Rooney Mara Is Still ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’


In January we got to see very cool new photos of Rooney Mara in character as Lisbeth SalanderThe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo — but it was back in October that we last saw her in Stockholm, Sweden filming the US adaptation of Dragon Tattoo. It would appear that she is still hard at work on the film (or one of its sequels) because new photos of Rooney on the movie set have come to light. Check out these photos below.

It looks like these photos were snapped in between takes because I don’t really remember Lisbeth ever looking so … happy. I was a bit concerned about Rooney’s casting as Lisbeth initially but the more I see her in character, the more I am convinced she can play the role. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo will hit theaters here in the US this Winter … but I’m pretty sure filming on the sequels, The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, will still be filming. I can’t wait to see them all.


  • courtney

    I still don’t understand why this Lisbeth doesn’t have eyebrows.

    • kristy

      I’m sorry but she looks ridiculous! I HATE the no eyebrows and that goofy hair cut…..not the character at all!

  • Nate


  • rOXy

    Sorry. The more I see, the less I like her in this role, and I started off with a zero. The alien no eyebrows thing is not edgy it’s dumb. Can’t and won’t hold a candle to the original. I don’t see anyone trying to redo the Mona Lisa. A masterpiece should be left alone.

  • Amanda

    I am really sad cause I LOVE these books, and I am already disappointed in the new version of the movie. Rooney Mara looks absolutely ridiculous. It’s that hidious hair cut.

  • KatB

    She looks like Frodo in the first picture, not Elijah Wood but Frodo on his quest with the bambi eyes. I love Rooney but I don’t think I’ll see the U.S. version, such knowledge might make my brain root for Frodo Salander.

  • rOXy


  • Steph

    I think I will keep the image of Lisbeth that I have in my head. This is not all what I pictured. Though I like the way Noomi Rapace looks for the role of salander. Maybe I should watch the Swedish version of the movie.

    • Jade

      Agreed. Noomi brought a certain sex appeal to the role that this girl lacks to me. IDK..have to wait and see.

  • @jade i agree. there is nothing sexy about no eyebrows and short bangs. i doubt that whoever plays mikhael (i know i spelled that wrong) i going to have the sexual chemistry as the swedish actors did

  • allyj

    This is precisely why I am not going to watch this film. From this along with the teaser posters, I’ve just come to the conclusion that Hollywood is about to wreck another great story, along with the strongest female character in a long time. Also, Mara just looks plain ridiculous.

    • @allyj — I completely disagree. “Hollywood” may do many things wrong but David Fincher rarely does anything wrong. I fully trust he will deliver an excellent film.