Charlie Sheen Gets Booed Off Stage In NYC


Last weekend, trainwreck Charlie Sheen kicked off his new My Violent Torpedo of Truth / Defeat is Not an Option tour in Detroit, MI and bombed so badly that he was booed off stage by the members of the audience who did not walk out of the show early. Inexplicably, Sheen was treated to a hero’s welcome in Chicago, IL and Cleveland, OH at the subsequent tour stops this week (apparently, there is no accounting for taste). Last night, Sheen took his show to Radio City Music Hall in NYC, NY and was again met with an unappreciative crowd. Apparently the folks in NYC, like the folks in Detroit, know when they are being had … so after booing him, Sheen quit the show early and bolted for the door.

Charlie Sheen’s stage show in the Big Apple turned sour last night as the tough East Coast crowd gave him a mixed review. The Two and a Half Men star sauntered onto the stage at Radio City Musical Hall wearing a New York Yankees hat and shirt. But even his patriotic clothing did not help him as the tough crowd only gave him a semi-standing ovation when he appeared on the latest leg of his Torpedo Of Truth tour. The crowd were initially supportive of Sheen but bizarrely booed him when he said he had quit drugs. As he was trying to talk during his question and answer session, he was jeered by a large section of the crowd, which he obviously found disconcerting. Security had thrown out a few noisy hecklers early on, but plenty still remained. His stage show was very similar to the previous ones in Detroit and Chicago but tonight’s gig finished about 30 minutes, according to TMZ. It was a shorter than he did in Ohio and ended to a mixture of boos and cheers. He was joined by his goddesses who still seem happy to be riding the Sheen train. At the end of his performance the 45-year-old said sarcastically: ‘I love you New York… you’re the best crowd ever. Well, some of you’. As he left the concert venue, Sheen arrogantly waved a peace sign despite having bombed on stage.

UGH. It sounds like the only people going out to see Charlie Sheen on tour are fans who are expecting an entertaining show (and are met with a mess of a spectacle that they obviously don’t enjoy) and enablers who love fueling Sheen’s insane antics. Whether he bombs or gives the crowd what they want, Sheen is laughing all the way to the bank (because homie has already been WELL PAID no matter what happens on the performance stage). In the end, the joke is on the people who IMHO made the mistake of funding this mess. After it’s all said and done, I find it hard to believe that Sheen will be able to go on a tour like this again … but he does still have some support from his enabling fans so … this might not be the end. OY!


  • Jill

    Being from Michigan, I am proud that the people of Detroit were smart enough to realize what a loser he is. Although I do wonder why they went out and bought tickets int he first place. haha

  • Joanna

    This never gets old for me! I’ve read this report twice now and I’m still laughing! Oh Charlie, when will you ever learn?

    • kali

      I feel the same way! While I wouldn’t pay to see the dude do whatever it is he does.. this never stops being entertaining.

  • Kristin

    Well, I’m from Cleveland and, although I cannot for the life of me understand why people go pay money to see him, I can see that he had a legitimate “connection” with the Cleveland crowd. Mostly due to his movie “Major League” that was about the Indians. And we Cleveland sports fans are certainly gluttons for punishment!!!

  • Jenny

    Detroiter here. I am SO proud of my city for booing that trainwreck offstage. The man is filth, and despite the fat that the audience paid to see him, it probably dinged his pride a little deep down inside to hear thousands of people express their disgust at him. Well played, Detroit.

  • charlie horse

    Funny how you can all bash him, except none of you would sell out a 500 seat venue much less a 5,000+ seat venue. You’ll just say, “oh it’s only because people love watching trainwrecks”. Well guess what.. that trainwreck makes more in an hour on stage just talking than you will in a year with your pathetic job. Winning.

    • Steph A

      Yep. The fact that you make a lot of money doing something automatically makes what you’re doing great. That is why prostitution, drug running and murder for hire are such wonderful careers.

    • kendra

      @Steph A – Hahaaa!

    • rOXy

      @Steph A: Bing!

    • Me


    • Alys

      As it happens, I have sold out a few venues. Your attempts to bash us: losing. :)

  • Brooke Miller

    Te only people who will see Charlie sheen love on quote and quote “tour” are sad mean spirited individuals that get off in somebody else misery and pass to self destruction1

  • Jenna

    He’s already loaded because of Two and a half Men, he’ll keep earning money through these inane tours..which prove to be an inside look at the effects of drug and alcohol abuse than anything else. These people are just wasting their money on this stupidity – and guess what, the punch line aint’ coming…he’s a drug addled lunatic!

  • I really have to question the intelligence of people who would pay for tickets–and then complain about the quality of his performance. What, pray tell, are they expecting to see? His behavior is hardly surprising. He does end up “winning” by default because they were stupid enough to give him their money!

  • rOXy

    I don’t know what he expected from NYC, the throne of live performances. Appearing on stage is different from filmed work. He should take a lesson from this and stick to what works for him. Obviously, live his not his talent.

  • Rick

    Charlie is just another Pure example of how we EARTHLINGS have had it with overpaid…Conceited TV and Movie Stars (NOT).and Politicians and Sports figures that think they deserve Million$ and special treatment from the rest of the World….F’ Em!…..Turn off the TV….Don’t pay ridiculous prices to watch a GAME! and go do something good with your wife , Girlfriend, Kids, Nephews , Nieces, or even take a homeless to lunch….or big brother/sister basketball game?

    You will learn a HELLUVA lot more than following those clowns!