Evan Rachel Wood Opens Up About Her Failed Relationship With Marilyn Manson


Actress Evan Rachel Wood has endured an on-again, off-again relationship with rocker Marilyn Manson before it was on-again in May of 2010 … and then off-again in August of 2010. Today we get to hear from ERW about her relationship with MM in a new interview in New York magazine. According to Rachel, she lived a lot during her time with MM … but, thankfully, she managed to get out unscathed.

As every tabloid reader knows, Wood—having led the already peculiar life of a child actor—spent nearly four years, off and on, involved with the bucket-of-blood rocker Marilyn Manson, starting when she was 19 and he was 38. Their relation­ship sent the media into classic ­clucking-hen mode, airing all manner of speculation that he was controlling her, choosing her clothes and her film roles and forcing her into assorted acts of necromancy. Early last year, they announced their engagement; late last year, they ended it … Wood’s own mother was an actress who, upon divorcing her husband when Evan was 9, moved to L.A. and quit acting to become a drama coach and concentrate on her daughter’s career. During the filming of Thirteen, Wood had to banish her from the set in order to shoot some of the R-rated scenes, and when she was 18, she moved to New York to put some physical distance between them. “We had a bad breakup,” she says. “We hadn’t been apart for more than a week my whole life. We shared a room, we shared a bed. She was constantly by my side, all the time, until the minute I turned 18. I hopped on ­[Marilyn Manson’s] tour bus, and was like, I’m going to have an adolescence.” As mother-estrangement maneuvers go, appearing in a rock video in which you are doused in gore while making out with your goth boyfriend is hard to beat. “I didn’t really get a normal childhood,” says Wood. “Manson gave me what I felt I’d missed out on, where you get to experiment and cut loose and change and grow. I lived 50 lifetimes in those four years.” All of which now lands Wood in an unusual position: While other actresses attempt to exorcise their time in the Mickey Mouse Club by chasing down their dark sides in gritty indie dramas, Wood, whose outré credentials are unimpeachable—even she admits she’s played one too many teenagers and trash princesses—finds herself tacking toward the light. “I really want to do an adult love story,” she says.

To be honest, I never understood the relationship between ERW and MM … but hearing how dysfunctional her relationship was with her mother, it all makes total sense now. To his credit, as odd as their pairing always seemed to me, I always believed that M Manson loved Evan very much. I’ve heard MM degrade some of his other girlfriends over the years but he never really disrespected ERW, even when the couple had broken up. I guess it makes perfect sense a strained relationship with a stage mother would result in ERW’s need to find solace in the arms of a misfit like Marilyn Manson. I guess all little girls have to grow up eventually, even ones with very dysfunctional childhoods. Does this mean that ERW and MM will never get together again? Who knows … but at least know their relationship makes much more sense over all.


  • rOXy

    I just don’t understand MM’s appeal. Why and how does he attract stellar beauties like Evan and Dita?

    • PixiesBassline

      Have you ever seen him in interviews? He’s intelligent and has a hilarious sense of humor.

  • Mariah

    I absolutely adore Evan Rachel Wood. She was absolutely fantastic in Mildred Pierce with Kate Winslet. She played the hell out of the part of Veda Pierce. That character was a total bitch, though.

  • i’ve been a fan of Evan for years but never understood their relationship but it did look like it was filled with love!

  • Texas Red

    ERW is a very good actress, I never saw the appeal of MM, but love is blind.

  • strawberry

    She is very pretty! So is Dita! MM is one lucky dude! But perhaps underneath that thick makeup and scary demeanor, he’s a very loving guy? Who knows? Appearances can be deceiving, especially in Hollywood!!!!

  • muchacha

    I really like ERW in True Blood, and also liked her in Thirteen. It sounds like she is finding her way to a good place, so hopefully that means more quality work from her in the near future! I also hope she finds a partner that makes gives her space and room to blossom!

  • Nate

    And now I’m a fan of her’s again. :D

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I don’t get it!! but has anyone seen “Mildred Pierce” on HBO?? ERW is fantastic in it!!!

  • truthyisalways

    I’m soooo glad about all of this. There’s the whole other aspect of the MM-ERW relationship that was about his leaving his wife, which by all reports really hurt her, and it certainly seemed like the shallow trading in for a younger model kind of thing on his part…but back to ERW. I loved her on that tv show Once and Again, and the names she was called by tasteless bloggers because of MM really cut me, it was so nasty. She’s so beautiful and talented, I am really hoping for great things for her now and in the future.

  • Kelly Sufczinski

    The best description I have ever heard about him was that he was extremely intelligent, very funny and absolutely charming.
    ERW used him…period. She is the one that blew it.
    I have never seen or heard him degrade his exes.
    Manson deserves respect. Hoping he has found someone he can count on in Lindsay Usich.
    People that do not understand him…don’t deserve to understand him.

    • ariall

      Absolutely agree ;)

  • dinesh

    It’s loud and clear…evan was with him for sex and nothin else….rough sex and more sex…love? hahahah do they even know meanin of it…..she was with that insane guy just to live her adolescent life which she missed out as she said….to act like insane, have lots of creative sex with him and nothin else…i adore even she’s really gorgeous..but face doesnt show ur real self…for marilyn i can just say i havent seen more ugly guy like him..he’s just insane