First Look: Colin Farrell In The Remake Of ‘Fright Night’


Proving, for the umpteenth millionth time that there are no new ideas left in Hollywood, today we get our first look at promo photos from the upcoming remake of the 1985 vampire horror film Fright Night. In the original film, a teenage horror film fan discovers that he is living next door to an actual vampire and must find a way to rid the world of this evil. In the remake, Star Trek’s Anton Yelchin plays the teenager and Colin Farrell plays the vampire. Oh, and by the way, this new version of Fright Night will be presented in 3D.

One of the most memorable horror movies of the 1980s is getting a 2011 update with the release of this summer’s ‘Fright Night.’ ‘Fright Night’ is just your average story of a typical suburban kid who meets his new next-door neighbor, quickly suspects that said neighbor is actually a blood-sucking vampire, has his fears confirmed when his life is put in danger, watches his mother get put under a hypnotic vampire’s spell, must team with a Vegas stage-show magician to slay the undead threat, and somehow save the day. You know, typical teenage angst. ‘Fright Night’ is filled with plenty of scares, lots of blood and even a few laughs. And now Moviefone has exclusive new images of ‘Fright Night”s spooky treats.

UGH! Someone PLEASE drive a stake into the heart of the vampire movie craze! I mean, damn … I love vampires, I really do … but isn’t all of this really getting out of hand? Fright Night was a film that genuinely scared the HELL out of me when I was a little kid. The thought of protecting myself from vampires was a real fear that I had as a child. Fright Night was one of the vampire films that made me believe that, yeah, vamps could be your neighbors and they could strike whenever they like. I have mixed feelings about this remake. It’s not a film that I feel I have to see but it’s a film that I might see … if the conditions were right. I don’t know how I feel about Colin Farrell as a vampire … but I do like Anton Yelchin. The 3D isn’t a real draw for me … but I am glad that I didn’t see the original film in 3D. I prolly would’ve died of sheer fear. This new version of Fright Night is due out in August. Is this a film that you think YOU’D like to see?


  • Mandy

    What!? Are you serous? Come on! Nothing can touch the awesomeness of the original Fright Night. A sexy, young Chris Sarandon….*sigh*. Colin Ferrell’s old news.

  • Hapyns

    NoNoNo!! Why does This movie have to be remade? Couldn’t Hollywood find another movie to masacre? This is a classic that shouldn’t be touched, especially by the 3D finger of doom. Come on guys, just because it’s in 3D, won’t make it any better or scarier. UGH, dislike!!

  • ausettofegypt

    Oh Brewster, not another remake.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I was sexually obsessed with the original vampire in this movie. He use to make me so hawt. He was calm, collected and ever so sexy. When they are dancing in the club…YUMMY!! I can’t believe they are remaking this and with COLIN FERRELL…Bad idea and worst casting!!!

    • ausettofegypt

      OH yay, i remember that. He was So calm and HOT. LOL good times. and so agree, Colin Ferrell who?

  • faiththebloody

    Chris Sarandon…. Zowie. The way he just smiled at the girl in the club… I was scared AND attracted!

    And the remake craze continues.

  • Dany

    Well I don´t care much about vampires or Colin Farell but I still can´t wait for this movie.And that reason is called David Tennant.He has never been less than absolutly brilliant no matter what he plays.

  • krissy

    I don’t remember the original…all I remember is that it scared the bejezus out of me. I kept my family awake for weeks after I saw it on HBO! I think I have blocked it from my memory from trauma. ;)

    As far as Hollywood doing remakes…if they already own the rights to a story it reduces production costs. Also, part of the reason they do that is because Americans go see the remakes. If audiences rejected these films, they would still get made, just not as frequently.

  • Jenny

    This was an awesome sleepover movie when I was a kid. Now what do they do with it? It’s a shame. That being said, I will probably rent it.