The Cast Of ‘Jersey Shore’ Will Now Make $100k An Episode


Hold on to your hats, y’all … cuz I gots some sobering news for all y’all. According to a new report from Entertainment Weekly, each of the castmembers of MTV’s Jersey Shore has successfully negotiated a pay raise for the upcoming new season of Jersey Shore scheduled to be filmed in Italy. According to EW, each JS castmember will be paid $100,000.00 an episode for the new season. If you consider that each season of JS is usually 13 eps, that means Snooki, JWoww, Pauly D and the rest of the overly tanned cast will be paid over one million dollars for the next season of Jersey Shore. AND they get to film that season in Italy!! Sobering, right?

The good news for the Jersey Shore cast: They’re getting a huge raise. The other good news: They get to spend it shooting next season in Italy. And the bad news is … actually, for the Shore cast, there is no bad news. Didn’t you read the above? The cast is being paid a massive amount of money to get drunk and screw around in Italy. For the Shore stars, there is no downside. As has been reported, the eight-member cast has just finished their salary negotiations. Multiple sources close to the matter tell EW the deal has members of the “core group” now pulling down at least $100,000 per episode, especially once you factor in their bonus structure. Each season is usually 13 episodes. (MTV had no comment.) That’s a quantum leap for a group that once made headlines by haggling a raise to $10k per episode for season 2. And, of course, the per-episode salary from MTV is only part of the group’s income, with appearances and product endorsements tacking on additional large sums. (One tally puts The Situation’s annual income at $5 million.) Regardless of what you might think of Snooki, Sitch and Co., they’re not pulling a robbery — on the balance sheet, they’re worth the money. Jersey Shore is like the American Idol of basic cable, delivering huge adult demo numbers that are higher than many, if not most, broadcast shows. The season in Italy, which starts shooting in May and already has the locals lining up to criticize the show, could bring the series to a whole new level.

It sounds like this deal for the “core group” will not include Dina Deena Nicole Cortese. Because she’s a newcomer, she will likely be paid much less than the rest of the cast … but will still make a considerable chunk of change. It is amazing to me that the cast of Jersey Shore gets paid SO much for acting like gross morons on TV. Think about it … a big part of last season’s “drama” revolved around the fact that the JS cast defecated so much into the toilet that it was plugged for days. Other highlights include, JWoww urinating on the floor in bars and on the street and pet dogs defecating all over the house. And let’s not forget how much screen time was devoted to the abusive relationship between Sammi and Ronnie. From the degrading verbal abuse to the actual PHYSICAL abuse, MTV happily aired it all … repeatedly. The end result? An astronomical pay raise for another season of the show where — HOPEFULLY — the cast will get up to even more outrageous behavior. Here in California, teachers are losing their jobs because the State can’t afford to pay them. I’m just really dumbfounded sometimes about the way things work in this country. I have no doubt that the upcoming new season of Jersey Shore will attract the viewing audience to justify this kind of pay raise … which is really the most sobering thing of all.


  • loriannakim

    This is an actual disgrace

  • Jadedkitten

    So gross and yet I will be watching…

  • Sara

    I’m just shocked that this group of people can get paid $100K an episode! What do they do for our society? I am a teacher and may not get a job next year because our state doesn’t have the money. Some of my friends are nurses and, again, are getting let go because of funds. There are so many people who are doing work and contributing to our society and they either have the fear of losing their jobs or have already lost their jobs. It bothers me that the people we need to make our society run are losing jobs; like police officers who need to pick up Snooki-like characters for being drunk in public or those going to investigate the abuse of another. Instead of having the people we need to function as a society, MTV is paying the people on Jersey Shore who do nothing but cause drama to entertain some people (I, personally, dislike the show and have no use for it). I know it isn’t MTV’s job to pay for everyone else’s job, it is just sad that they have that kind of money to throw at these people and the rest of us are trying to make do with what we have and are preparing for the worst. It’s sad to see a group of people who don’t do half of the work that any of us do, get paid way more for being sexually charged and abusive drunks.

  • Zanne

    Sara, I totally agree with you. Jadedkitten, if you and everyone would just stop watching, they will go away. They should have a reality show about teachers and nurses and all the crap they put up with. There wouldn’t be all the partying but plenty of drama.

    • Alannah

      even if everyone had to stop watching like earth hour or something, i probably would still watch. its like a trainwreck, you cant not watch. that being said, i like watching the partying because its so ridiculous

  • Felicia

    WOW is all I have to say. I’m excited for the new season though. Who are we to judge these kids? They are being PAID to be entertaining.

  • Jim

    It’s a little absurd to get all up in arms about how government can’t balance their budgets and MTV, a multi-million (likely billion) dollar business, can “throw this money”. The Jersey Shore is currently the MTV business model. Be mad about 16 & Pregnant or Teen Mom, but these guys are totally in the right and smart to keep negotiating and playing drunk for this kind of money. Be mad that your friends, neighbors, and possibly even YOURSELF, for watching it and making it the highest rated cable show time and time again if you’re going to be upset.

    • JCB

      Jim, I don’t believe anyone was blaming the Jersey Shore kids directly for profiting off their idiocy but rather the previous commenters (and Trent) were expressing their frustration at the fact that these people are getting $100K an episode for acting ridiculous while people with important jobs aren’t getting crap. It’s just depressing to observe the backwardness of the situation and to wonder how we could possibly live in a world where teachers are getting paid very little (or nothing) for educating our youth whereas reality stars are getting paid huge amounts of money for partying. There’s no denying that that is a frustrating situation, especially for someone who works very hard to make a positive impact on society.

    • Zanne

      Well, Jim, even if I could afford cable on my state employee salary, I certainly wouldn’t be watching “Jersey Shore” or any reality TV show, for that matter. And, yes, I am appalled at how many people watch this show.

  • hapacalgirl

    This show is so gross and yet of all of the american shows to be publicized internationally, it had to be this one. Advertisements for the Jersey shore were EVERYWHERE on the train stations and metro stations in Paris. I am glad I will be in and out of Italy before they bring their crap to this side of the ocean. I hope the Italians eat them alive. Seriously what is this world coming to when people like them get a pay raise and teachers and hard workers are working their asses off for a living to just survive.

  • Annie

    I’m so tired of the Jersey Shore debate. Yes, they get paid ludicrous amounts of money. Get over it! So do most people in entertainment. No one is complaining about how much money Lady Gaga makes in comparison to teachers and police officers and there’s no difference here! Jersey Shore entertains people. Lady Gaga entertains people. Accept it and move on. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the fact is a lot of people like the show so it will continue to be popular. If you’re going to complain about something, why not complain about the importance our society puts on entertainment and celebrities? I suppose no one feels as though they can complain about that because after all you are on a website about entertainment and celebrities, huh?

    • @Annie — It’s one thing to “complain” and another to “comment”. My point is that Jersey Shore this season was all about shit (literally) and domestic abuse. I am just amazed that people find that entertaining.

    • Annie

      My post was more aimed at some of the previous comments rather than your original post, but I suppose “complain” may have been the wrong word choice.

  • Elise

    There is nothing entertaining about this show. It’s an embarrassment. I don’t think they should be rewarded for any of their behavior, let alone get any kind of pay raise. Good, hard-working people struggle to make ends meet, while these people get paid to party and get a trip to Europe. Look out Italy, here come more ugly Americans to further your bad impressions of us! I work very hard and have a master’s degree, yet there’s no show about people like me because I’m not pregnant at 16 and I don’t pee on the floor. It’s a little strange.

    • Shows about intelligent people trying to live decently are boring. What today’s sophisticated audience seek is puerile twaddle by the truckload.

  • Then again, Lady Gaga does have actual talent whereas these clowns have what? The ability to booze it up and act like louts? That being said, I do find them less offensive (if that were possible) than that horrible “Teen Mom” show. No good could possibly come of glorifying teenage pregnancy. I’m not saying there aren’t any good teen mothers–I’ve known a few. I guess at least the Jersey Shore bimbos and himbos are sort of run of the mill offensive as opposed to being flat out appalling. Though that too may be debatable.

  • Smoo

    Why not whine about the Kardashians? They are fake, boring, sex tape whores, and claim they found cocaine “in a fitting room”. Also I have seen with my own two eyes they pose for pictures just for the photo-op and pretend they were somewhere that they weren’t. They are fake to the core. Jersey Shore kids are at least just being themselves. Why aren’t we complaining when actors and actresses get 20 mil a movie. If you’re going to complain about anything, you should complain about the state of California giving $4 million dollars to cover Michael Jackson’s funeral. Who deserves that money more…Teachers or Michael Jackson’s funeral. I rest my case.

  • Laura

    I won’t lie… I’ve DVRd that show from day 1. This however has officially put me over the edge. I just finished school, a Bachelors and a teaching credential (IF I EVER find a job) and I won’t make in a year what they will make on ONE episode. It’s depressing really, and officially enough reason to make me stop watching. Thank you for converting me. DVR timer, you’re out of here

  • Kate

    Actually I just made a blog post about this and other things. I said it was pathetic that they get paid this amount of money, actors get paid millions to be in a movie, atheltes get paid millions to play a sport, singers gets millions to sing songs, and so on. Yet people who go to college to provide for families, have to constantly worry about keeping or getting a job. They are having military pay issues, for people that risk their lives for us. That isn’t right AT ALL, no matter if you like this show or those people. No one is blaming them, it seems as most people just thinks that it is crazy that that is the way things have gotten in the world. The thing that is SO crazy about JS is that ANYONE could do their job. Not just anyone can act, sing, or play a sport well. HOWEVER, I still think it is just as crazy that they get as much money as they do. There is a difference, but at the same time there really isn’t. Teachers educate, nurse/doctors save lives, cops protect people, where is their money and support?

  • Nathan

    I’m surprised it’s not more. It’ll only keep climbing as long as the idiots in the world watch stupid shows like this.

  • Tagg

    It’s actually $1.3 million for the season and they deserve every penny if not more. Do you really think MTV isnt making more than that per episode??!!

  • Jessica

    I don’t like the fact that celebrities, even JS, receive the amount of money they do. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m guilty of DVRing every episode and will continue to because I like the show for it’s obnoxious ridiculousness. But it’s not a suprise that they’re receiving so much money. This is the same on going arguement that’s been going on for decades and it will never stop. The baseball player will always get millions more than the coal miner who risks his life daily to be able to supply people some of their necessities. The singer will always get paid more than the teacher singing songs to help teach students and the surgeon will always get paid more than the nurse who slaves her ass off to help patients get to the surgery room. Unfortunately it’s how the world turns, and it will never stop because there will always be the people who need to disappear from their lives in front of the television and into some reality show or baseball game. It’s going to happen and it will never change

  • Felicia

    UNTIL we all start putting more money into our children’s educations and health, THEN we can see the shift in focus between entertainment and what’s really important.

  • BCDanielle

    This grosses me out so much. I watched the show up to about the halfway point in Season 2; after that, I gave up after witnessing such horrible abuse between Ronnie and Sammi. I totally agree with you Trent. I am a teacher and it sickens me to see a bunch of ridiculous young adults make so much cash by getting drunk and partying, while my fellow teachers struggle to make ends meet.

    That was quite the run-on sentence there but you get my drift…lol

  • Marc

    lol everyone likes a train wreck… the fact that this has been commented on so vigorously can attest to that. That amount of money is ridiculous but such is life..bring me more train wreck on my mtv thursday nights please! lol

  • Jodi

    If people got paid based on what they do for our society the world would look a lot different. This is all about the money they bring in. I actually think that if MTV is going to make so much money off this trash then they might as well fork some of it over to the “cast”.

  • SuzieB

    I hate myself, but I will be watching this season for sure. Even if just to hopefully see “real” italians put down the Jersey Shore’ers. I know my fascination is because I am from Jersey mostly.

    Anyone else thinkin’ that Angelina is slowly going insane & about to hang herself with one of her trashbags/luggage for ever leaving before she could totally cash in like the others?!?!

    • JOwwwww

      hahahaha. the trashbag luggage was killer. she doesnt need to sweat it remember she IS the kim kardashian of staten island!! lolol

    • steve

      Folow me… @iST3VO_O I ALSO THINK that Angelina is slowly going insane & about to hang herself with one of her trashbags/luggage for ever leaving before she could totally cash in like the others?!?!


  • Dach

    I will say one this about the cast and good for them. make your money,. I have never had any desire to watch the show. I can read a magazine about these individuals and that is enough. MTV is milking this group for what it can get. It will not last, like alot of other shows and reality stars. I know one thing….they better make sure to have their finances in order with this new pay raise. That 15 minutes is almost up!

  • Michelle

    Those people make me sick. I’ve watched one hour of the show since it started and, honestly, it’s one hour of my life I will never get back. I don’t understand how they are able to look themselves in the mirror everyday and think they are God’s gift to society or something! 100k an episode is nuts. I am a teacher who will be losing her job because of government cuts, yet I shouldn’t feel sad,

    • NAJSF

      Michelle, they are actors, do you really think that is how they act among their friends and family? Of course, they all have unique personalities but I can promise you that what you see is mostly just an act. It’s not obvious to the viewers they they are putting on an act, they are adjusting their personalities while they are in public. Why? Because of the $$$, a lot of people would do the same thing if they thought that they might end up pulling $100K per episode by the 4th season + over $100K a year in other revenues from advertising, event promotions etc. So when they look themselves in the mirror every day, rather than thinking they are “God’s gift to society” they are thinking about how to keep playing the game, how they can stay popular. Who blames them? If this is the kind of garbage the world want to watch these days, well then they deserve every dollar they earn…

      – Not A Jersey Shore Fan

    • Ranod

      How can you be mad at someone for making money, sure some say they are degrading themselves, but hey if you could get paid too be drunk you would do it.

  • Dana

    Ff they are giving them 1 Million for the season , MTV is making 16 Million or more . The earned what they are getting becuase MTV is make alots of money off them.

  • Sara

    TRENT – do you realize what you just solved?! Our educational system just needs to tap into the reality TV market, THAT is how it’ll stay afloat! Teacher Survivor!! ;)

  • Anna

    Disgusting right? Should be illegal

  • Emma

    I’m not going to lie, I did watch the first season of the show. It was hilarious, watching these morons stumble around the shore. They were walking jokes. But the joke got really old really fast when I would overhear conversations like “OMG Why is Sammi still with Ronnie? She can honestly do so much better.” or “Vinny is such a cutie I love him!!”
    Really people? I’m dumbfounded. No longer are these people being regarded as the no-talent sideshows they are, but are being taken seriously. Instead of mocking the oompa loompa tans, people all over my campus are talking about how cute snooki’s new hair is. The whole thing went from trashy fun mockery to depressing/infuriating

  • Dani

    I don’t get how people try to justify this crap by saying that it’s “mindless entertainment”, or “Mtv makes millions off of them, so why shouldn’t they get paid?”. I have never watched 1 minute of this crap, and I never will. I don’t think it’s funny to walk around drunk and stupid every day of your life. It’s really sad that behavior like that is considered entertainment in our society. They blame the teachers when children fail, but why aren’t we blaming these morons for showing them that being drunk and uneducated is “cool”. Why graduate when you can make $1.3 million for ruining your liver and pissing on the floor? How cool is that?!!

    I think pretty much all celebrities and athletes are overpaid crybabies, but the trainwrecks always bring in the real $$ (I’m looking at you Charlie Sheen) because people give them the attention. It kills me that quality television is canceled all the time, but these cockroaches will probably last 10 years. I didn’t intend to get on my soapbox, but I am so tired of the stupidity.

  • wendy

    I have wastched about 30 minutes of this stupid show. On the other hand what young adult with no morals or self worth would turn down all that money for just partying it up? My problem isnt necessarily with those morons as it is with our country. How do we justify paying this kind of money to these kids when there are starving kids/families out there who cant make ends meat? This is so sad and so corrupt and we will be held accountable some day.

  • Jess

    First of all for all you people who say that you have not watched 1 minute of it or only watched 1 episode of it and then go on trashing the jersey shore- Shutup! You obviousley never seen it so why the heck are you bashing it so hardcore?!?!

  • Dani

    The previews alone are enough to justify my feelings. I just know trash when I see it. Why do you care anyway? Obviously enough people like it, so they are going to milk their 15 minutes for all it’s worth. Good for them, I guess. I just wonder what their future children/grandchildren will think. There is a consequence for every action, good or bad. However, when you are constantly drunk/fighting/pissing on yourself, you probably aren’t coherent enough to think it through anyway…

    Just like I remember when The Real World used to be a really good show that addressed real and important issues…for about 4 seasons. Remember Pedro? He showed the world what it was like to live with AIDS, and he did it with dignity and a lot of heart. I prefer watching something like that as opposed to the drunken orgy that show has sadly become.

  • Cha

    I hear so many people complaining about how much the cast of Jersey Shore gets paid, but they don’t seem to realize THEY WOULDN’T MAKE MONEY IF YOU DIDN’T WATCH THE SHOW. I don’t watch it, because I don’t think it’s moral for me to support their outrageous salaries. Also because I hate reality TV in general, but you get my point.

  • Wendy

    My sister in law just got back from Florence, Italy where she met the cast of Jersey Shore at a night club while they were filming their next season. She is so lucky OMG!!!

  • kevin

    yes they should pay the episode

  • Tae

    Damn, all I see are haters on here. You cant get mad at them for making money, I mean like c’mon now. I bet each and every one of yall would jump up if yall had an oppurtunity like this.

  • d-_-b

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore

  • Flaw

    Just remember, you cant take that money to the grave with you .. I fear for our children,there is no hope for them..there is no hope for this world. Money,sex,entertainment is all that is valued anymore. Let them make there millions,but i bet you 3or4 have aids so they better spend it asap lmao!

  • josieanna

    OMG Love this show:))) Just starting watching with my daughter we order the netflix to get caught up. LOVE IT :))

  • shalimar

    omg r yall fucking kiddin bc i wish tht i can be there omg nda i love tht show i watch it everyday it come on I WISH I CAN BE THERE and Pauly D is the funniest person i every seen nd he cute

  • Jersey shore fanatic

    I love this show but all of you people cant hate. They have their job and thats going out & having fun

  • steve

    why dont all of y’all get a life and stop hating. i see all of them as business people. they are making more money than any of you haters ever will.

    • JoJo

      You are a fucking moron. Keep your stupidity to yourself next time. There is nothing business about them LOL. I can’t quit laughing at your ignorance! LMFAO AT YOU!!!!

  • Heather again

    California High school teachers and the Jersey Shore aren’t comparable. Duh. The State hires/PAYS teachers not MTV/product endorsements. What an incredibly naive statement.

  • Hey you all are just mad cause someone like me who is as wide as I am tall is making lots of money for just being my lazy, fat, low class no class self. laying on my back and spreading my stubby ass FAT legs. ***SNOOKY**

  • wzl

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game, yo.