking boat. I gained a lot of new fans.” Still, she adds, “I am perpetually unhappy with what I create. Even though I might tell you that ‘Edge of Glory’ is a pop masterpiece, when it’s all said and finished there will be things I dread, and every time I listen to it I’ll hear them … “In John Lennon’s [1980] Playboy interview he talked about how he hated certain songs because of the way they were finished. And they might be my favorite songs, but Lennon couldn’t listen to them.”

It’s kind of sad, IMHO, that a person as creative as Lady Gaga would resort to having to use the word “fuck” in an interview like this. It’s one thing to use strong language in an interview to look “cool” but when you use it over and over and over again, it only makes you sound childish and downright silly. It’s also extremely sad and disappointing that Gaga seems to have no problems using the word “retarded” in conversation:

NME: A bit of [‘Born This Way’] sounds quite a lot like ‘Express Yourself’, though, doesn’t it? The reference seemed so obvious that it had to be intentional because, as you say, you’re not stupid …

Gaga: “No, listen to me. Why the fuck …? I’m a songwriter. I’ve written loads of music. Why would I try and put out a song that and think I’m getting one over on everybody? That’s retarded. What a ridiculous thing to even question about me. I will look you in your eyes and and tell you that I am not dumb enough or moronic enough to think that you are dumb enough or moronic enough not to see that I would have stolen a melody.

I am SO sick and tired of people using the word “retarded” as if it were an insult. To me, it’s no different that using the word “faggot” or the “N” word as an insult. It’s ignorant and extremely offensive to casually throw around the word “retarded” in the same sentence as “dumb” and “moronic”. It’s no secret that I am not a fan of many of the things that Lady Gaga puts out creatively (music and otherwise) but I am really turned off by such flippant use of the word “retarded” … by anyone. I honestly do not understand what Gaga thought she was trying to accomplish with this interview. I guess we’re supposed to feel her passion and identify in some way with her creative struggles … but it is not creative, inventive or at all impressive to throw around the word “fuck” like a teenager trying to sound grown-up and cool and it is downright offensive to refer to detractors of one’s music as “retarded”. I fully expect her defenders to come back with, She didn’t meant it like that or Stop being so sensitive, “retarded” isn’t a bad word. But I am never swayed on this account. It’s gross, it’s offensive and IMHO, slurs like this are indefensible.

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  • perdiz

    i completely agree with you about the word retarded. im very glad my mother has never let me use this word as an insult. its very offensive to those who actually have special needs. if you want to insult someone be more creative about it. like stinky pizza unicorn for instance.

  • ME

    I’ve been a HUGE Gaga fan since Just Dance was released. I love “The Fame”, it’s honestly one of my favorite records in recent years. We even spent the $$ on floor seats for her first MSG concert ever. But over the past few months her attitude has started to overshadow the music and then the release of Born This Way (Madonna will always be my #1 artist) and blatant denial of it’s obvious similarities to Express Yourself (and Vogue if you ask me) made me question whether I was still a fan. The use of the word retarded is the last straw for me. She’s a hypocrite. She tells the world to accept everyone for who they are, while at the same time using hate speech (I agree with you Trent, I put retard on the same level as other hateful words). The only thing this interview is going to accomplish is the loss of fans. Wow. Sorry. Rant over. ::packs up soapbox::

    • Justin

      I’ve been posting as Me on this site as well and when I read your post I wondered if I was drunk or drugged last night, you took the words right out of my mouth. Loved Just Dance/Fame, huge Madonna fan, BTW rip off, hypocrite and over her. If your name is Justin as well, I’m gonna be really spooked.

    • ME

      I post as “me” on several sites and I’ve had the same “wait, did I post that? was I drunk?” moment that you had this morning. Glad to see so many other people agree on this issue. And no need to be spooked, I’m Andrea.

  • Mitchell

    She’s a 24 year old with the mind of an adolescent art student who garnered fame while thinking they’re new, fresh and revolutionary when they’re not.

    And how does she take herself so seriously with her motorcycle album cover. Oh, the paradoxes.

    • Mr. Gyllenhaal

      WELL SAID!!!!!

    • shaniqua

      i highly doubt she is actually 24. 27 at youngest. not the first singer to lie about their age though. either way, your point stands!

    • Meredith

      @Mitchell/Mr. Gyllenhaal/Shaniqua–THANK YOU!!!

  • This is also the same woman who made references to “chola” and “orient” in her song preaching tolerance. Those are offensive terms, and she obviously sees nothing wrong with using them because she preaches love and tolerance, despite the people who these words describe were incredibly offended. I’m not surprised she used the word retarded, and probably sees nothing wrong with it.

    She is a talented songwriter, but she needs to get over herself and get a clue.

  • ashley

    I liked Gaga when she first came out as up and coming artist,but now her new songs sound bad and her attitude is making me not like her anymore…. just wish she was one hit wounder and go away for ever.

  • Troy

    I love the interview. She’s basically going through the same thing gay guys go through when they come out. Take me or leave me, accept me or don’t — I don’t care, I gotta do what’s best for me, if you like it, awesome..if not, get the hell out of my face as I’m not gonna let you bring me down.

    And being upset about profanity? Really? It’s just a word. If my saying *fuck* offends you, that’s your problem. I don’t find it offensive. That’s all in your own head.

    • Mark

      I never went through the need to act like a petulant child when I came out, and it certainly didn’t give me the right to use horribly offensive language.
      Support her, or not support her, that’s an individual choice, but please don’t say she is going through what every gay man goes through when they come out.

    • Mitchell

      @Troy: Obviously you support Gaga’s convoluted message and, like her, are delusional.

    • @Troy — Obviously you totally misunderstood my point. I have no problem with profanity or the word “fuck”. A person who says “Fuck Fuck Fuck” over and over again in an interview, IMHO, sounds like an idiot. But that alone, I could care less about. I have a huge problem with any person using the word “retarded” incorrectly and, IMHO, as a slur. Saying that criticism from fans is “retarded” is outrageously offensive. I’m horribly saddened if you cannot understand that. And to say that Lady Gaga — a rich, affluent, heterosexual, non-minority — is “coming out” like a gay man because she is “different” is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

    • Troy


      I am not saying that Lady Gaga is “coming out”. You’re misunderstanding what I was saying. I’m drawing a comparison to the point that gay men (such as myself) reach where they have to make a conscious decision to accept themselves for who they are — and they can’t continue to worry about what other people think and let that rule their lives.

      Do I agree with her using the word retarded, no.

      If you are an artist, then you put your work out there to be talked about, loved, hated, whatever. If you’re Britney Spears, then you do whatever to make your fans happy as you just want them to buy more records. If you’re an artist, then the work speaks for itself. What’s she’s saying is that for someone to sit and criticize her for her work is stupid.

      As far as “fans”…just because someone likes your music and they buy your album, do they now have a right to tell you how you should make your music going forward? Do they suddenly have a right to criticize you and you not have the right to speak to it? If I emailed you and said your page layout sucks, I hate your font and you need to change that because I’m a fan and I’ve been coming here for years…do you feel a need to do that? Or do you simply go, well it’s gonna be the way I want it and if you like it or not, that’s your problem?

    • “And to say that Lady Gaga — a rich, affluent, heterosexual, non-minority — is “coming out” like a gay man because she is “different” is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.”


    • Troy

      Jeez, Trent — if you’re not going to allow me to at least reply to comments without “moderating” them and not posting them, then it’s kind of a lopsided discussion isn’t it? It’s not like I’m trolling — evidently I just saw the interview in a different way.

    • Troy

      I am not saying that Lady Gaga is “coming out”. You’re misunderstanding what I was saying. I’m drawing a comparison to the point that gay men (such as myself) reach where they have to make a conscious decision to accept themselves for who they are — and they can’t continue to worry about what other people think and let that rule their lives.

      Do I agree with her using the word retarded, no.

    • Holly

      If what she meant to say was that criticizing who she is is “stupid”, then that is exactly what she should have said. Using the word “retarded” casually and in a derogatory context is unacceptable. Hands down. Period. It doesn’t matter whether you’re Lady Gaga, John Lennon, or some 7th grader in Science class. It is simply disrespectful (and disheartening to hear).

    • Angelique

      EXACTLY my thoughts!

    • Angelique

      Actually, and this is coming from a bisexual minority, is it just me or does everyone need to lighten up? Words are words, and yes they hurt people and yes they offend people but they are WORDS. And you know what, my feeling is that until everyone stops giving these words so much power, they’re never going die out.

      I don’t get upset if a slur is thrown at me, because at the end of the day that slur is really not a reflection of myself but just a stereotyped group, it’s just a word.

      Also, I feel that yes words are for being used not shunned, not feared. The word retard means “slow, hindered, delayed in progress.” So what? yes, that’s what it means, yes that’s what Gaga’s point was, that people who think she pulled one over are being slow. So WHAT?

      I think everybody is taking themselves too seriously, and we should learn to get over it. Tolerance, yea tolerance by not saying a slur, but also tolerance when someone does, peace works both ways.

    • @Angelique — “I don’t get upset if a slur is thrown at me” Good for you! That is great. How about the countless people who are bullied and made to feel inferior because they are hurt by words hurled at them? Should those people just get over it or should we all be better people and stand up for them?

    • Marcella

      okay words are just words…..but lady gaga doesnt supposedly believe in that…she is against homosphic slurs so why is it okay to use a disability slur? i mean she is going against what SHE supposedly believes..even in born this way she talks about disabilities….then she goes around using the R word? i mean the hypocrisy and disengeniousness of her brand is remarkable

    • Angelique

      @Trent- those people that are bullied and hurt, like myself at one time, are never going to live better lives until they stand up for themselves and say (like Gaga’s saying in the interview btw!) “y’know what I don’t care what you say or what you think because I’m stronger than that.”

      The whole world can stand up for you, but there’s always going to be someone that says something that hurts you. So yes, we all need to get over it.

    • @Angelique — The level of hypocrisy boggles the mind. Stand up, like Gaga says, against hateful language like Gaga spews … is what you’re saying?

    • rOXy

      @Angelique: I could not disagree with you more. Words are not just words. Words communicate and express how we feel, and hateful words express and communicate hate. As a society, we must be diligent about rejecting the use of slurs because they breed hate and a mob mentality is likely to act negatively towards targets of that hate. We must not tolerate hate in ANY FORM, including words. To say we should not give power to words is negating their purpose entirely. To ignore hateful words is taking giant leaps backwards and if we did, we would end up returning to a society where violence and abuse is rampant towards everyone who doesn’t fit in into what society considers acceptable and “normal”. I have no desire to revisit the mentality of mainstream society before human rights came to the forefront and demanded that everyone be treated equal and fair, and I will fight it with my last breath.

  • Whitney

    I like how she says “put me in front of a piano and I will make you cry.” Um, then why not just drop all of the crazy costumes and do that that then? IMO, she started out as a Norah Jones/Fiona Apple esque performer but couldn’t get a break that way, so decided to become this Madonna/Marilyn Manson type artist in order to achieve fame. The crazy outifts and gimmicks will only get her so far…

    • yesyesyes this is what i truly believe as well. i don’t doubt that she has talent… but she obviously didn’t have enough talent for anyone to look twice. she was around for YEARS before she broke out the ridiculous getups and got noticed.

    • helen

      @whitney – that’s actually the sad part. I’m personally NOT a fan, but I actually believe she’s talented, and she shouldn’t have to be such a media whore. Her use of the word “retarded” makes me seriously doubt that she believes in all of that “equality for all” things that she preaches, she’s just selling herself that way and happened to show her true colors in this interview.

    • Marcella

      lolol yes yes yes!!! if she IS that amzing if she is just pure talent then why need to go over the top? the worst part about that though is she claims it as art and not what it really is – a ridiculous gimmick

  • Cate

    I am SO glad that someone (you, Trent) is finally calling someone else out on the use of the word ‘retarded’. I absolutely HATE that word, and have no problem telling people around me that I find it offensive.

    That said, I was a big fan of Gaga’s at the beginning, but the shine is quickly coming off for me. Why not just get back to the piano and play music and sing…and drop the drama.

  • Marcella

    ALSO if any of her little monsters wanna come out defending her saying it’s just a little slip up then I guess Kobe Bryant shouldn’t have to pay $100,000.00 for his slip up? Lol cmon. Double standard. What’s wrong is wrong across the board.

  • MM

    The crazier part of that interview in my opinion is when she said that her weird horns protruding out of her head and shoulders lately are not prosthetics, but are her “bones” that come out when she’s feeling creative. I literally laughed out loud.

    I am starting to think this girl does not have all of her marbles. I don’t see how anyone could go to such extremes to top themselves every day, then not even admit it’s meant to be funny or cheeky, but instead that it’s the “real” her, and not just completely burn out. It’s not normal behavior, especially if no one is getting the gag/joke. I truly don’t understand what she’s after anymore.

    P.S. I agree with whoever said that the ridiculous words used in Born This Way are equally offensive to me and I really wish someone would call her on it more often!

  • Jessica

    Oh please, get your panties out of a bunch and get over it. Retard is an actual word in the english dictionary. There are 2 definitions of the word. The first being a. ‘a mentally challenged person’ and b. ‘a person who is stupid, obtuse, or ineffective in some way.’ People are so easily offended by everything she does no wonder she went off like this. Stop criticizing and move on. She isn’t the only one who uses ‘retarded’. Don’t put her on the spot because simply because she used the word.

    • @Jessica — “Retard is an actual word in the english dictionary” No one is claiming it’s not a word. “Faggot” is a word, too. I never said she’s the only person who uses hateful language like this, I just find it obscene, offensive and disgusting and I have no qualms calling a person out for using this kind of disgusting language.

    • Ashley

      (Haha, go Trent!)
      I find Gaga to be incredibly tacky, conceited and immature, and her use of the word “retarded” shows just that. I am not impressed, nor do I think I ever will be with her attitude and countenance.

    • Kristin

      I don’t know I think it’s offensive either definition of the word really. Calling someone stupid because they don’t like your music is a little immature also…

  • Andrea

    OMG she is not well I think she should relax on the drugs and alochol and take a break from showbiz for a bit. NOt a fan but how can people think that she is a role model in anyway. come on I dont get it.

    I used the word retarded just yesterday and I appologized right after why because it is not a bad word but it is not a nice word wither. You say that when you want to be rude or insulting. I would like one gaga fan to use “retard” in a positive manner.

    And about making me cry infront of the piano naked. Yeah it would because I would be begging her like I have been since she came out on the scene to PUT SOME CLOTHES ON…..

    • Troy

      I think the reasoning behind that particular photo shoot wardrobe was to address the ongoing gossip about her being a transvestite

    • Kali

      @Troy and gaga supporters…I have a question for you as you all seem to have a wealth of gaga knowledge – when she wore her Kermit the frog costume back in like 2009 and was questioned about it – she responded “I really loved [it], because I thought it was [a] commentary on not wearing fur. I hate fur, and I don’t wear fur.” One (short) year later she was wearing a full on meat carcass to an awards show??Im confused at how can gaga fans can aknowledge that insane hypocrisy and still believe in or promote that she actually believes in any of the things she professes to denounce or stand up for?

    • Troy

      @Kali — I never professed to be a “gaga supporter”. I don’t even own any of her albums…and I quite hate Judas with a passion. What I do respect, however, is artists that try to approach the music scene differently, that sing LIVE and not lip-sync, and for musicians that speak their mind without fear of wondering if it will hurt their next album sales or not. I don’t find the article offensive. Some do. That’s cool, whatever. I don’t find any reason to go crazy on other commenters and tell them how crazy they are for feeling the way they are…I simply said my piece. Are you going to sit there and type away on your keyboard that you have never made a poor choice or decision, or that you have never been hypocritical once during all of your life? The meat dress was stupid, but I understood that she was trying to bring attention to repealing DADT…so in that respect it was cool. I totally understand how, if you’re an animal lover that you find it offensive. That’s you, that’s cool too. I don’t care. I just find it funny how everyone loves to hate on whoever is mega popular in pop culture. Madonna, Hootie and the Blowfish, Glee, the boy bands…it’s a cycle that repeats itself all the time. People love to hate what other people like because they don’t want to be a sheep.

    • kali

      @Troy – Im sorry if it appeared that I was going crazy because you like something I don’t , that’s really not the case at all. I am honestly just curious why people are still buying into Lady gaga when she herself demonstrates in situations like I described, that her words and actions are essentially meaningless headline grabbers. Im not offended by her meat dress- Im offended that she purports to embody whichever activism is trendy not because she truly believes in it or lives it but instead as more of an attempt to win over a new or different demographic of people. Your defense of her interview to me represented your support and I honestly just questioned why that was. My mistake if you hate her but just love her interview..

  • Xadax

    Yeah this is classy, Xtina did it better you copycat or capital G-A-G-A!

  • Brady

    I agree Lady Gaga has changed shes so about herself and her oitrageousness that she has just become pathetic and resorted to pathetic hurtful words that I guess only,her little,monsters will understand! Her music peaked with The Fame Monster EP her new stuff is just…. Stupid. Judas is in the running for worst song of.the year!

    • Hudson Morrigan

      No, that would be Beyonce’s idiotic infantile chanting without a melody, that awful “Girls”, LMAO.

  • Mela

    I have never found a single thing about Lady Gaga to be charming or winning. The thing that irritates me most about her is that her whole career is basically an “F you” to her talent. She knows that the only way to keep her career going is to make herself into some poster child for fearlessness, but in my opinion it comes off stinking of desperation.

    And Trent, I wish I knew how to give you a virtual standing ovation. Her ignorance in this interview is gross.

  • Madsme

    Here, here, Trent. I am def. NOT a fan after this.

  • Kali

    Im usually pretty indifferent to Pop Stars as people but I am amazed by the number of people who think she is in any way original or even remotely interesting. I like a good pop song as much as the next person but she has always been so transparent to me. I resent her exploitation of the gay community or any minority community for that matter, and mirror your sentiments Trent. Every time I hear “born this way” I think ,born what way ? White, straight, wealthy? boo hoo.

    • Marcella

      lol i know! she went to a private school with paris hilton. so ridiculous. thats the reason i am like spamming these comments with my negative opinion on her cuz i am so sick of her disengenious behavior….i dont believe her for a minute. its gross.

  • Margie

    I’m just here to say that I side with, Trent. That is all.

  • CL

    She’s ridiculous, plain and simple. Shes so far up her own behind, she doesnt know what to do with herself. Its so sad because who she really was before she became Lady Gaga could actually do fantastic right now. Her kind of music she was doing couldve been big. Look at how big Adele is becoming because of her MUSIC, not her stunts.

    Didnt people get all up in arms about Jennifer Aniston saying the word retarded on TV once? Its so… use that word. More importantly, to call criticism of ur work retarded is stupid. Everyone gets criticized. She couldve been so much more respectful. She couldve even acknowledged the comparison and said something witty. Now for her, ,shes so showing her silly grandiosity, which will fail her in the end.

  • Jesse

    @ Angelique too seriously? What was the message then with Born This Way? People always overlook special needs people like they don’t have feelings, why throw hate when your whole shtick ( this album ..) is about inclusiveness? It’s mind boggling how far some people will dillute themselves into believing everything she’s ever done is RIGHT…

  • Lisa

    I think over time she has just gotten a big head. Comparing herself in a way to people like John Lennon, saying she will make you cry, etc. It’s ridiculous. She hasn’t been around long enough to consider herself a legend in that way yet. She’s either on something or just delusional. She reminds me of Kanye in the female form. They both think they are way more original and awesome than they really are. Blech.

    • Margaret

      HEY! Don’t bring Kanye into this! I think Kanye’s five amazing albums & nurmeous headling perfomances at music festivals out weighs anything Lady Gaga has done!

  • Mark

    Lady GaGa is a female douche bag, glad people are starting to see the light!!

  • Lexifer

    She needs to eat a sandwich. She’s lost a lot of weight since she first hit it big, and she looks terrible. Also, Ive always thought she was a giant douche. I didn’t think she could repulse me further, and yet here we are. I enjoyed a couple songs of her last album, but can’t stand born this way I didn’t even listen to it in it’s entirety. I have no interest in hearing anything else off the album.

  • Daniel

    I don`t like her and that’s why, the woman is full of herself…

  • rOXy

    Her responses in this interview are very telling about who she really is. I don’t buy the notion of Stefani and Lady Gaga being one and the same. Lady Gaga preaches love and acceptance for all, yet the real person, Stefani, seems to contradict that message by her use of slurs. Her statements are gibberish and a study in hypocrisy. Her thought processes often result in confusing doubletalk, which I attribute to the drug-addled mind of a megalomaniac. She is a legend in her own lunchbox. She craves fame and attention but then screams in the bright lights of scrutiny. She can’t have it both ways. If she wants it, then she needs to accept that not everyone is going to admire the message of her work without hurling slurs towards those who don’t. Her talent is one thing, that is Lady Gaga and you can either like her or not. Her personal attitudes are another and those are Stefani and as evidence by this interview, she isn’t a very nice person. She isn’t fighting hate with love, as she claims to do.

    • Peeks

      To rOXy – Preach!!

    • rOXy

      LOL! It’s Rev. Roxy to you. :)

    • nicole

      well said rOXy :)

    • great response love it thanks

  • Shelly

    Another day another Gaga bashing post. I love your blog Trent, but its plainly obvious that you only hate her because she is buddies with Mr. Hilton. While I can’t stand him, I won’t hate her because of it. These posts are getting old and all the hate is starting to make you come across like Mr. Hilton.

    • rOXy

      @Shelley: Plainly obvious to who? You? Certainly not to me. I think Trent is mature and classy enough to rise above that bias.

    • Lizzy

      Uh, there’s a big difference between “hate” and objecting to a very offensive and hateful remark by Gaga. Unlike Perez, Trent doesn’t kiss anyone’s ass, and that’s part of why I love this blog and have for years. No one’s forcing you to read this site, honey.

    • Justin

      Sounds like you need to go back to that hateful site darling, every other post is about her there. I’m sure Trent could give a flying frak about perez. He is stating that he is disgusted with her choice of words and petulant attitude, and apparently he isn’t alone, just read the above 40 some odd comments. Furthermore, since you mentioned Mr. Hilton, if you read the comments about his incessant Gaga posts you would see that even his own readers are sick to death of reading about her. In fact, along with her holier than thou attitude and her recently released terrible music, going to his site and reading how “amazeballs” she is helped in turning me from a fan who bought her first two albums into someone that can’t stand to even hear her talk any more.

    • i so agree with you justin, i bought her first two cds. liked her before. and cant stand her anymore and her music real sucks right now. she is just a mediocre, over hyped, over praised, singer. her true colors are really showing.

  • Jay

    Wow. This entire interview comes across like a 5 year old throwing a tantrum. She is now OFFICIALLY the Gwyneth Paltrow of the music world–a spoiled rich girl who used her family’s money and connections to buy her way into the industry but thinks she got there because of her talent and is now FURIOUS that the peons dont recognize her greatness. Of the MANY delusional gems in this interview, the best is: “I feel I have been probed endlessly about who the fuck I am…And still nobody seems to have a clue.” OH NO! No, no, honey, no, come here honey, sit down here, listen now: THERE AINT NOTHING ABOUT YOU TO GET. THERE AINT NOTHING ABOUT YOU TO GET. CAUSE THERE’S NOTHING TO YOU. You are a BORE. A spoiled, pretentious, predictable famewhoring BORE. Hope that cleared things up.

    • Bria

      It’s kind of ridiculous to say she bought her way into the industry with her family’s money. She was living in a roach infested apartment in new york just before she got famous so yeah check your information, kid. And if you watch her performances and hear her sing forreal you see that she does have talent. Maybe she’s just aware of that, what’s wrong with that? She is an artist underneath those crazy outfits. And she has worked very hard to get where she is now. You just don’t get it. And get off gwyneth too!

    • Marcella

      #1 ALL of NYC has a roach problem #2 did you see her old apartment when inside edition took a tour of it? damn that is big NYC standards! for NYC that probably costed a hefty little rent for a single person living there… that her parents probably paid…if she wasnt spoiled WHY does she need her OWN apartment in NYC if her family lives in NYC? when britney spears came to new york when she was 11 to be in an off broadway play she was there with her mom and her baby sister in a one bed room NYC apartment eating canned food….now tell me who struggled more, but gets more esteem for there work…its not bad to come from wealth and connections but when you are so arrogant that you fought your way to the top and that you “struggled” and your the best…puh-lease

  • Bria

    I agree she probably went about it the wrong way but she must have just been angry. For a person like Lady Gaga to say such angry things… idk it’s just not like her. But she’s gotten a lot of criticism and she must be stressed. Also she wasn’t calling detractors of her music retarded she was saying that it would be retarded of HER to try to get away with something like that.

  • Dana

    Madonna made the Catholic angry first..Everything she does is out of Madonnas playbook.

    • krissy

      As did Sinead O’Connor…but they were by FAR not the “first” do it. The Catholic Church, Christianity, and faith have been THE BIGGEST inspirations of music, art, and fashion over the course of history. Artists have been praising and bashing religion for thousands of years. Religious ceremony is the original performance art.

  • waht

    A meaningless cover, for meaningless whining.

  • waht

    Also makes one think about the troubles disabled people face everyday in comparison to a spoiled celebrity.

  • krissy

    I do think the use of the word “retarded” is inappropriate, and she should apologize for that. However, I think the use of the F-word is perfectly acceptable for adults. I also think that when you slice and dice an interview to that extent, you run the risk of forcing your own interpretation on to someone else’s words. I know it is necessary to only share portions, but I do think people need to take it into consideration.

    As for the Express Yourself comparisons, it really says something when they complain about chord progressions. Thousands of songs share the same chord progressions. It is like painting…we are all using the same colors (chords), but how you use rhythm, melody, and production is where you set yours apart.

  • Trent, I’ve been a fan of yours since about 2006. I’ve always appreciated your perspective and steadfast opinions. Everyone has a bias, of course. But the way you present your thoughts and arguments is what sets you apart. To undermine the message you’re trying to send here with comments such as, “Trent wants to be more like Perez” is ridiculous and unfounded.

    I have a family member who suffers from mental retardation and it cuts me to the core to hear other people throw the term around so carelessly as well. It’s hard for me to reconcile the messages that Lady Gaga sends out – preaching tolerance and spewing hate speech is about as hypocritical as it gets.

    Keep doing what you’re doing…love this blog.

  • Lindsey

    The first time she offended me was when she came on stage as a paraplegic (yeah artistic talent my ass)…then committed suicide on stage (I still don’t know why she did not get more backlash for that…). Now she’s right back at offending individuals who have developmental disabilities. I won’t lie, I enjoy her music to dance to and run to…but more than that she’s worthless…she sounds like she’s high 24/7 or delusional…maybe both? Ugh, I can’t wait for the Gaga faze to be over with.

  • Denise

    While not a fan of Lady Gaga, I am a fan of Trent and his fans. Please use your anger at Lady Gaga’s terrible use of the word “retard” to spread the word about the R-Word campaign. As the parent of a child with Down Syndrome the use of this terribly demeaning word has no place in today’s society and especially from a performer who has (right or wrong) such a public platform from which she espouses inclusion for all. You can’t support inclusion for one group without embracing all.

  • Trent,

    Thank you for calling her out on this. Her use of language is inexcusable. I can understand she’s frustrated but that’s no excuse to speak the way she is. How many young girls look up to Lady Gaga and think it’s okay to speak that way after hearing her speak like that?

    Words are not just words, they can be very hurtful.

  • Andrea


  • Kayla

    I have to agree with you, Trent. Her choice to use the word “retarded” really disgusts me.


    What a classless broad! If any other pop star said this, especially Britney, people would SLAUGHTER and RIDICULE her and call Britney every name in the book. So many disgusting hypocritical people here.

    • nicole

      agreed. how she gets away with half the shit she says/does i’ll never understand.

    • krissy

      This would never happen to Britney, because all of “her” interviews with magazines are done via e-mail, and all of her radio interviews have to be turned over to her management company to edit.

    • Mitchell

      Britney’s current situation is a completely different scenario and I don’t think anyone should compare Britney’s current state to that of Gaga’s.

    • CHASE

      Doesn’t matter. If that scenario didn’t exist it would still apply.

  • OMG!! The expressions are “couldn’t care less” and “said my peace”. Hilarious!!

  • cutitout

    The emperor has no clothes. Bitch is mad. The media is no longer impressed. Her stunts are no longer news-worthy and she’s getting more side-eyes than looks of amazement and adoration. “Judas” is wack too. The offend Christians thing was already done. Just put out good music. If you can.

    • you said it best thank you

    • Anthony Ashcraft

      That’s why her new single went top ten in 23 countries on iTunes.

    • nicole

      @Anthony – shitty songs go #1 all the time

  • Sara

    Whoa, you really ignited something here, Trent!! haha. I have to agree with you that her use of “retarded” is sad, and I’ll also say that I think she had a great opportunity to express how her music is unique (and not the same as Madonna) but she wasted it with anger. She’s gotta learn to maturely discuss her music, and this surely was not that. You can’t simply brush off comparisons to similar music as “stupid” or “retarded” or anything of that sort!

  • Shan

    Feeling the need to add my opinion, even though it is similar to all of the above. Lady GaGa… your first album was amazing, you have such talent, and you are throwing it all away. I agree, the gimmicks, the ridiculous-ness, the “I don’t give a fuck what people say” is not becoming of you, honey. I am appalled at the hypocrisy of using the word “retarded” while preaching her whole “born this way, be who you are” BS.

  • god this woman is so sad and delusional at this point. its time for mental institution. the great liz smith has a great article today that rips gaga and tells her that it was all done better and its time for her to get a fresh idea.

  • Allen A.

    Wait! How quickly forgot! Madonna was just like this many years ago before she finally settled into her fame and learned to handle it more with socially acceptable grace. Plus, every celeb has one or two bad interviews, she’s no exception. Use of the word retarded is VERY insensitive, but I for one am not going to be swayed with the make some noise over here routine so you don’t notice what’s right in front you – the truth! Lady Gaga has made an impact and will continue to do so. She caused a lot of artists to bring up their game and not rely on beat soaked tracks to sit behind, they’ve had to bring it! I don’t like every song she’s put out there, but I am definitely a fan of her work. Career wise, she will grow and so will her music and it will continue to challenge the industry. Wow, Unbelievable, Madonna used to do the exact same stuff and we gave her a hardtime too! Nothing ever changes…

  • jessica

    Thank you Trent!

  • Shawn

    Let me start off by saying I’m a fan of Lady Gaga. That being said I absolutely hate when people use the “R” word it is the same as saying the “N” word or “F” word. I’m not trying to defend that word when I say this next thing but I think people need to think back into their own lives. How many of us in a moment of stupidity said something we regretted? Luckily for us we didn’t have a microphone in our faces. Everyone has said something they regret and while I really wish she hadn’t said this she did but all it proves is she’s human and fallible. I hope that one misspoken word does not take away from all that she has done for equal rights.

    • pots

      I agree we’ve all said or done things in the past not to be proud of, but I think it’s a far stretch when someone goes around declaring themselves the poster girl for equality. I’m not really sure what it is she has done for equal rights, and there’s plenty of other people, celebrities, more deserving and worthy of that credit imo.

    • Shawn

      I totally respect your opinion but I personally think she has done a fair share for gay right . I’ve even seen in my friends how her songs and how outspoken she is has changed some of their minds. I agree though there are many artists who have a longer history with the community and might be more deserving of being called an equal rights advocate. Just from my life personally I’ve seen how her work has changed minds.

  • Ben

    Really? She’s so awesome that she can’t even answer a question? That diva attitude works if you’ve got more to offer than some eyebrow raising outfits and shocking videos and lyrics, but John Lennon you are not.

    In twenty years no one will know who the hell she is and she will still be carrying around teapots, wearing gold plated toilet plungers as a bra and demanding “Do you know who I am?”
    That kind of attitude is so off-putting. I was never a fan and now I definitely never will be.

  • MM

    At least Weird Al gets the joke:

    Apparently Gaga has now approved the parody song. The girl definitely needs to get a sense of humor.

    I remember watching the Just Dance video when it first came out and she was so silly and fun and actually smiled. I really thought I was going to be a Lady Gaga fan after that song came out. So much for that.

    • rOXy

      Well, well…if the post by Al’s Manager on his blog is believed, Gaga has found an opportunity to reinvent her image after the R-word gaffe. She is now collaborating with Al, they will appear on the season final of SNL, are looking for songs to write parodies together, and she wants him to produce her next album. All heresay, of course, but if it’s true then she has decided to laugh at herself instead of taking herself so seriously. Would be a nice change.

  • ameskay

    While it’s true that her words seem quite juvenile and offensive, I think we tend to forget how young she actually is and what kind of harsh media/critics she has to deal with. Of course, she could have been much more mature in this interview, but I don’t know if my 25-year-old-self would have reacted better when put in a situation like hers – it may have been different, but just as bad.

  • sabatghzl1098

    The use of “retarded” is not “outrageously offensive.” I think you’re making a mountain out of a molehill. It’s not like she said that detractors should get AIDS and die after being raped by a gang of skinheads.

    Also, I wouldn’t call the plagiarism accusations “fan criticism.” That’s a bit generous.

    • @sabatghz1908 — “The use of ‘retarded’ is not ‘outrageously offensive.'” Of course it is, because I and many others are outrageously offended by its misuse. It may not be offensive to you (which is sad) but it deffo is to many other people.

  • Whatever.

    Jesus Christ Trent.
    Tell us how you really feel.

    You are such a hypocrite. Half the artists you like use the word FUCK. FUCKING deal with it.

    I hardly listen to this chick, and I still think she knows what she’s doing and is an artist. More so then Britney Spears. You seem to be really blind with ignorance towards an artist who just wants to shake things up. Out of all people you would think you’d be the person to know since your such a big Madonna fan. She went through all these hardships, and I am sure you sound like one of those people who called Madonna, “childish”, “immature”, “offensive” back in the day.

    Listen to yourself. Hypocrite.

    • @Whatever — Clearly, you missed my point entirely. I have no problem with “fuck” or its use thereof. I take issue with the use of the derogatory use of the word “retarded”. Re-what what I wrote and maybe you’ll be enlightened.

  • mikie

    honey you better be carefule you are here today but you could be gone tomorrow love ya

  • gpgirl

    well shes only human. she works hard so i understand if she gets so upset with people’s harsh criticisms. i mean, they say you need to have a really tough skin to last in this industry, but of course there are times she gets vulnerable.

    she may have weird antics and fashion sense sometimes but we cant deny she’s talented

  • pots

    @Shawn She’s sure changing alot of people’s minds with her use of words today, I highly doubt Britney or Madonna would resort to stoop low to even think to use an offensive word like that, she failed her fans. I think the LGBT community works hard enough on it’s own, can get by without the help of vanity activist fads with disability slurs.

    • Shawn

      I agree that the gay community does work hard but it never hurts to have another voice in support of the cause. The only point I’m trying to make is that I believe people can make mistakes apologize and move on knowing better the next time. I truly wish she had never used the “R” word but I have had friends and family that have used the “F” word that now deeply regret it and I believe they have changed hearts. Here’s hoping this is a learning experience for her and next time if she knows better she can do better. Thanks for your replies @pots it’s always nice to have a thought provoking conversation. :)

  • adri

    I just threw my fame cd in the garbage
    my aunt is down syndrome and I just can’t
    listen to anything gaga she is too full of herself and will diss others and use any slur that doesn’t suit her agenda
    I’m sure she is using the other F word behind closed doors
    like perez .. lol it’s funny though when a gay man uses such a hateful slur then goes around dissing others who do it…. this is why i like this site :] calling them out !!! Gaga has always been an attention seeking .. .. thingy
    and I’m sad I ever liked her.. glady perez’ constant proping of her really showed me that I need to listen to better music……..

  • pots

    You too :), but imo she is making noise for ‘her’ cause and not ‘the’ cause. I believe true leaders are wholehearted through and through, not to and fro. Yes it sucks to be labeled ignorant, etc. because someone didn’t know better, etc. and I think it’s ok to let them figure out their beliefs on their own, but they’re not celebrity spokespeople, I think she did know better (while making tons of $ from born this way) and chose not to. Oh well, goodnight.

  • Mikey F

    Yes!! Preach, Trent! I love you!

    You really speak the truth, unlike most who are completely biased toward Lady Gaga. Truth is she’s not very creative or innovative. She’s just copying underground artists and bringing their concepts and ideas into the mainstream and calling them her own. Give me Roisin, Goldfrapp, Kiley etc ANYDAY.

  • Sanchez

    My little sister is learning disabled (geez I don’t even know what the PC term is nowadays with as often as it changes) and I’m really not bothered by what Lady Gaga said. I would never say it myself, however. The word that really bothers me is the F word. Not fuck, the other one.

  • taylor

    Bravo Trent!! I absolutely agree with you. I am a special education teacher and find the use of the word ‘retarded’ absolutely offensive. Just as the F word and N word. People forget that there are actual loving sweet human beings out there with special needs who are actually not moronic or dumb. People who don’t get that are the ones who the actual morons!

  • Ronnox

    Lady Gaga is finally starting to feel what it is to be a celebrity, when she first came on the scene she was “fresh” and “new”(major quotes) she was praised for her “originality” (major quotes again). She hasn’t felt what it’s like to be attacked. It’s like the popular girl in high school she thinks she’s above them all she wont be told that she sucks. Roll with the punches honey not everyone likes you! people are starting to get tired of the fake and over the top looks, who is Gaga? I remember seeing an interview of her on Anderson Cooper and she said “she likes to be over the top so people are more interested in her look then her life”. To me that’s a sign of a fake person and after a while the show gets old. Lets be honest she copy’s Madonna and that’s a fact she can sugar coat it and say she doesn’t but at the end of the day the similarity are there. So either go back and listen to every Madonna song and watch every Madonna video so you don’t replicate the sound and vibe, and you wont get compared.

    Who is Gaga? Who is Gaga? Who is Gaga? Who is Gaga?Who is Gaga?Who is Gaga?Who is Gaga?Who is Gaga?Who is Gaga?

    when you find out let me know.

  • Xadax

    God, please give us Kurt Cobain back, we’ll give you Lady Gaga & Perez Hilton. We don’t need them pweh!.

  • Xadax

    I hate you – period.

  • Anthony Ashcraft

    I love just hoe many elitist assholes are condemning her usage of “retarded” when they probably use the world on a daily basis. I am in no way commending it, but it’s obvious how pissed she gets when people try to discredit something she’s worked so hard on. It’s nice to see someone defend their work. Someone who’s not afraid to stand up and say “fuck you” to those who know nothing about her.

    • Anthony Ashcraft

      Obviously I meant “how”. :P

  • Anthony Ashcraft

    I wonder if you’re going to post Gaga’s apology. :)

  • Dion

    well said trent!!!

  • Jenn

    She supposedly sent an apology letter to stupid Perez. It seems like she thought she could get away with it. Once this and the whole Weird Al thing came to light, she’s acting like she didn’t know anything. Blah. I just want her to disappear. But after all this, she has lost credibility and fans. I’m glad some of the blogs out there called her fake-ass out for it.

    I don’t like the word ‘retarded’ and when it slips out of my mouth, it upsets me. We grew up with that word being ok but after I was told my son could be born with Down Syndrome (he wasn’t born with it), that word all of a sudden had a different meaning. My boyfriend will say it and I get annoyed at him.

  • Jenny

    I don’t use the word, you don’t use the word, nobody should use the word “retarded.” It is sad to see our society get so up-in-arms about skin color, but not give two hoots for those born with cognitive impairments. I don’t care about Gaga’s f-bomb usage all that much, as it just makes her sound ignorant, but the use of “retarded” just makes me sick. Way to set an example in the media, Gaga. You just lost a fan.

  • Nicole

    This is ridiculous. Honestly, it slips out of everyone’s mouth at some point, and it’s not THAT big of a deal. I’m sure she didn’t mean it offensively– she’s human. Everyone needs to calm down.

    • @Nicole — It is that big of a deal to some and no people should not calm down if they feel offended.

    • Aislin

      It’s a big deal to me. I’m special needs, why should my rights be diminished anymore than they already are?

      I’m ‘retarded’ I was born this way.

    • Cassie

      I’m sorry, how exactly does this diminish your rights? I don’t think it’s a good thing obviously. I’m gay and when someone says “That’s so gay” yeah, it’s offensive, but unfortunately it’s just the way shit is. That word slips out sometimes. Hell, sometimes I accidentally say “that’s gay”. It may hurt your feelings, but it’s not the end of the world, and in no way is it diminishing your rights. No one has the right to not be fun of, because everyone has the freedom of speech.

    • @Cassie — I’m sorry, but your argument is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Ever.

  • Arjun

    gyz…i mean a lady fighting men wid a mic??!!!! LOLZZZ…atlst lady gaga makes intrestin videos…nd as far as revolution in pop is concerned let me declare LADY GAGA has created more revolution in pop than ne other singer since madonnas time of reign!!!! she dresses wierd coz v luv 2 see sumthing diff nd not just ladies lyk katy madonna britney etc with a mike in der handz nd a band behind covered with fire nd wind singing pop music!!!! HW stupid!!!! luk at her latst songz lyk Electric chapel, hair nd judas…u’ll cum to now these songz r not just simple beats from electronic sets…each song contains mor than 2 live instruments used….so don criticyz a person sply gaga just by seeing d nud pix…luk at d songz men…GET A LIFE!!

  • Cassie

    What’s almost as embarrassing as her use of offensive words, is that the song “Born This Way”, as well as many others ARE in fact rip offs. In her song “Summer Boy”, the entire ending melody of the song is an EXACT rip off of Blondie’s melody for “Heart of Glass”. And most people wouldn’t notice if they didn’t know all of these other artist, but the entire transitional sequence in her song “Judas” was ripped directly, and completely from another less known artist. I’m not hating on her, but it is ridiculous for her to say that she doesn’t rip off other artists even a little bit, because she clearly does.