‘Saturday Night Live’ Releases Elton John Promo Videos


Elton John will appear on Saturday Night Live this weekend as both the host and musical guest. To promote Elton’s appearance on the show, SNL released 2 promo videos for his appearance … both of which are, IMHO, kinda funny. Episodes of SNL are very hit and miss for me … let’s hope this weekend’s ep is more of a hit than a miss.

He is known for having a good sense of fun and a quirky style. So it is no surprise that Elton John is the latest celebrity up for hosting duties on U.S sketch comedy show, Saturday Night Live. The 64-year-old singer will not only host the popular programme this coming April 2, but will also be a musical guest. For his first time hosting the show, Elton does a throw back to English comedian Benny Hill. Stills for the promo show the singer running around in the style of the legendary comedic actor. He is seen chasing SNL cast-mate Jason Sudeikis around the studio after Jason claims to have stolen his sunglasses.

These clips are cute, I am really looking forward to the ep. I had no idea that Elton had never hosted the show before. Considering how long he’s been in the biz, you’d expect that he might’ve hosted the show a time or two. I’m pretty sure he’s been a musical guest before, tho. I know Elton John can be funny … let’s hope the folks at SNL give him the right material to be funny with :)

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  • nicole

    “you got the bitch part right” hahaha!
    should be a good episode

  • Masher

    I have a good feeling about this one! If Elton can make fun of himself, then it should be pretty funny. What up wit dat!!

  • Brianna

    I am seeing him in concert on April 15th! So excited.