Robert Pattinson Does ‘Elle’ Magazine


Twilight star Robert Pattinson, who will be featured in the non-Twilight film Water for Elephants in a few weeks, is featured in the new issue of Elle magazine. You may recall that the new issue of Elle is devoted to Women in Music but apparently there’s a bit of room in this issue for men in film. Check out Rob’s hot Elle photo and some excerpts from his interview below.

ELLE: How great a novel is Bel Ami?
ROBERT PATTINSON: Amazing. One of my favorites. The script was really good too; Duroy has kind of changed a little bit.

ELLE: Was it fun playing a ladies’ man instead of a celibate?
RP: Completely. I thought it was funny as well—Twilight having quite a bit of a female audience—to play a guy who basically screws women out of money. I like the fact that you never hear of a movie where the bad guy stabs every single person in the back and then wins.

ELLE: So you relished playing a sleazy journalist?
RP: I like the section where he gets a job as a gossip writer and in a completely banal way just makes stuff up—uses the same story and changes the names. I think that still is very, very true.

ELLE: It was once reported that you were pregnant.
RP: Yeah, a couple years ago. That was true, though.

ELLE: Any other odd encounters with the media recently?
RP: A bunch of paparazzi were following me, and I thought the best way to deal with it was to stop my car in the middle of the street and say, “I’m not leaving, and I’m not going to speak to you anymore.” They got all pissed off because they can’t just keep taking the same picture. We were in Venice by the boardwalk, and they kept trying to get all these drug dealers to come up to the car. I was just like, Oh my God, this is insane.

ELLE: Have you ever fantasized about doing something to destroy the “Twilight image” of you?
RP: You know, when the whole thing dries up and there’s hardly any paparazzi around—I don’t know, in 15 years or something—I like the idea of just one paparazzo coming out and trying to get a picture, and I just beat the shit out of him. I mean—out of nowhere—when my picture’s not even worth…and I’ve spent all my money, so you can’t sue me!

ELLE: Is your idea of hell to end up at age 45 posing with Twilighters at a comic book convention?
RP: I mean, that would be totally fine—if I didn’t have any responsibilities, if it didn’t affect my career anymore. I did a couple of those after Harry Potter, when I was totally unemployed. You can have so much fun. There are so many weirdos there.

ELLE: What women did you daydream about as a teen?
RP: I was always obsessed with Kate Moss. On my bedroom wall I had a poster of Linda Blair and Kate Moss. I always liked Jane Fonda. Who else? Ellen Burstyn.

ELLE: Are you ever embarrassed these days?
RP: I guess if you’re constantly in public, you’re not embarrassed about anything. But dancing is my Achilles’ heel—I don’t even try. It’s like, “Come on, dance!” “No, I’m not getting up!” I can freestyle by myself with no one watching. I’m a great dancer then.

ELLE: Director Chris Weitz (The Twilight Saga: New Moon) once described you as “bookish” and a “weirdo…in the best sense.”
RP: I guess I used to be weirder. When you’re confronted with yourself too much, you start to think, Jesus Christ, you’re so fucking boring. And the more you think you’re boring, the more you become boring. I talk about myself too much now.

ELLE: What are some descriptions of you that you’ve had enough of?
RP: I never got the “brooding” thing. I’ve had about enough of that.

ELLE: What would you like to replace it with?
RP: Brooded. “Rob Pattinson looking brooded.” Brooded: It’s, like, after you’ve finished brooding.

HMMM … I think this has to be one of Rob’s better interviews. The questions are better and Rob’s answers are deffo better. I think you get a lot of personality from his responses in this interview, moreso than we usually get when he is asked the same, boring questions over and over again. You can read the full online version of Rob’s interview with Elle magazine HERE. If you want a hard copy of this hot photo, you’re gonna hafta pick up the new issue of Elle magazine. I’m thinking Twihards already have their copies tho … but that’s just a hunch.


  • JayeBea

    That photo is amazing, he looks so handsome. Love the interview as well, he is a hot weirdo.

  • kerirulz

    when robert pattinson looks like THIS, i can’t help but think how remarkably handsome he is.

  • CMJ1975

    This is a really good interview. I’m really excited to see him in different roles.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    YUMMY…cut me a slice with some whipped cream please!

  • ausettofegypt

    whoa…i did not reconize him with his hair like that. hmm what a tender roni!!!

  • Panti Christ

    Handsome photo!

  • erin

    THAT is what he should ALWAYS look like. He’s come so far from the long dirty floppy hair and ill fitting clothes. He looks positively dapper and as handsome as i’ve ever seen him.

  • Brandon H

    Did he ever put that whole “smells bad, never washes” blah blah to rest? Would have been nice if he made a joke about it.

  • pws

    Still don’t understand all the love, but when he cleans up like this, I can kind of get it!

  • Kristín

    wow he´s so handsome!

  • nicole

    the boy cleans up so nicely :) and this was a good interview, finally a few different questions.
    i think he’ll do just fine outside of twilight.

  • strawberry

    he looks like some hottie gentleman from the 50s or 60s! the kind who still opens car doors for women!!!!!