First Look: ‘Twilight’s Bella Swan In Her Wedding Dress


Entertainment Weekly brings us our first look at two new illustrations from the forthcoming book The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide (due out on Tuesday April 12) that feature protagonist Bella Swan as an undead vampire and as a blushing bride. The illustrations were created by Young Kim who also illustrated the Twilight graphic novel and they give us a nice feel for how actress Kristen Stewart will look as a vampire and bride.

EW has not one but two exclusive images from Stephenie Meyer’s new book, The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide, which goes on sale April 12: Bella as a vampire and Bella in her wedding dress. A nice walk-up to the first Breaking Dawn film, no? I didn’t expect to like the first Twilight graphic novel as much as I did, and these illustrations are by that book’s illustrator, Young Kim, who did such a great job bringing Meyer’s characters to life.

Stylistically, these are great illustrations. I know there has been much debate over how Bella’s wedding dress will look in the upcoming sequel film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn … so now we know what to expect. The Vampire Bella is pretty sweet-lookin’ too. I’m quite certain that Twilight fans will be clamoring for this new Illustrated Guide book for The Twilight Saga. The book hits stores on Tuesday and can be ordered from Amazon HERE. What do y’all think? Is this the image of Bella that you envisioned in your mind?

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  • Lauren

    As an unofficial twilight consultant (HA HA) I’m thrilled that these drawings are not hideous. Stephenie Meyer isn’t known for fashionable choices (engagement ring, anyone?) so these renderings are great! I loved Young Kim’s drawings in the Illustrated Guide and I hope they are in line with the movie.

    • Tracy

      So true the ring was nothing like what I pictured from the description in the book. Personally! the drawings of the dress are just eh!

  • jamie-o

    look! not strapless! how refreshing!


    third thought: holding that veil up would be a real neck workout.