Courteney Cox Says The ‘Friends’ Movie Will Never Happen


Back in July of 2008 a rumor started going around that production was going to start on the much-anticipated big screen adaptation of Friends … a rumor which was squashed by Warner Bros. shortly there after. Then, in September of 2009, another rumor surfaced that claimed — yet again — that a Friends movie was on the way. Obviously, that never happened. Now that Friends castmember Courteney Cox is doing promo for her new film Scream 4, she was asked again about the possibility of a Friends movie and according to her … it just ain’t ever gonna happen.

Courteney Cox has claimed that a Friends movie is unlikely to ever be made. The Scream 4 actress, who played house-proud foodie Monica Geller in the NBC sitcom, argued that reuniting the cast for a big-screen adventure would be a logistical nightmare. When asked by The Mail On Sunday whether a Friends movie would ever hit cinemas, Cox replied: “No. I just can’t see that happening. I mean, I’m not in control of it and if I was, we’d have already done it. “But it involves so many different people’s lives and schedules that I just don’t know how you’d get it all together. So no, I don’t see it happening.” Despite admitting to losing contact somewhat with her Friends co-stars, Cox confirmed that she had been approached by former colleague Lisa Kudrow to appear on the US version of Who Do You Think You Are?, which the 47-year-old executive produces. Cox teased: “Lisa’s asked me to be on it; apparently they’ve found something in my family history which they won’t tell me because they like to surprise the person. It’s an amazing show and I’ll probably do it – it’s just trying to find the time.” Cox previously confessed that she has “daydreamed” about making a Friends movie. Her co-stars Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer have both rejected suggestions that a Friends movie is close to being greenlit.

Boo. If Courteney says she can’t see any way all the pieces can come together to make this movie then I think we really, REALLY need to give up hope that it’s ever gonna happen. Friends is one of my all time favorite shows (David and I still watch reruns almost daily) and I would really love to see a Friends movie … but with each passing year, I’ve grown more accustomed to the idea that the brilliant TV series may be all we’re gonna get. Courteney has been really good at staying in close contact with her Friends co-stars and even managed to get some of them to appear on her show Cougar Town … and if she says the movie just can’t come together, I believe her. While this is just bummer news … I think it’s time we just let it go. Maybe it’s all for the best … Friends captured a moment in time that can never be replicated. If all we get is 10 seasons of a great TV show, I guess I can be OK with that.


  • Emma

    Nooo!! Say it isn’t so! I really, really want there to be a Friends movie. I’d love to see them all reunited & I think it would make so much money that I can’t understand why their not doing one.

    • jack

      i think your right warnerbros will make so much money and they need the money because they were getting all there money of harry potter and now that that’s finished they need the money.
      pluss everyone wants it to happen so give us a good excuse.

    • jack

      plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz let there be a friends movie plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i luv friends so much.
      the only thing if they do dont be to many changes plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I think it is for the best! Let the series stand alone. I don’t think every series deserves a movie. Yes, this was a great series but lets just leave it at that!!

    • Nicole

      Noo i love friends!!! i just wanna hav a movie of it!! never give up hope!!

  • Claire

    Nooo. :'( I refuse to give up hope… I want a reunion! If they aren’t going to give me a movie give me some sort of a reunion! Please! Friends will forever be my most beloved show ever. I watch it every single night before bed. The series on DVD is one of my prized possessions. :) Haha.

  • ella

    “Courteney has been really good at staying in close contact with her Friends co-stars”

    Didn’t the article you quoted say that she has lost touch with them?

    • @ella — The article says she lost contact “somewhat” but she has stayed in close contact with Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow (who have both appeared on Cougar Town) and Matthew Perry (who, I understand, almost appeared on Cougar Town). That’s more than half of the Friends right there. My point was if she could get 3 of the Friends on her show and is saying there’s no way to get everyone on board for a movie, then I think we have to believe her.

  • Claire

    Oh, and I’m crazy excited for Scream 4. >:)

  • truthyisalways

    It would be terrific. But I believe I’ve seen quotes from David Schwimmer vowing to never ever resurrect Ross Geller ever again. My sense is that he doesn’t want his career to be all about this one character–who would? and frustrations he’s had getting a next big thing going has fueled his determination never to reprise Ross.

  • Chris

    While Friends will remain my most favorite show ever, I have to say that I think that a movie doesn’t sound like that good of an idea. Personally, I would rather see like an hour or 2 hour long tv special or something. I just couldn’t imagine seeing Friends on the big screen, it’s a sitcom, and I feel like it would be more fun on TV.

    • kendra

      I agree..I don’t see it translating to the big screen, but I’d die for anything else they’d want to throw at us..Why not just resurrect it? Bring back the cast and the writers! I seriously never wanted that show to end.. :(

  • Why does it have to be a movie? It was a great show, but i would never spend money to go see a 2 hour episode in a theatre. Do a TV movie and get ratings, but a Friends movie…really dumb idea!

  • Kells

    as much as i love LOVE that show (I own all ten seasons and watch them regularly) I think maybe it’s for the best that they leave it as it ended… Besides, it never stops being funny, just plug in season 5 or something…

  • rossy

    Since I’m the only person on this planet who thinks the show was on 9 seasons too long, I for one am very glad at this news. I watched the 1st season & found it mildly amusing – only saving grace was Lisa Kudrow. After that I watched each season sporadically hoping against hope that there would be some… The most BORING show TV has ever produced; even the laugh track bored me.

    Maybe my memory is really bad, but I can’t remember seeing ANYONE (including extras) who wasn’t a carbon copy of the cast. Preppy, dull boring & white. And it’s still on today courtesy of reruns. But nowadays I’m hearing others saying how if there IS a movie, the best thing to happen (so there would be NO chances of sequels) is to have ALL the “Friends” die at the end.

    • mallory

      what a sad little life you must have

  • neil

    Never say never, the only question is IF THE PRICE is RIGHT, for each “FRIEND”

  • Laura

    Whatever, in the daily mail it was annouced there was going to be a F.R.I.E.N.D.S movie. I’m no one to Ki$$ntell but I totally believe that someday warner brother will launch a F.R.I.E.N.D.S movie. And if they don’t tough luck i’ll get over it, eventually, but there is no reason why they shouldn’t be one. Plus it isn’t fair that some websites are saying 100% about the movie but others 0%. Personally there should ne a movie, so the cast can reunite and, well, please there fans 1 more time. And this glory of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S movie will stay in our hearts forever. xxxxx

    • Laura

      I have changed my mind, sorry. Even though it would be great it just doesn’t seem possible. Look there all in there fourties and its’s 7 years since they showed it on the telivision and well it should be out by now it’s the middle of the summer. Also I love friends and I personally think it was a great way to end the tv series and end friends going in there seperate ways. Yes it would have been nice but i tink if they made a movie people would want even more, they would be too greedy. Infact were being greedy now they already gave us 10 years of friends. All good things have got to come to an end. Unfortuantly friends has already ended.

      By the way this is the laura that wrote aboutthe glory of friends will stay in our hearts. just to be clear.

  • Maggie

    I think thats fair. The only thing I don’t like is that Sex and The City has made 2 movies and F.r.i.e.n.d.s hasnt made one.

  • I would love a Movie, but also, I would love a TV Thanksgiving Special… Which I think would work better!

    Come on we all loved the thanksgiving episodes!!

  • Elly

    I have always enjoyed watching the series when I was single. Now, I am thrilled and delighted that my daughter is also enjoying the series and it is sooo much fun getting to watch them with the presence of my daughter!Feels like we are growing old together:)

    I certainly hope that FRIENDS the movie will be materialise. I just miss them!

  • danielle

    it must happen i love friends sooooooooooo much i have seen every one i want it to happen!

  • laura

    i really really really want friends the movie because i’ve seen all the friends series so i would like something fresh and new instead of watching the same ones all the time.
    SO PLEASE MAKE A NEW ONE! F.R.I.E.N.D.S is the BEST programm
    on tele!!!! <3 :)

  • kris

    I am still bumbed it hasn’t happened yet. For real what are they waiting for, a friends movie would be amazing I would stand in line to watch that for sure. I pray it happens.

  • andychan

    I have watched season 6-10 already.what a amazing series it is.Friendship between these 6 people moved me a lot.i am still single now,i hope one day a person come into my life and accompany me growing old with FRIENDS.

  • ice tea

    Friends is always be a friend for me since the first i watched it 1999. although its kinda too late for me to know them, but ever since then, i’ve watch it regularly. and everytime i watch it, i feel they always be there for me, accompany me in bad and also good times.. that’s what friends are for isn’t it?
    i love each character so much, besides of there’s a cruel person who said it was a dumb series, without even realise as a human, for the fact, no one is perfect, and why just take it and feel it so entertain without thinking too much and give a sarcastic opinion, because thats the series were made of.
    and for sure, i really want to see the FRIENDS MOVIE, and for me, it doesnt matter that it will booming or not, i’m pretty sure a lot and a lot of people will see it, and all i want is too see them back together again in a perfect way and time.
    so i hope… there’ll be friends reunited soon.

  • rey

    No way i think that warnerbros will make millions of dollars on the Friends The Movie if it happens. Its bs if it doesnt because i wouldnt just watch it i would buy it but it would have to be good

  • danny

    @rossy.. u are an idiot.. friends was and still remains the best sitcom ever.. don’t blame the show for your bland sense of humor and lack of appreciation for talent

  • rebecca

    whats with all the negative attitude i thinks it would be great to see a friends movie im sure it will take up a lot of time and effort but if we get the right people im sure it will be great and im sure i speak for most of the friends fans around the world that we have been dreaming for ages about this it would be suchh a lift to the casts’ careers lots of people would go to see it and in reality its now or never and maybe there could be another one or two more new series and it will make a lot of money so stop thinking of the downsides of it try think of the good side and ill hope to be seeing a friends movie soon

  • rebecca

    i would love a friends movie and if not why not just bring back friends i mean it would be fantastic not only for the fans but for the cast to :) i love friends dying to buy the box set

  • David Zimmerman

    I think if all the characters and Warner Bros. sat down to take a look at the pros and cons, then asked them what they think, they make an announcement to everyone about it, that would clear up ALOT of who say bs and what nots. Also, if they did like it and wanted to go through with it, than it’s something they can talk about while there sitting down at the table!!!

  • Mr P

    I need a friends movie in my life. I love all the characters especially Pheobe – she is hilarious. I’d love to see what’d happen next!

  • Baby

    If they make a Friends movie I think it would be great! It would all of them together for one last get together, you know? It would be better that Sex and the city!

  • Kaitlyn

    I love Friends! I hope they make a movie in the future! Why would anybody be against making a friends movie? I know if they made a friends movie i would watch it the day it came out!

  • they all need to sit down and talk because it would be a hit

  • Vinnie

    I know you have several arguments contraries, that each went to one side and rejoins them would be difficult, but it would be a blockbuster movie at the box office, surpassing fri and city, not only financially, but for all the fans, it would be great to review them. I’m sure the actors do not repent …

  • Vinnie

    I’m from Brazil, translating Portuguese to understand, here is a success already with eight years since the end of Friends, today, to imagine who is the USA, as are eager for a movie, like many Americans, I, Brazilian, hope some understanding of the team to cheer us up with a great movie …

  • derry

    Well if you think they shouldnt make a movie you are stupid im afraid for 1 reason. why wouldnt you want to see what has become of your faorite characters