‘Rolling Stone’ Magazine Publishes A Feature On Britney Spears’s New Album


Earlier this month, Rolling Stone magazine gave us a brief interview with Britney Spears about her new album Femme Fatale. In the new issue of their magazine, they publish a feature article that talks about the album, yes, but also talks about her tour and the plan for there to be 6 singles released from Femme Fatale. Click below to read the full article.

Click the image above to see a larger, readable scan of the article. According to RS, Femme Fatale is predicted to sell somewhere between 300,000 and 500,000 copies in its first week and the plan is for there to be 6 singles released from the album. I would DIE! But, considering that IMHO, every song on this album (including the bonus tracks) is single-material, I think it won’t be very difficult for Britney to release 6 singles from the disc. The article also mentions the tour with Enrique but we know now that that ain’t happening. The album has only just come out so … we are in for many months of great Britney news to come. It’s gonna be a fun Summer, y’all.


  • Claire

    Six singles would be AMAZING! Britney will be blowing up the radio.

  • kendra

    If she doesn’t release “I Wanna Go” as a single I’m going to poop myself..But you’re right..Every freaking song on that album is amazing..

    • Mitchell

      It’ll be a single, the song itself is begging for it: “Shame on me / To need release.”

  • Kieren

    6 singles? YES! I hope Gasoline and Criminal are among those released. Those are so different than anything on the radio right now and would be major.

  • Chris

    Wow, way to milk as much money as possible out of fans.

    And I’m sure all the songs are very “Britney”, given that they were produced by others. She should have them write skankier songs next time, then they would really sell.

    • Mitchell

      Have you not listened to the album? I’d say it’s pretty skankerific. (Which is exactly what I wanted.)

  • ooo..So , opposite of “Blackout” Britney was executive producer.

  • JeniLee

    Ugh Big Fat Bass and How I Roll better not be singles

    If there are 4 more I’d like any of the following 5…

    Inside Out
    I Wanna Go
    Trouble For Me

  • Andrea

    I am so hoping that HOw I roll is a single I love driving in the car to that song :):) I have my fingers crossed. (i wanna go) back down town where my posse’s at (because i got) nine lives like a kitty cat …..(uh, you wanna roll)
    (that’s how i roll)
    lol i love that song :)

  • Ryan

    I second big fat bass being of tired piece of mass-market troff slop. Black Eyed Peas are played out Britney!

  • Samantha

    6 singles!!! so excited. There should be though! the album is so amazing. We can already assume Big Fat Bass is the 3rd single… I also have a feeling Drop Dead Beautiful will be a single. I am obsessed with I Wanna Go, Criminal, and Gasoline. SOOO GOOD!