Charlie Sheen’s Tour BOMBS In Detroit, MI


Last month we learned that trainwreck mess Charlie Sheen was planning a comedy tour around the US in an attempt to cash in on the notoriety his crazy behavior of late has generated. Dubbed the My Violent Torpedo of Truth / Defeat is Not an Option tour, Sheen kicked off his show in Detroit, MI last night. As I understand it, there was considerable interest in the show before Sheen took the stage … but once he started doing, well, whatever it is that he does on stage, the audience got bored and started heckling him before they got angry and started booing him … before they got fed up and walked out of the theater. By pretty much all accounts, Charlie Sheen bombed on his first night as a stand up comic … which, really, should come as no surprise to anyone.

Charlie Sheen’s “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option” tour opened in Detroit on Saturday night with a boom. By the time he stepped off the stage a little after 10 p.m., it was an official bomb. Wearing a Detroit Tigers jersey with “Warlock” emblazoned on the back, Sheen delivered a monologue, played videos, sat in the front row and talked loosely with the audience. But it didn’t result in much of his famed catchphrase: “winning.” In front of a rowdy, often-dissatisfied sold-out Fox Theatre audience of 4,700 people, the embattled sitcom actor ranted and raved about anything and everything. Trust me, “this is going somewhere,” Sheen said as the crowd pondered his self-declared “radical” opening monologue. The 20-minute speech included many of his catchphrases, along with sayings like, “one giant heartbeat and one conscious thought.” But about 30 minutes into the show, the usual Sheen-isms started to sound old and tired. From the men’s restroom to the expensive seats in front, it was a restless crowd, delivering plenty of jeers and only a few cheers. The show had video montages throughout, including a “20/20″ outtake reel that showed off his self-deprecating sense of humor. His so-called goddesses helped him burn a “Two and a Half Men” bowling shirt. Before it was all over, he asked the crowd if the goddesses should come out again. And then he asked them: How many goddesses do you have? The show was a reminder that the pop culture phenomenon is serious about his beliefs, but most of the crowd wasn’t entertained by the loose and disorganized attempt. Valerie Piascik, 23, of Harrison Township said the videos were better than Sheen’s live performance. “Wow, I am not sure what that was,” she said from outside the Fox as Sheen was still on stage. Bryan Gill, 53, of West Bloomfield said he was hoping for the best but saw the worst. “It was absolutely disappointing,” he said. “Truly, it sucked.” Sheen, visibly worried that he was losing the audience, at times appeared close to becoming abrasive. He never completely fell apart, but at one point, he did tell a heckler, “Sorry dude, already got your money.”

Here’s a report from TMZ:

According to multiple people inside the Fox Theatre … the majority of the audience heckled not only Charlie, but his buddy Simon Rex, who came out and started rapping. We’re told Charlie started the show with a Q&A session — answering audience questions about everything from fave porn stars to crack cocaine. Then Charlie played clips from a network interview he did and ripped it apart. At one point, Sheen tried to deflect the angry crowd by pointing out that he had his own app … and they didn’t. That went on for about 30 minutes … and the crowd was initially cheering for Charlie. He even sent out a twitpic of the enthusiastic audience. But then the crowd got ugly. We’re told Charlie called on Simon Rex for backup … sending him on stage to rap — and when that backfired they played the new track, “Winning” … which Snoop Dogg recorded for Charlie. We’re told that got the crowd fired up … but when neither Snoop nor Charlie came out on stage they started booing again. At that point most of the crowd started walking out — and the house lights were turned on. We’re told Charlie did come back on stage briefly and invited the people who stayed to move up closer to the stage … but then he started complaining about his audio and walked off the stage.

LOL!!! I’m not sure what ticket buyers were actually expecting but this sounds pretty much EXACTLY what I expected. The man is unbalanced, nearly totally unhinged and not funny. It sounds like that is what people paid to see … and got to see. As I understand it, Sheen’s camp is trying to spin last night’s response as the result of only “a few people” and that they insist it was a “good show”. Sheen takes his Torpedo show to Chicago, IL and still plans on performing. If Sheen bombs in Chicago, I think he’ll still take the show to NYC and see how it fares there … we’ll have to see how much longer people are entertained by his tired antics. I expect the audience response to be the same no matter where he goes but … we’ll just have to see.

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  • tracy

    I am not surprised at all. Charlie is a loser.

  • abby

    Seriously, I don’t know who’s dumber:

    Charlie Sheen or the people who bought tickets to see him.

    • Sanchez

      HAHA seriously. I have to go with the people that bought tickets. Morons.

  • Sara

    It honestly sounds almost enticing only to be part of history – one of the worst stage acts to ever occur, and only through the power of the internet does someone like this even manage to sell tickets to an act in the first place. What a strange world we live in. haha!

  • Cha cha cha

    Duh, LOSING!

  • truthyisalways

    A mental health crisis isn’t entertainment, or entertaining. If an actor on a 22-minute tv sitcom with a supporting cast is fired for performance issues, how could that person possibly put on a feature length one-man, live audience show?I think those who bought tickets are nuts, too.

  • mark

    What did the people who paid to see this addict expect??? Anyone paying money to see this loser deserves the TRAINWRECK experience Sheen puts on!

  • Ks

    This is exactly what I expected his show would be… He’s been giving it away for free for weeks so why anyone would pay to see those same rambling disorganized thoughts live is beyond me.

  • Charlie Sheen “Winning Tour” crashes to Earth

  • LOVED this article, but “call me surprised”!! NOT!!


  • I really don’t know what people expected. That being said, shame on them for enabling him, and the joke’s on them for actually paying money. The man seriously needs to go to rehab. He presents as being in the middle of bipolar mania and the drugs aren’t helping. Mental illness isn’t funny, but people are more than happy to watch him destroy himself, which is tragic.

    • Zumzums

      While I am sad to see Two and a half men go, I am more sad to see the train wreck that Charlie has become. Being bipolar myself, I can see that in him, but the drugs could be causing the signs. All the audience paid to see was a drug addict rant and rave. The man needs help, desperately. Why anyone agreed to allow him to make such an ass of himself is beyond me. Go Goddesses :(

  • Anno

    So all the attendees they interviewed commented “at least the tickets were for free”. Probably too embarassed to admit they forked over cash for that mess.

  • gpgirl

    the people who watched this is douchey as he is

  • Spice

    That is exactly what I would have expected too. People are unrealistic and ridiculous. He was a mess before, he was a mess on stange and they paid to see it. No surprises there.

  • Lolo

    Simon Rex??! Why am I not surprised they’re friends.. what a couple of winners :p

  • Pop Quiz

    Charlie Sheen ROCKS! If you had all that money and your entire life was lived under a magnifying glass, most of the crap you do all day would seem “bizarre” too! MJ was a freak, but everyone said he was an “artist” or was just “eccentric”!

    • @Pop Quiz – Drug abuse doesn’t make anyone “rock”.