Miley Cyrus Reportedly Ready To Sue Over The ‘Mylie’ Sex Doll


So … there is a new sex doll on the market named Finally Mylie that bears a striking resemblance to popstar/actress Miley Cyrus and there are reports that she is planning to sue the makers of this, er, product for defamation of character. Pipedream Productions — the ingenious creators of not just the Mylie doll but also “love dolls” that resemble Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga — have not yet commented on the possible lawsuit but, apparently they sure are selling a lot of their … um … products. According to the box packaging for this doll, Finally Mylie comes with “3 Achey Love Holes” … which, apparently, are in high demand.

“She’s had years of practice speaking into the mic, and now she’s ready for yours. Just add air and this teen-queen pole-dancing princess comes of age right before your own eyes. Daddy’s little stoner is ready for you to bone her!”

Yeah, I can totally understand how something like this would be upsetting for Miley but, to be honest, the best way to handle a situation like this is to ignore it. I find it very hard to believe that any lawsuit on her part would be successful (porn parody like this is well protected, to be honest) and would only bring more attention to her plastic doppelgänger. Actually, folks interested in purchasing this doll don’t even have to go to sex shops to get it … Finally Miley is also available on Amazon! That’s right, sex dolls like this are listed on Amazon in the Health, Personal Care section of their site … er, in case you were wondering.


  • Jennifer

    Ok, this just made my day. Thanks for the laughs, Trent!

  • c

    sad thing is, the doll looks better =(

  • Sanchez


  • Jade

    For some reason I was looking for the reviews, heh.

  • courtney

    Why does the first picture of the box say “Mylie” and then the second picture of the box it says “Miley”?

    • @courtney — LOL. It must be a misprint … one they better fix. Calling this doll “Mylie” is their best defense against a lawsuit.

    • Lindsey Schaaf

      That is hilarious! Has any one seen the “real sex dolls” that men fall in love with? Now that is twisted. These are just blow ups at least and don’t seem like real women. Eww. I live in Kansas City and am from St. Louis, so the trip on the highway is covered in in XXX stores. Thought that was normal guess not.

  • Ashley

    Methinks she’s maybe more mad that her doll is only selling for $27.

    • Sara

      Hah I just realized Ashley said the exact same thing!

  • Sara

    That is really funny! Maybe she’s just pissed because it’s going for the low low price of $28! :P

  • Kieren

    Gross, she’s like a child. People are sick in the mind.

  • lola

    you people have a problem!!!! people wake up and smell the cflowers… you are upset of pedophile yet its ok for this company to sell her doll and you think is funny??? I will never understand people who is ignorant just because they don’t like Miley…. go for it Miley I hope you sue their asses for all they got… I hope to they go down… I am looking forward to it … and to this blog you should be ashamed of yourself….

    • rOXy

      um, she’s now 18? You should take your angry passion and use it where it would make a difference.

    • Deirdre

      You should be ashamed of yourself for the way you attempt to put sentences together.

    • Lindsey Schaaf

      Oh jeez. Chill out. These dolls, yet wrong, is still better than the creep going out to find a girl and maybe end up harming her. Who knows, but it’s still not as bad as the “real sex” dolls that are treated as wifes? But, suing
      could be a great idea. There needs to be a contract between the manufactur and the celebrity.I don’t know what do guys think???

    • Jen

      I was thinking the same thing. lola needs an english 101 lesson.

  • Errin

    I will never understand this. Guys are so gross!

    • Hey now, these dolls aren’t just for guys.

  • Lauri

    “People who bought this also looked at World of Warcraft III”


    • Monica

      Haha…mine said Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Single-Disc Edition) DVD ~ Hugh Jackman…lmao <3

    • @Monica — LOL

  • Ashley

    I don’t get it, Amazon will sell this shit but not gay fiction?

  • KM

    Miley can sue for them violating her right of publicity. This company can’t use her personality without her permission, and usually anything that resembles and causes consumers to think of that person qualifies. This seems like a pretty easy win for Miles.

  • Ben

    That model is much prettier than Mizzzz Cyrus.

  • Gingolok

    HMM the controversy done by Miley will help sell the doll like hot cakes. Free publicity. see who’s laughing all the way to the bank huhu..

  • Nate

    I want one! and it’s totally not my bag baby.

  • Wow…that company has some brass ones and no brains to think they can get away with something like this without protest!

  • kwow

    i read the description of the product on amazon and was like, “Seriously! that just won miley’s case!”. They aren’t even trying to hide it. so dumb. She should be flattered (and grossed out at the same time) that people want her in their bedrooms. SHe will win the case…and she deserves it. yuck.

  • Lex

    maybe she’s upset because the doll looks a lot better…

  • cd_courtney

    I am one the freaks who was interested in it. But it felt so wrong to order it, even though I have used other ones in the past. But might have to buy if they are going be removed from the market….

  • loyd

    whisperin’.-> when i first saw u, i felt like a children in love…
    -i’d like to make love to a children!
    -oh, i think i should leave!!
    -is that mylie? mmm i better stay, i missunderstood!!