A New Beyoncé Album Is Reportedly Due Out This Summer


Hold on to your hats, Beyoncé fans!! According to a new report out this week, it is rumored that Beyoncé will release a new album this Summer … as early as June! You may recall that we learned last week that B decided to fire her father Matthew Knowles as her manager so it seems like she had a bit of housecleaning to do before she releases her next blockbuster album. Now, this album news has NOT yet been officially confirmed … but the timing feels right for a new Beyoncé album.

Beyoncé Knowles will release her fourth solo album in late June this year. The singer unveiled six tracks from her latest studio album to label bosses in New York last week, and is believed to have received a rapturous response. “It was just amazing,” Sony Music Australia boss Denis Handlin told The Daily Telegraph. “These songs, the best description I can give is groundbreaking. “She’s gone to another level,” Handlin added. Last week it was announced that Knowles had ended her professional relationship with her father, Mathew Knowles, who has managed the singer’s career for 14 years. The currently untitled album will be released in time for Beyoncé’s headlining slot at this year’s Glastonbury Festival.

Woot!! This is great news. Beyoncé always brings the heat … and we are LONG overdue for a new B jam to take over the planet. I don’t want to get my hopes up too high before this news is confirmed but … how fantastic would it be to get a new album from Ms. Beyoncé this Summer? Bring it on, B!


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I know Miss Fierce is going to bring it!! YAY…

  • JHop

    When “I Am…Sasha Fierce” came out, I was in a cast because I’d broken my ankle in three places. I was sooo pissed that I couldn’t learn the choreography for Single Ladies like everyone else in the world was doing.
    This time, I am healthy and ready to dance!

    PS- Homegirl’s jacket in that picture looks like she scalped Rihanna in her sleep and made an outfit out of her dome.

    • Katie

      Thats B? I thought it was a drag queen >.<

    • Steph

      I was thinking the same thing! LOL! What happened to her?

  • krissy

    Yay! Looking forward to hearing new music from her.


    Beyonce looks a lot older than 29…

  • L

    She looks like Ru Paul in this picture i had to double take!! Sorry Beyonce you still Sasha Fierce though!!

  • NUMBER1 Beyonce Fan M.Adams

    I miss Beyonce so much, I’m glad to hear she’s in studio and making another album, and we need her back because some of these females now in the music need to stand down b/c they have nothing on u….miss u and can’t wait to hear to new Beyonce sound and her lovely voice

  • ……

    her wig/weave is looking really terrible, and the outfit…senior citizen glam? She cant be serious, posing like she looks hot….

  • eek

    did she also fire her glam squad and is now dressing herself and doing her own hair and makeup?

  • Xadax

    Wait… She killed Sasha Fierce right? Hehehe. Lets see how well she does w/o Matthew Knowles’ power esp. on the Grammys hehehe

  • Ryan

    She looks like she’s dunked herself in vat of skin bleach and got a nose job….like Wendy Williams. Rianna also looks like she’s had some severe bleaching since her debut. Why does this stuff never get reported on? It’s so obvious.

    • Cindy

      yep, she looks white, just like MJ.

  • adri

    Um yeah… .. love bey but this is just
    unfortunate !! she looks like she is trying to be a vamp or something it looks ridick !
    hope the album is hot .. but i hope her new look
    isn’t reflected on that >.<

  • Panti Christ

    She looks so different!

  • Andrea

    I live B and im so happy to see her coming out with new music I think shes gonna blow us away and bring something we havent seen or heard. I cant wait to DANCE.

  • brady james

    Wow… Im not a big fan of beyonce I have bouight all her albums but never liked the product as a whole, im more of a destinys child guy, so i am not that excited for B’s new album, and her new look makes her look like a perfect candidate for RuPauls Drag Race, season 4

  • just wondering

    Um, when did she become white?

    It’s so disheartening to watch her get more and more Caucasian-looking as the years go by. The bleached skin getting paler, the hair getting blonder hair, etc. Come on!

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE her. But it seems that the “whiter” in appearance you get, the more marketable you are, and there is something really wrong with that. I loved her the way she was at the start of her career.

  • LOL she’s white now! (and also busted?) not a good look. Just no!

  • SeAn

    I love Beyonce and I have been with her since the beginning of her career. I cant wait until her new album releases and she’s once agian on the charts. Because these girls in the industry now days just dont know how to act, their all immature haters that like to get into drama Such as Keri Hilson, Beyonce in my opinion is th eonly one that has a beautiful personality and posseses start quality no other female artist can touch! Ciara let beef get to her and her career floped she should of took a few pointers from Beyonce. KEEP DOING YA THING BEYONCE I LOVE YOU! CANT WAIT TIL YOUR ALBUM RELEASE AND STAY AWAY FROM HATERS!