Beyoncé Stages A Revolution On The Set Of Her New Music Video


Yesterday we saw blurry photos from the Mojave Desert set of Beyoncé‘s new music video for the song Girl and today we get to see much clearer photos from the LA set. These photos show Beyoncé dressed in fancy regalia with a group of militant-looking women, all surrounded by posters that read REVOLUTION! Check out the photos below.

These pics are much better than the ones we saw yesterday … and they give us a much better feel for how the video will turn out. The song is reportedly titled Girl but it’s unknown what the title of Beyoncé‘s new album will be (you may recall that we learned last week that B’s new album is rumored for a June release). Will the album be themed around the idea of Revolution? Will there be a military-feel for the disc? It’s all so exciting. I am DYING to hear what this song sounds like. I’m surprised video from the set hasn’t made its way to the Internets yet. I am dying to see and HEAR more!

[Photo credit: X17]


    I can’t believe Beyonce copied Britney’s “B” logo! The exact font and print is the same thing Britney uses. Shouldn’t her team be aware? Swaggerjacker at its finest.

    • princess

      why cant u believe it? im not surprised, she copies everything shes been copying j lo for years now too. shes not original shes just beautiful and has a great voice.

  • nicole

    all i got from these pics was.. 2011 DC “survivor”
    but im lovin the colours..i like the orange dress on the girl standing on the car

  • horse

    Rhythm Nation much?

    • krissy

      This looks nothing like Rhythm Nation at all. This is far more asian influenced in style. Military themes have been used for centuries in art and music, it is kind of silly to suggest just because there is a military thing going on that Beyonce is copying.

      Can we PLEASE stop reaching so far to say that people are copying others?

    • Steph

      I immediately thought Rhythm Nation too

  • Marcella

    lol she TOTALLY britneys “B” circus logo!

    im excited to hear the album! i always had luke warm feelings for beyonce until i saw her i am sasha fierce tour and really got into that album and then i went NUTS. love love love her!!! i hope she doesnt disappoint because her sasha fierce era was flawless….the videos, the dancing, the music, the image…flawless

  • this is military yes rhythim nation yes did have a military feel to it but this is totally different in energy and styler from that lets be hornest and people were doing military before and after janet so just because its the only thing you were exposed to is no reason to be ignorant………….. gosh and im the one rom africa

  • Xadax

    It all looks like she’s turning back time. Not a revolution – just look at all those dresses! Does it wanna make you scream – JANET JACKSON!

  • Xadax

    Evolution? I though it was Devolution.

  • Laura

    Can someone please send Beyonce the memo that black is beautiful? What’s up with her and this blonde hair? This is not sending the right message to young black women who look up to her at all.

  • J

    She looks stupid.