A New Batch Of Britney Spears ‘Out’ Magazine Outtake Photos Have Hit The Internets


Early this month we got to check out our dear Britney Spears — who released her NEW album Femme Fatale in stores today — on the cover and in the pages of the Ladies We Love special edition of Out magazine. A days later, we got to check out a fun web exclusive outtake from Britney’s Out photoshoot. Today, in celebration of Britney Spears Day, we get to check out a batch of 10 previously unseen outtake photos from the Out shoot. The photos are lovely!! Check ‘em out below.

While I really love the photos that were chosen for publication in the magazine, there are some great shots among these outtakes. You can scroll thru the gallery of all 10 photos below … I’m having a hard time picking my fave, which one do YOU like the best? Also, in case you weren’t aware, Britney’s new album Femme Fatale is released TODAY! I just want to make sure that all y’all buy a copy or two of Brit’s amazing new album. You can download it from Amazon HERE or order a physical copy HERE.


  • i HATE the first picture, it looks AWFUL. the other ones are great but that one i wanna burn it with fire…


    Yeah, the first one is dreadful and awkward as fack. I love the up close one of her face, though. ; )

  • kylo

    what’s your obsession with britney Trent ? this is too much !! I respect those who love her and i dont have anything against her but for those like me who are not fans this is quite annoying

    • ERIKA

      Because this is his blog and if he wants to post anything/everything Britney he can

    • CHASE

      And because it’s Britney Day. Did you miss it on your calendar?

    • Louigi12

      And ’cause she’s awesome.

    • rOXy

      Annoy yourself right on out of here. We wouldn’t miss you. I promise.

    • Lex

      Nicely said:)

  • blitzy

    Oooo la la!! She looks amazing!!! She has come a long way and its nice to see her looking extra confident in these shots!!! ;) Total hotness

  • adri

    Britney looks fkn AMAZING
    don’t hate cause Britney isn’t going anywhere..
    so glad that there is a site who appreciates her!