Jennifer Lopez Named ‘The Most Beautiful Woman’ Of 2011 By ‘People’ Magazine


Jennifer Lopez, who is enjoying a huge career resurgence these days as judge on American Idol, has been chosen by People magazine as the World’s Most Beautiful Woman and is featuring her on the cover of their annual The Most Beautiful People issue. J. Lo is joined by other hottie celebs like Zac Efron, Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Hudson and more. Check out J. Lo’s beautiful coverphoto and see who else made the cute this year.

Jennifer Lopez admits she loves glamming it up as a judge on American Idol or for her upcoming album, Love?. But at home with husband Marc Anthony and their 3-year-old twins, Max and Emme, Lopez is a zero-makeup kind of mom. “That’s when I’m my happiest,” she says in this week’s exclusive cover story. “Just being able to touch my face and rub my eyes and put my fingers in my hair and not having to worry about messing it up. It’s so much better.” From her skincare regimen to her grueling workouts and portion-controlled diet, Lopez says she makes a concerted effort to stay in top form. “The thing is, it’s part of my job,” says the singer, who ran a triathlon six months after she gave birth. “I don’t want anybody thinking it’s easy. It does take time and it’s hard work. HDTV wide-screen is nobody’s friend!” Lopez, 41, also has learned valuable beauty tips over the years, and says daughter Emme is starting to prove she’s her mother’s child. “She is very girly-girl, just like me since I was very little. She loves for me to paint her nails,” Lopez says. “She lays out her clothes on the floor like I do with my stylist and she’s like, ‘This matches very good!’ ” And what about son Max? “He wants to paint his nails too. Because for him, it’s just paint. He’s like, ‘I want the blue!'” Lopez says, laughing. “Then Marc is like, ‘Why are Max’s nails painted?!’ But he won’t sit still so it’s only like two nails.” As for being called a “diva,” she says, “I kind of like it. We’ve kind of owned it now. But I certainly don’t like and I’ve never been a person who has what they call ‘diva behavior,’ which is something they tried to pin on me for a long time.”

Without question, J. Lo is a beauty … but would she really be chosen as the “world’s most beautiful woman” if A.) she weren’t a judge on American Idol right now and B.) about to release a new album? It’s always so interesting to me who gets chosen as THE most beautiful of The Most Beautiful People from year to year. In any event … Lopez is this year’s cover star so congrats to her. Check out some of the photos below to some of the other folks chosen as the Most Beautiful People for 2011. Did your fave celeb make the cut?


  • Dianna

    The most beautiful person award makes me laugh. What makes Jennifer Lopez more beautiful this year than she was last year? She looks exactly the same to me. It’s all about who is relevant at the moment. Like you said Trent, would she have been chosen if she wasn’t an American Idol judge and about to release an album? Nope.

    • J.

      I totally agree. Don’t get me wrong, J-lo is gorgeous, but this “most beautiful” stuff is just ridiculous. ANYONE can be “the most beautiful person” with some make up and photoshop!

  • herbs

    hm i wonder if jennifer hudson would have been awarded this if she were still fat? jessica simpson? really?

    • cmc

      Um…probably not. She’s much more traditionally attractive, and much more ‘sellable’/marketable now that she’s lost weight. I see what you’re getting at though- she’s the same woman she was before, just smaller… however, be realistic. Of COURSE weight loss is going to make her more likely to get named most beautiful. (I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s the truth)

  • Andi

    I think that Jennifer Lopez is beautiful, but I know a ton of women far more beautiful who aren’t famous. My best friend has been fighting kidney disease for 10 years now, she is about to receive her second transplant and all she can think about is helping others and improving the lives of everyone around her. She is bald from the toxins building up in her system and, her body is tired and her skin isn’t even, but she is far more beautiful than any of those ladies in that magazine. How about they start showing some real beauty in pop culture, instead of the manufactured artificial beauty that is so popular today?

    I totally agree with you Trent, it isn’t about who is most “beautiful”; it’s about who will sell the magazine cover and whose team paid the most money for them to be mentioned.

    • jennn

      Andi, i will keep your friend in my prayers. My other is brain/breast cancer survivor- she is the most beautiful person to me :)

    • Mitchell

      It’s nice to read comments from two sensible people. All the best to you and your friends. :)

    • Andi

      Thank-you :) I’ll be sending your friend positive vibes as well :) Fingers crossed that they both beat their health problems!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    If you look at her pictures compared to the other peeps she blows them away. She is gorgeous regardless of the reasons she made it! I am happy she is riding high right now. I heart her.

    • nicole

      agreed! :)

  • Jenn

    Is it weird to say that I liked Jennifer better when she was chunkier? It’s sad that all these women who are bigger-and look real-go and join the skinny club.

  • Jenn

    * I meant Jennifer Hudson :) Is Jennifer Lopez the first Latina to win the ‘title’?

  • strawberry

    i only came in here for the ryan reynolds picture!!! hot hot hot!!! j.lo? who cares!!! though going by pop culture relevancy, natalie portman deserves the award more for her efforts in going vegan and using non-animal products and clothes!!!! what did j.lo do? nothing!!!!

  • Lindsay

    J-Lo is attractive, but not the most beautiful. Every picture I see her in (except for this People mag cover), she has the same ridiculous “angry-sexy-lips slightly open” look. NOT beautiful; it makes her look heinous and cold.

  • krissy

    I think there are so many beautiful people in the world, how could you pick the “most”? I don’t think I could even narrow it down to 20 or 30.

  • Brady

    Um I think that Zac Efron should win the title for like the mellenia seriously not a single drop of ugly has ever touched that man. Jennifer is beautiful but “most” beautiful I think not!

    • @Brady — “seriously not a single drop of ugly has ever touched [Zac Efron]” LOL!! so true!!

  • Lisa

    I’ve always thought J.Lo is gorgeous. Her smile, eyes, body…hello! I guess there are plenty of other MORE beautiful people, but I agree Trent, I think it’s more of an overall popularity/beauty/relevance thing. They wouldn’t name someone who no one knows since that wouldn’t be relevant and wouldn’t sell too much. But of course we all can think of someone who is equally or more gorgeous and doing good in the world too. I don’t take this too seriously. Good for Jennifer for coming back in such a BIG way this year! I love her! I still love all of her romantic comedies too. She is talented (more so at acting, IMO)and funny and a great performer.

  • Ria

    No, no, and just no. I disagree with this choice big time. Jennifer Lopez is too made up.


    Are you people forgetting that this woman is 41-years-old – soon to be 42 – and how amazing she looks?! Yes, she’s made up, but c’mon! Girl has some good genes, yo! She puts Beyonce, Britney, GaGa, all those other girls to shame. Her skin is FLAWLESS and she’s just beautiful. Haters, much?

  • rOXy

    I have always found “the most beautiful” title ridiculous. Beauty is different things to different people and for a magazine to crown themselves the judge for what is most beautiful is just stupid and annoying. Jennifer is physically attractive, but she has the money to spend on herself and that goes a long way in spa and beauty treatments, stylists, clothes, hair and makeup, plastic surgery, health regimines, personal chefs and trainers. Does she have a beautiful soul? We can only know what her PR and image people want us to know. Privately she may be altogether different and not quite so “beautiful”. Yes, she is pretty to look at, but if you are going for aesthetically pleasing, she pales in comparison to the great beauties in their prime, Liz Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, etc. I agree with @Andi, people like her friend should be the definition of beauty, and not the glossy airbrushed images that are cranked out to sell magazines full of advertisements.

  • krissy

    Speaking of beauty…
    I just saw the cover of Rollingstone with Adele on it. She looks sooooo beautiful! Her face is gorgeous.

  • Melissa

    Jennifer Lopez is beautiful and attractive, but not the most beautiful woman. So I agree with Dianne – it’s all about who is relevant at the moment.

    If Angelina Jolie had big movie release or had just adopted another child – it would be her. Just thank God it’s not a Kardashian.

  • marilyn

    Jennifer Hudson is UGLY!

  • Megan

    I thought that was Lauren Conrad at first glance :S

    • Kayzilla

      I was just about to post that she looks like Lauren Conrad! Damn you Megan!

      It’s true though: wtf. o_O

  • CL

    I thought TIME magazine gave Aishwarya Rai this title years ago LOL

    I always think this stuff is funny because its so fake. Like those Most Handsome man or whatever thing they have, all this stuff is in the eye of the beholder, for People magazine, its whos been talked about this year and who will be talked about..all about the studies and record companies

  • kim

    I think jennifer is beautiful for all you haters that are jealous .SHE’S come along way and worked really hard for everything shes has . so lighten up and dont hate .
    you are beautiful jennifer.

  • sandra

    I agree she is pretty, but she only got the award because she is so “in” right now. I don’t know who should have won, but I would have picked someone like Elizabeth Banks; she is very pretty. Its kind of a popularity contest anyways; how can you say who the most beautiful woman in the world is?

  • susan adams

    i think that one of the reasons why jlo got chosen for the most beautiful woman was because she looks good in beehive hairdos.

  • GEL

    Yeah she is pretty, so are 5 ladies i saw at the grocery today and they didn’t need a staff fixing her make-up or designer clothes, or a high salaried job on a show that she is ruining and they are also financing her dim recording career. for me, she was already seen too much, the world was a better place when she wasn’t so visible, and she got me to quit watching a failing tv show, and now, i’m questioning this always-renewing subscription to this magazine. Bad move People!



  • Noze

    This shouldn’t be called “The Most Beautiful Woman” title. It’s more like the “Most Beautiful Celebrity”. I have seen far more beautiful women that are non celebrities in my lifetime.



  • wow…

    Jlo, the standard of beauty, really? I think Hollywood is in dire need of fresh new faces/talent, I’m tired of seeing the same o same o celebs being recycled on this list.

  • lavender

    Pretty? Yes.
    Most beautiful? No.

    She’s making a mess of the american idol show, which I haven’t watched since they put her in…but she’s hot by the polls right now – so that’s pretty much what is sealing the deal on this glamour crap.

  • Mara Lee

    Most beautiful? People magazine are crazy, she must be paying to people good money for this add. hahahaha

  • Mara Lee

    Most beautiful? People magazine are crazy, she must be paying to people good money for this add. hahahaha…

    • You’re absolutely right. As I quoted before, Take away the phony straightened hair with alot of extensions, take away the expertise of the best make-up artist, look back before 1997 or before she played the role of “Selena” and actually learn what these Hollywood and NY artists can achieve with their expertise. You would not believe that those photos prior to 1997 was J-Lo but another Bronx Girl listening to 97.1 shaking her rice and beans ASS with dark brown kinky hair. Linda and Leslie were the pretty ones. And for a STRICT CATHOLIC, Men of course, she couldn’t go without so there was 1 after 1 after 1 after 1 etc.Then, stealing poor Dayanara husband and their childrens father?????? Sorry Jen but the truth had to come out, what money can do, you’re the proof. As far as beauty, c’mon Angelina, step forward, that’s beauty.

  • Popa

    Some of you have a lot to say about someone you only know through Television and the twisted media that go on to say what they want you to here. Point Number 1. A) Are you yourselves famous? B) Are you there? Point Number 2. A) You that can run your mouths or type the comments away; can you sing/act? B) If you cannot what’s the deal? You listen to what the Television and the twisted media say and they make you look mighty dumb. Why they know they are not telling you the full truth. And that goes for anything the Television and the twisted media say’s. So all I see is a bunch of nuts making a fool of themselves that has no idea what it takes to write a song sing it publish/market it. I know what it’s like. And it’s not easy. I also know how hard it is to write a script or a book and all the work and people involved, and believe me, there is a lot of work and people involved. As in people you have to pay and more than half of you do not know who in the world they are or where they come from. They have hands out and they expect you to fill them with money. And you all come along and have gall to say the things here that you have absolutely no idea as to what you all are talking about. Wow, what rock did you all crawl from under?

  • J’Lo…in my opinion…is not the most beautiful..however..has a lot of other qualities..which creates a balance…and a balance is essential in any situation..

    I like her on Amaerican Idol…she is not brutal and puts the contestents at ease…this dimension also helps create a balance…So Balance..not Beauty is the key to being the most of anything…!!


    people plese you putting dawn just becose hes a Latina, she is the most beautiful get over it white people.

    • dbaldwin

      Karina…excuse me…I do not think Jennifer.. being Latino has anything at all to do with the tea in china…cliche…its about the most beautiful..period…and unfortunately…its not Jennifer Lopez…as a matter of opinion and fact…Eva Longoria is much prettier/classier…without a doubt..So please check yourself, along with your subjective opinion!!!

  • sonia

    Pretty? If you consider nose jobs and cheek implants pretty I suppose. So Pam Anderson should be next and frankly her judging screeches, interruptions, boring comments are so annoying that I have stopped watching the show.

  • DAN

    they should have chosen some one from GG ot 90210 at least they look more real … i would say jessica strroup is very beautiful

  • Vito

    Jenifer lopez the most beautiful woman in the world , are they serious??????
    How about a picture without all the make up to see the real thing:-)

  • B.To

    To me beautiful is a person that has perfect features and is all natural! J-LO is neither. She is pretty, but does not deserve to be acknowledged as the “most beautiful person in the world!” That’s an insult to the actual people that are flawless! J-Lo gets glammed up every Weds. and Thurs. on American Idol, with make-up artist, hair artist and stylists to fix her up and make her look good, but anyone would if they were half way decent and thin and average height! She wears hair extentions, has to dye her hair every 2 weeks since she’s completely gray and she gets botox injections to keep the wrinkles from showing up as much! To me that does not fit in the category of most beautiful! I agree with everyone above, she’s only got the title since she’s a celebrity, well known especially now that she’s a judge on A.I. and people see her every week! So she would be one of the first celebs to come to mind when picked for this title. It should be called most popular person in the world! Not the most beautiful! She is talented without a doubt and J-Lo usually gets what she wants, so I have to give her credit for that. Also since she has 2 kids and married now, she seems to be a more well rounded balanced person than she’s ever been.

  • Dave

    They got this one right and it’s about time people see that the way a woman looks isn’t what it’s all about. Jenifer Lopez is without a doubt at least on of the top three most beautiful woman in the world and in my opion tops! Let’s consider everything when we discuss her: looks, personality, and the way she carries herself. There may be more beautiful women out there in the looks department, but it stops there!! And that laugh(sexy)!!

  • M-Lo

    Yeah J-Lo is pretty & has a nice figure, she does have a make up artist, and has had botox, that’s not natural.
    I have alot of respect for her as a mother & wife, she’s earned respect unlike Kim Kardashian who is a beauty but should never make most beautiful due to her sex tape & the scandalous reasons she became famous. But J-Lo is not the most Beautiful. In my opinion Pia Toscano was prettier and many other woman that are non celebs, this is definitely a popluarity thing going on. They need new faces on these most beautiful mag’s, they use the same ol celebs, so therefore it should be named most beautiful celeb, Not in the world! This is ridiculous.

  • ELI

    WHAAAAAT! I would like to know to picked her. They must have been paid off. There are so many other women that are more gorgeous.

  • This is completely unfair. Without all that heavy make-up she looks no better than any girl next door. She was chosen from American actresses and not from women around the world. There are more beautiful women every where. So don’t call her the “most beautiful women in the world.” Maybe just from Hollywood.

    • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As far as makeup goes all glamerous women wear makeup and they still don’t look as good as JLo. If you look at the whole package, for example the definition of her legs, her silouette is just beautiful, her proportions are perfect. Take it from a man, not a jelous woman, JLo is the most perfect.

    • lou

      yes, i agree with karin kuskis, without make up jlo looks so ordinary. my choice is angelina jolie for the title.

    • Jho

      I believe that beauty goes beyond the fact that you look good with or without make up. Without a doubt, a lot of girls are prettier, but it just really depends on perception. What’s Pretty for you, may not be pretty enough for me in this case People magazine chose her , and they chose good

    • you people have lost your damn minds!!!!! j-lo is not better looking than beyonce!!! no one touches big red!!!

  • Lisa

    Trent, Your blog was mentioned in this Yahoo article about J.Lo!

  • Dash Girl

    I think Kim Kardashianis prettier than J-Lo & in my opinion the most beautiful woman out there if we’re considering face & figure plus she’s still very pretty without make up.
    But in the personality dept J-Lo wins over Kim. KK got famous for the wrong reasons, and for that she can’t make that cover- it’s loss of respect what a shame. There’s not too many woman who have the whole package, Angie Jolie has a beautiful face but too skinny. I guess if J-Lo didn’t wear a ton of make up & dye her hair then maybe I would agree with most beautiful, but that’s not natural. Her body is natural though from what I think. This must of been a hard choice so I guess they had no choice to choose J-Lo since Idol made her famous again.

  • Melissa

    J-Lo Is the Worlds most beautiful (complete woman), without a doubt. She is the total-total package, Inside and out & that radiates inspiraton to MANY. Those who speak negative of her, it’s just so sad that your jealously gets in the way… You obviously could learn tons from her…
    J-Lo, you have earned this honestly and you should be very proud of yourself. YOU ARE LARGE PROOF, THAT HARD WORK AND DETERMINATION PAYS OFF!!

  • OMG

    Sorry but just b/c she’s a movie star & a judge on Idol,
    should not make someone the most beautiful woman in the world. There are many non celebs who are hard working moms, have good careers, good wives & they are beautiful inside and out, we just don’t have the fame and riches to be named the most beautiful woman in the world lol. Not everyone is jealous. I thought wonder woman was the most beautiful woman in the world back in the day, she really was looks wise, she had natural dark hair, beautiful features. Now days beautiful is extensions, botox, bleached hair, fame and popularity. WTH is this world coming too. This is funny.

  • ed

    i think she is an Attractive Woman but i dont think she is the Most Beautiful Woman in the World or even in America, i think Taylor Swift, Megan Fox, Cameron Diaz, Katy Perry or even Nelly Furtado are Much Much more Beautiful than Jennifer Lopez.

  • bernietorres

    I agree with everyone that J-Lo is definately attractive, but not most beautiful! I was watching an inframercial of Cindy Crawford today of her skin care line and the Dr. that invented the product called Cindy the “Most Beautiful Woman in the World!” Now I can hear that and agree with him since she definately fits that title! She’s flawless, all natural, not a ton of make-up nor hair extensions. She looks beautiful without all that. By J-Lo winning, it’s definately due to popularity and comparing her to the woman in Hollywood! NOT around the globe!! I’d have a little more respect for J-Lo if she had been modest about it and said something like I’m flattered since there’s sooo many beautiful woman around the world! But she didn’t! She took that title like she owned it! People Magazine, please get it right next year!! And give the Title based on beauty not on popularity!!

  • SandyMay

    I also agree….there is no doubt that JLo is a beautiful woman but I don’t think she the MOST beautiful….Who are People Mags judges anyway ?? They should let America judge the way we do on American Idol :)

  • bernietorres

    lol! So true Sandy May! Good point. They need to be fair to all the more beautiful woman around the world and let America have a say so in this and not just rely on one Magazine company to determine who deserves that title!

  • WTF

    This is yet another example of how the world has gone nuts and money and politics determine your lot in life.

    J. Lopez is at best moderately attractive, there is a rather unpleasant harshness to her features, I have neighbors that look better than her. If you look at her features separatley, they are not beautiful at all.
    the composite is somewhat passable.

    How delusional of JLo to actually believe this nonsense.
    Lindsay L is knock down gorgeous with less make up and a killer body.
    J. Lopez looks like an overly made up “older woman”, its really quite sad.

  • Maria

    Per WTF….the world has gone insane! Are you guys kidding me? The most gorgeous woman? Doesn’t anyone get that this is all a marketing agenda to sell her new records and all her other tons of products that she’s advertising for? She is just a tool for the big corps to make their money off of her. There is a whole world of unbelievably gorgeous women that are NOT in the USA. How arrogant are we that we are claiming Most Beautiful People in the WORLD. Give me a break. Everyone is a sucker to fall for this crap.

    • WTF

      Hi Maria,
      of course you are correct……your post had a better
      grip on the reality of the situation………its interesting, most American women are not attractive, recently read a book by a French author on beauty and there were comments about the pulled fish look of too much facelifting and the flat botox look of USA women…..we also seem to value very tall women….I like to call them man-women……….
      well different cultures have different values…..poor jlo to walk around with the yoke of that absurd designation

  • Goat

    What a bunch of schlock. It may be “POLITICALLY CORRECT” to pick a short, bottom heavy, woman with an average face as the world’s most beautiful, but nobody’s going to actually believe it. I suppose all those tall, thin natural blondes that model for Victoria Secret were too busy to accept the honor. The only reason People magazine picks these average looking types, is b/c the world is made up of average looking people, who feel better about themselves when they see a better groomed version of themselves on magazines, THUS BOOSTING THEIR MAGAZINE SALES. First, magazines make money off of gullable women by shoving images off impossibly gorgeous skinny models in their faces, now they make money by showing “the average woman”. All as a result of the average American woman whining that she is sick of “too beautiful” being the media standard. The magazine companies, fashion industry, etc. get these gullable women to buy their crap either way. With Lopez recently dieting to lose weight, wearing super high heels to make herself taller on any and every possible occasion, and dying her hair “as close to blonde as she can get away with”, even she wishes she were better than she is. What a joke this society has become.

  • JLo is a Sexy Gray Babe

    JLo is the most beautiful woman in the world and she’s not even flaunting her best asset (her gray hair) yet. I hope she stays natural.

  • JLo Is a Sexy MILF

    I hope she becomes a latin version of Helen Mirren . . classy . .natural . . gray . . and sexy! :)

  • Walter Hitchings

    Before I retired from O’Reilly Auto Parts, I always argued with the guys at work that Nancy Oviedo, our senior delivery driver, is better looking than JLo.

  • Tiffany

    I spotted her on some channel doing an interview before she had released her first single.. and I have to say, I definitely remembered her for her beauty.

    She has inherited the most beautiful Taino features… stunning.

  • get real

    Please, without her plastic surgeries and tons of makeup, she nobody special-same goes for beyonce!

  • duh guys!!!

    STOP WASTING Your time to judge who’s the most beautiful woman in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its nonsense! What’s the point? Everyone is still going to keep their opinion!!!

  • Ginger

    I am not here to judge anyone.However,we as a people are always searching for beauty within others, and then judging them.My question is:Why does it always have to be a celeb? If I were the Editor,I would look at other options.Namely children who have CANCER. I.E. Jordyn Gourley..Remember this beautiful girl who was in stage 3 cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoms, and Jennifer Aniston came to her. This is something you should really thing about… GINGER

  • Mark

    Oh yes a hispanic girl is consider the most beautiful women in the world and people get bitchy then savour this for a moment who have won the most crown in Miss Universe?
    PuertoRico and Venzuelan are latin american countries arent they hispanic so get to knowing the facts.

  • JOHN

    lmao if you guys dont like her in being consider the most beautiful women in the world then try to compete and at least tried to create a name and get hired in modeling industry for this same specific magazine. see how far you get? now that a better way of dealing with the facts. why it seem that the people who are always mumbling about are really the least people in the crowd who should be talking nonsense, if you dont like it dont freaking say nothing trolls and get a life ,model and try to make her look ugly by creating a poll with your glamours face posted across this magazine to see if your more beautiful then her see how far you can get being consider the most beautiful in the world if you can.. lmfao you not going to become famous any time soon what your name again?
    she deserved respect she has a name and what you guys have? damn society never learn its all jealousy jealousy and more of that ..

  • This is just a marketing gimmick because of her sagging music career. That is why she is in the media so much, she doesn’t want the public to forget her. She doesn’t realize, this makes the public tired of seeing her. She needs to take a break for awhile, take care of the baby and then come back. Too much exposure!!!!!