James Franco Quits Twitter


Almost as suddenly as he joined Twitter, actor James Franco decided to up and delete his official Twitter account. To be honest, it really isn’t all that surprising that Franco would up and quit Twitter. He only joined the social media site weeks before he was due to host the Academy Awards this year and most of his tweets were in support of the show. Now that he failed as an Oscar host and he has nothing that he must promote, I can see why he would just quit.

Oscars host James Franco has disabled his Twitter account today after just a month-and-a-half on the social network site. It coincides with the transmission of an interview he recorded on Monday with David Letterman, in which he admits he had ‘low energy’ during his lamented helmsmanship of the ABC telecast for the awards. Some fans of Renaissance man Franco, 32 , have also noted that he deleted his account on April Fool’s Day and are hoping that the sudden disappearance is a Franconian prank. However seasoned followers say it lacks his trademark surreal humour. The 127 Hours star himself seemed to lay the matter to rest when he predicted the death of social media at a dinner in Washington, just hours before he pulled the account. Speaking at the creative writing non-profit 826DC’s benefit held at the Monaco Hotel, actor, writer, artist and Ph.D student Franco said: ‘Social media is over. Still up there. Going down. You heard it here first.’ Franco, who was speaking to newsite Politico, added: ‘My thought was ‘this is my Twitter. I can do whatever I want. But certain companies I work with contacted me about what I was saying.’ His tweets throughout that ill-fated hosting gig alongside Anne Hathaway, 28 , created a huge buzz on the social media site. Equally, much hype has surrounded the handsome actor posting pictures of himself sleeping with his pet cats and visceral home-made comics showcasing his acerbic wit. But a feud with seasoned Oscar writer Bruce Villanch after that disastrous night, struck a sour note amongst all the creativity.

It is entirely possible that Franco’s deletion was an April Fool’s prank but I kinda believe he seriously deleted it. Let’s be honest, except for that funny photo where he tweeted a photo of his finger/penis, most of his tweets were Oscars related. For the most part, I think tweeting was more trouble than it’s worth for good old Jimmy so … yeah … his Twitter account is dunzo. While I followed him, I didn’t really get much from his timeline. I wonder if anyone will even notice he quit? Are any of y’all gonna miss his tweets?

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    HECK NO! There should be a list of celebrities who should be banned on Twitter and he’s one of them. I like the guy but my gosh, his tweets were so stupid and just…pointless. They were random but not funny random, but WTF is he thinking random. It just seemed he tried a bit hard and it showed. Also, I think he deleted his Facebook too.

  • Ken

    /I wonder if anyone will even notice he quit?/

    Well YOU noticed, and so did your sources and your readers, so I’d say, YES, people will and have noticed. Duh.

    • @Ken — Yep, you got me.

  • Jen

    He’s obviously a smart guy. Twitter is for the self-involved and those who have no lives. Bravo to him.

    • cheekiey


  • cheekiey

    i quit last year. it got old…

  • Mariah

    I don’t understand Twitter. It makes no sense to me. I don’t get the point. It’s just a bunch of Facebook statuses.

  • Carey

    I still don’t see how it’s okay to say that he failed as an Oscar host considering alot of people only watched because of the buzz he was drumming up. He did a better job than Anne Hathaway anyway.

  • Oscar

    I started tweeting when it started but I found it so lame and stupid it wasn’t worth my while.There are better com places.Most tweets are so duh they are not worth it.UGH.LOL

  • I enjoyed his Oscar hosting AND his twitter posts. A lot of people on twitter are like him and usually post just photos from their phone as they go through the day. I liked his video he posted when he “bench-pressed” his cat and random photos. I’ll miss his presence on twitter. He’s real and immediate. I’m sorry to see him go off twitter.

  • Sam


  • deamer

    He posted full frontal nudity and got shut down for violating terms. (and it was 2 days b4 april fools—what took y’all so long?) I’m glad he got rid of his facebook/twitter, I have never been more ashamed of my gender..”oh f*ck me/marry me “YOUR” (their spelling errors, not mine) so hot …” ugh nothing more discusting than a pathetic woman/child throwing themselves at a celebrity, If they knew anythiong about him, they would know he’s been hooked up with his soul mate for about 5 years!!

  • Dimes

    Awesome interview and pics with the cast of Your Highness! http://bit.ly/hvFyvu