Watch: Prince Announces A 21-Night Concert Residency In LA


Great news, SoCal!! Last night, Prince made a surprise call in to the Lopez Tonight show to tease an upcoming appearance on the show next Wednesday April 13. BUT the best part of his call was his informal announcement that Prince will perform a 21-night concert residency at the LA Forum here in LA starting next Thursday April 14! That’s right, that’s 21 nights of PRINCE CONCERTS here in LA starting next week!!

As you may know, Prince recently performed a multi-night residency in NYC titled Welcome 2 America (and he donated $1.5 million to NYC schools in the process) and now it’s LA’s turn. I will, very unfortunately, be out of town for the first week of Prince’s shows … but I’ll deffo be back in LA in time to see him a few times … and I am DEFFO planning on seeing Prince live in concert 2, 3, 5 … multiple times! This is such great news!! Make sure you tune in to Lopez Tonight next week to see Prince make his formal concert residency announcement and mark your calenders, y’all. Prince will be setting up shop at the LA Forum for 3 weeks. You do NOT want to miss this residency!!


  • tvpam

    Woke up super early for no apparent reason, then saw this post and my day… week… month is made. I’m so excited, I can barely type this. Thanks for the Happy Friday news, Trent!!!

    • @tvpam — Mebbe I’ll see you at one of the shows? We can dance together :) xoxo

  • truthyisalways

    SICK!!! When has the Purple One given so much at one time?! I predict a small tourism boom. Because he’s going to be in one place for so many dates a lot of fans across the country–maybe all over the world–will be able to plan a trip to see him. Great news!

  • tvpam

    I hope so! I seriously can barely breathe right now. A little crazy, but it’s been too long since I’ve seen him live.

  • krissy

    Wow!!!! I am so thrilled! I feel so lucky and spoiled! :D

  • kerirulz

    trent, i adore how much you openly love prince. prince = amazing. one of the best concerts of my life was when i saw him in ’04. this news totally turned my frown upside down. THANK YOU! and omggggggg i can’t wait to see him again!

  • Sara

    WTF, how do we get tickets?! I hate when they announce stuff like this and aren’t even prepared to sell tickets$!#!

    • @Sara — Well, actually, the official announcement won’t be made until April 13 … this call in was just a head’s up that the announcement is coming. My guess is that the tix will go on sale at Ticketmaster on the 13 since the first show is supposed to be the 14th. I’ll do my best to update and post onsale info when it becomes available :D

  • cutitout

    He’s amazing(as always) on this tour! Got to see him and Chaka when they rolled through my city and I’m still buzzed.
    Note to potential attendees!!! Go for the lower level seats! Lower level on the right side of the stage(in the same direction as the arrow in the Prince symbol) were hands down the best seats in the house because he faced that direction the whole night and you can see the whole stage. The piano faced that direction and the big money vip seats/tables were set up there too. I’m not sure if it will be set up the same way in LA but you can look online when your buying tickets and make sure that you are as close to if not in the VIP section as possible because thats where he focuses on. This is a show worth your pennies! See it!

  • Evelyn Kasulaitis


  • Bianca

    I just got home from prince”s concert omg u guys do not want to miss this I even plane on going back he is one of the most greatest performer my husband wasn’t a big fan until he came whith me be shore to go thnx for reading