Watch: A Trailer For ‘Britney Spears: I Am The Femme Fatale’ Has Been Released


Yesterday we got our first tease of the new MTV special documentary Britney Spears: I Am the Femme Fatale and today we get to see a couple clips and a full length trailer for the special, due out on Sunday night. Additionally, Britney gave an interview to NYC radio station Z100 and talked a bit about her upcoming tour (tho, not about who she may be touring with). Check out all the clips below!

Here’s a clip of Britney talking about turning 30:

 Here’s a clip of Britney talking to her BFF assistant Brett Miller about movies:And here is the full trailer for I Am the Femme Fatale:To be honest, I doubt we’ll really get any insight as to what is really going on with Britney these days … this special is clearly just a way to promote the release of her new album. Still, I can’t wait to see it. I simply cannot get enough of Femme Fatale. It’s just a fantastic album. Every track, every bonus track … including the Japanese bonus track Scary … all of the songs are SO good! I’m curious to see how much we will really see from the creation of the album.

As I mentioned above, Britney gave an interview to Z100 earlier today and in case you missed it, you can listen to her short chat with the NYC radio station HERE:

Don’t forget, Britney is scheduled to appear at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards this weekend. Will she perform or just appear on stage? I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out. Despite some of the crazy negativity going around, I am still very excited for all this new Britney news. The music is just too fun not to enjoy anything associated with it :D

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  • Jadedkitten

    It’s not supposed to be FTR part 2 it’s really just about her album which I’m fine with I don’t need to know about her personal life. She did two other interviews today Trent one with Nick cannon and one for a british radio station

    • @Jadedkitten — Oh thanks!!

  • mabel

    what is with her voice….

    • Heather

      Thank you! I was wondering if I was the only person who noticed that. So odd!

  • Claire

    I can’t freaking wait to see this! :) I love seeing her behind the scenes. I just fall in love with her all over again.

  • Alex

    I can’t believe she didn’t know about the “BS Alerts” on her website :P

  • Jordan

    @mabel – I agree!! I have been wondering what is going on with her voice recently after seeing all these clips!! It definitely doesn’t sound like the old Britney. Very strange.

  • mint

    I LOVE Britney. I’ve been rooting for her since the very beginning.
    Sadly she doesn’t dance like she used to.
    She only move her head and hand. And a little stiff.-_-

  • Mitchell

    I received Scary on my Femme Fatale Deluxe Version and I’m not from Japan? I thought it was just apart of the CD. Odd.

    • @Mitchell — Really? Your Deluxe version of FF has 17 songs on it?

    • Mitchell

      Yes. I’m not sure if it’s a fluke or what. I had a bunch of problems with my pre-order on itunes the day of the release (it wouldn’t download). I got fed up with trying to get my pre-ordered version, so I purchased FF again. When I did, I received: the Deluxe edition with the 16 songs slated for the US version; and a Deluxe edition that included “Scary”. I now have two version of FF, woot!?

      There must have been a fluke with the Canadian downloading process around midnight. I suspect this might have something to do with the leaked Scary track. That or the Canadian version was supposed to have Scary on it all along, but that doesn’t account for my second version of FF that doesn’t include the track. Oh well, I’m happy.

  • Jenni

    the negativity going around really irks me! take Britney Spears for what she does best now – brilliant pop music and leave it at that. people have too much time on their hands to overthink and complain. Maybe she shines and is the most comfortable in the studio and not on the stage as much anymore. She gives the gift of great music and for some people that’s just not enough. I’d take her over her nauseating peers any day

  • This is SO scripted, it’s not even funny.

    • krissy

      Carson Daly was complaining on Twitter yesterday that her management wouldn’t allow him to do an interview with her unless it was pre-recorded AND edited by her management. He said he was fine with the pre-recording, but surrendering all editing power over to her management was asking too much.

  • mark

    The clips from her new music video Till the World Ends looks AMAZING!! So excited for I Am the Femme Fatale Sunday night :)

  • ….. she is a product, made by a management. a puppet..

  • Smoo

    i think people are getting VERY tired of her lip synching & half-assed dancing. We accepted it during the Circus Tour because that was her “comeback” but now that she’s been “ok” for a while, we expect SOME form of effort. Yes, the music is VERY good on it…But the ticket prices are WAY too high (I paid $50 with fees for Circus Tour), she sounds even spacier then usual, her management is being WAY too controlling, & it looks like there is zero effort being put out on her part…I accept her for who she is now…A shell of what she used to be who has great producers. I know Trent, you hate on Katy Perry but she actually sings LIVE and actually looks at her website!!!

    • @Smoo — I don’t hate Katy Perry. I just don’t like her music.

    • Smoo

      You said you liked Teenage Dream…But I digress…I mean listening to that interview, do you really think she’s even “all in there”. I’m a HUGE Brit fan and love listening to her music…But don’t the fans who stick by her lip-synching and half-assed dance moves deserve decently priced tickets and half an effort on her part besides ummmmm and ok?

    • @Smoo — I love the ‘Glee’ version of ‘Teenage Dream’, yes!

    • @Smoo It’s going to sound really lame but Britney is a person who happens to have reached a point in her life where she doesn’t HAVE to do this, but continues to do so anyway because she loves it. Do I think she’s “all there” or what have not? No, unfortunately not. Do I think her management is taking advantage? Possibly, but I’ll never know because I don’t work on her team. What I can say is that her situation puts me in an awkward position. I love love LOVE me some Britney Spears and buy every record and other die hards do the same. So this leaves her label and team thinking they need to continue putting out new Britney music. I briefly mentioned this on my blog, The Calvin Show, but I’d prefer Brit-Brit to disappear for a few years to friggin’ rest without any type of promo, touring and see how that goes. Basically, I want her to take true time off and when or if she decides to come back to the stage, she comes back a little fiercer or reminiscent of Britney circa 2003.

  • Mitchell

    Some of this criticism is out-of-context.

    Britney is working toward regaining self-autonomy by demonstrating she’s: 1) a good mother; 2) a good financial provided for her children; 3) capable of self-management. She’s taking classes to learn to manage her finances, producing albums to ensure she has finances (it’s not like she’s just going to sit around while the c-ship eats away at her money), and she’s prioritizing her relationship with her sons (who she doesn’t have any custody over). Her performance planning suffers in the process. To me, Britney’s well being and ability to return to self-autonomy are *more* important than how well she dances. Yes, she’s an institution that partly rests on great dancing, but without the self-stability of that institution no dancing exists.

    She cannot be under a c-ship forever, everyone knows this, so people are working on her gaining the abilities to return to running her own life. Unfortunately, some things suffer because of her hectic schedule — throw in doctor visits, etc., and I’m sure she’s a busy girl. Time will improve both her happiness, ability to manage her own life and, hopefully, her performance ability. Until then we’re only stuck with great music and an era of Britney in which she doesn’t seem to be on the brink of self-destruction. That’s much more impressive/exciting to me than her throwing down the moves.

    Anyone familiar with mental instabilities realizes how slow the rehabilitation process can be. Britney seems to be doing a-okay thus far.

    Sometimes media and commentators in general are so fickle.

    • Mitchell

      Haha, umm, thanks?

    • katie

      Maybe if she can’t give it her all, she should stay on a break? Just my opinion, but if you can’t give 100% don’t do it. Especially when you’re an entertainer.

    • Mitchell

      I respect your opinion, but I don’t think my message conveyed what I meant well enough. I was trying to say that her team wants to reintegrate Britney into what she loves doing — performing — while helping her regain her autonomy. That, combined, leaves her less time to practice dancing b/c she’s busy learning how to manage finances, busy with doctors, etc.

      She still needs to make money, and she really seems to like music/performing, so is it fair to Britney as a *human* to not allow her to do what she loves (and all she’s ever known for work)? I mean, she’s not a train wreck on the stage, she just isn’t the top-of-her-game Britney. And would it make sense for her to work somewhere out of the limelight — what is Britney trained in that can make her the excessive amounts of money her c-ship, houses, etc. cost her?

      It would be like you having a mental breakdown, wanting to go back to work b/c you love what you do and need to make money, but ultimately you are unable to be at the top-of-your-game because you’ve had some serious, traumatizing issues. Issues which all your fellow coworkers ignore and compare your current work ethic to pre-breakdown days. Would you want that while you try to make ends meet? Would you want that criticism when you’re trying to rehabilitate yourself? Is that fair to you as a human being, or are your coworkers treating you as if you’re not human?

  • laurennc

    I’ve had Femme Fatale playing non-stop since I got it. There are always going to be people talking negative about Britney. Sure she may not be dancing like she used to but she now has children that she wants to spend time with and seems to be focusing on getting her personal life together. She can’t be in the dance studio everyday like she was before and I for one would rather have a Britney that is happier with her personal life and still puts out great music than a Britney who dances her ass off and doesn’t have time to spend with her family. As for her voice sounding different, I think this is the way Britney really talks. Before she used to talk in that fake way that Paris Hilton still talks. It’s just a more mature side of Britney. She’s not 20 anymore people.

  • TPaulKaul

    I do love me some Britney, but I agree with The Calvin Show. I also feel I/we are in an awkward position because we want to support her, but as long as we keep buying her albums, the more her “team” is going to keep pushing her. I feel for her. And all the while she may be laughing all the way to the bank, but there were times in the video she seemed completely xan’d out. She said this album was for her fans, but I think her real fans would be happy if she was truly happy herself.

    At times I think this is so silly; it’s just pop music. Why do I care so much? But I just can’t help but feel like an accomplice sometimes.