Movie Review: ‘Source Code’


After our fun-filled day by the beach, Darion, his mom, David and I made our way to the AMC Theater at Century City to see Source Code. Now, I’ve had mixed feelings about the film from the very first time I saw the trailer a few months ago. On the one hand, the trailer didn’t make the film look all that good … on other hand, well, Jake Gyllenhaal is in it so …. you can see how I was torn. When I learned that Duncan Jones (David Bowie’s son) directed it, I was sold. Overall, I liked Source Code very much … tho, for me, the ending left much to be desired.

I’ve heard some people say that Source Code reminds them of Inception and while I can see how some people can make that connection, I totally do not think the movies are all that similar. The storylines are totally different and there really isn’t all that much overlap thematically. In Source Code, we are are taken on a journey that tries to make us understand the concept of alternate realities and for the most part, I was on board with what the movie was trying to say … but the ending, I’m sorry, no I just didn’t buy it. I’ve watched my fair share of sci-fi programming that has given me a “working knowledge” of time travel, alternate realities, other dimensions etc. (and by “working knowledge” I mean, I’ve come to believe in a set of fictional rules that seem feasible to me if time travel, alternate realities, etc. actually existed). The ending of Source Code just did not work for me in the framework of my “working knowledge” of sci-fi temporal travel so … yeah, no, I didn’t like the ending. The rest of the movie, tho, I thought was inventive and entertaining. As much as I love Jakey poo, I felt he overacted a bit in some scenes but not enough to turn me off entirely. The support cast was fine but they were like background wallpaper … none of them really added anything to the story that stood out for me. I wish Source Code wasn’t a PG-13 film because the action felt a bit watered down. But, again, the inventiveness of the story, the twists and turns and overall plotline really entertained me. I don’t expect this film will do gangbusters at the box office but it’s worth seeing. If you miss it in theaters, you’ll be just fine seeing it on DVD or on cable.

Did any of y’all see Source Code this weekend? What did you think?


    I saw it! I thought it was fine. I don’t see how people are comparing it to “Inception” because I like they’re totally different concepts. Maybe the confusion aspects, perhaps? Anyways, the ending… UGH. *spoilers* If they would have ended the movie when everyone on the train were frozen then I think it would have been A LOT better but instead they had to make the ending mushy, etc. It was just OK, not bad, but nothing great, either. I found the jumping off the train scene completely brilliant though. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that done in a movie before quite like that.

    • @CHASE — I SO agree! Your ending is what I was hoping for too.

  • rapsody7

    You’re both SO wrong lol. Source Code was fantastic! The ending was tied in from the very beginning if you were paying attention. Also, the movie has it’s own story, not one that you should be approaching with prior knowledge, and it was fresh, quick and perfect for the theater. If you only paid attention to the sci fi aspects and not the moral dilemma faced by the characters though, I can see how it might have fallen flat.

    • Julie



    Trent and I are not wrong because we agree with each other. ; ) Also, I did pay attention and my opinion still stands.

  • TPaulKaul

    I just saw this tonight. I was not blown away, but I was entertained. The ending killed it for me also. :( I thought it was more like 12 Monkeys than Inception.

  • anonie

    This movie has legs–I hope–maybe since the theater–The E Walk– was 2/3 full last Saturday and every seat was taken yesterday down to the big screen. Duncan Jones is on his way to a fantastic career and I hope Jake can make more movies with him. Jake knocked the acting out of the park…I couldn’t believe how good he was. I will go SEE IT 320974029375 more times. <3

  • Nancy

    Just saw the movie tonight – my husband and I enjoyed the plot but are both confused as to the ending. We are trying to make sense of it and applying different meanings to the ending, but we can not come to agree on what the message was. Can anyone please explain

  • GudaG

    Love the idea of hooking up source code to the remains of someones memory, especially to look for clues as to what happened at the end of their life…. Being able to hook up another brain to that source code sounds like a cool idea also.. You could only hope that our brains have the ability to perceive with out prejudice what really is going on, rather than what our personalities prefer to see, in order to get accurate information.
    If the info was so tainted by the personality then it might be fun to re-live someone’s life changing experiences through their eyes. If your personality insist there is a monster under your bed though, most likely your mind has already put a face on it. And that is what would be left behind.
    The Movie Source Code had a lousy ending… too foolish to appreciate. They could have had alternate endings and then we could have had a lot more to talk about. It would have been better if they ended it at the point of termination….