Chris Hemsworth Does ‘Men’s Health’ Magazine


Chris Hemsworth, who just world premiered his new superhero film Thor over the weekend in Australia, is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Men’s Health magazine. In his coverstory interview, Chris talks about what it was like working with film legend Sir Anthony Hopkins (who plays the Norse god Odin in Thor) and reveals who some of his other fave actors in Hollywood are. He also shares some personal info from his childhood in Oz and talks about his love of acting. Check out Chris’s Men’s Health coverphoto and some interview excerpts below.

On his role models, including Anthony Hopkins: “Anthony Hopkins. His whole approach to this business, his work ethic and attitude on set was inspiring, however many films down the track he still has that and he still is excited to be there and treats everyone as equals and everything he does, he is an impressive person. I love Paul Giamatti, Johnny Depp, Al Pacino and Matt Damon, ya know, I could go on and on.”

On fearlessly searching caves in Australia as a kid: “We built wooden swords and hammered nails into them, and we checked out the cave. My friends and I were convinced we’d meet some ghosts and devils.”

On why he loves being an actor: “I always loved film, but never thought about it as a career choice. I had a different idea of what I wanted to do professionally every week. You know, I was a lawyer one week, a doctor, a sportsman in some way, and then I found out I can pretend to do all those things in acting.”

Chris Hemsworth is on the brink of superstardom so it’s nice to hear that he is still very down to earth in interviews. The lead role in a film like Thor will likely make Hemsworth a household name here in the US … so I hope he retains his down to earthness. I am really looking forward to seeing his work in Thor and I’m rabidly eating up any interviews he does for the film’s promotion. It sounds like he is more than just a pretty face. He sounds like a genuinely nice guy, don’t he?


  • Hudson Morrigan

    He is sooo fine, he makes my panties moist like a snack cake down there.

  • wayne martin

    Check out this NEW THOR INTERVIEW with Chris Hemsworth!!!!