Reese Witherspoon Does British ‘Elle’ Magazine


Earlier today we got our first look at the newly married Reese Witherspoon (and her fabulous new wedding ring) as she emerged in public for the first time after her wedding last weekend and right now we get to see her looking stunning on the cover of the new issue British Elle magazine. Check out her hot coverphoto below.

At this point, no other photos from Reese’s photospread have revealed themselves, nor has excerpts from her interview, but this first look at her coverphoto is a great taste of what we can expect when those goodies make their way to the Internets. I can’t wait to see more … she looks so fab.



    This… Doesn’t really look like her…?

  • April

    Love her. She is one of the greatest actresses out there.

  • Julian

    photoshop is reese’s friend

  • c

    she has got the “mom” look still…

  • Lisa

    What’s the mom look? She looks amazing! Yes, photoshopped like everyone else, but actually I think in “real life” she’s super fit and gorgeous!

    • Louigi

      Couldn’t agree more. She is gorge!

  • Vicky


  • yummy!

  • Mariah


  • It’s totally Reese! She looks GORGEOUS!!!!!

  • LuvYa

    Glad her name was printed under the pic, doesn’t look anything like her. They’ve shortened her chin, filled out her face, tightened her thighs, fleshed out her shins, and seemed to have given her ample bosoms. Hmmm, I need a magazine cover.