Kylie Minogue Expresses Interest In Collaborating With Britney Spears


After trading love letter tweets back and forth on Twitter, Kylie Minogue has gone on the record to say that she would LOVE to collaborate musically with Britney Spears. When asked about the possibility of dueting with Britney on a song, Kylie admitted that she would be very interested in doing so, saying that it would be “awesome”. I can’t even … a collaboration between Kylie and Britney would kill me with happiness.

Kylie Minogue has said doing a duet with pop princess Britney Spears would be “awesome”. The Australian singer, who is on tour in the UK at present has said she thinks Britney Spears “is great”‘ Kylie Minogue has even tweeted her appreciation of Britney Spears songs from her new album. She told Metro: “I tweeted that there’s a song from the deluxe edition, He About To Lose Me, that’s in my head before I go to sleep,’ said Minogue. ‘I just wanted to say I am excited about it. She was glad to hear it!’ If ever Kylie Minogue and Britney performed together, pop fans across the globe would go bananas. It would be the biggest pop princess collaboration since Madge and Britney sang “Me against the music.” We hope to see Kylie and Britney share the stage one day.

Before it was leaked that Britney will be co-headlining her Summer tour with Enrique Iglesias, I was HOPING and praying for the news to be that Britney and Kylie would be hitting the road together. BUT … even tho they may not be touring together, I think it’s very feasible for the ladies to work together on a song … or two. Ugh … at this point, a Kylie/Britney duet is still a dream … but dreams can come true. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that Kylie gets her wish and does get to duet with Britney some day.


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Now this is something I would most def put my signature on!! Bring it!

  • vVv

    OMG only one duet can be better BS n GAGA yt would break down hehe

  • Daniel

    A Kylie-Britney duet, I think that’s the soundtrack for Gay heaven xD

  • Seriously, the Gays would go CRAZY!…Me included. I love when such Pop Queens can just be real and say they love a contemporary’s work.

  • mark

    BRITNEY + Kylie= GAY POP HEAVEN!! Loves it :)

  • james

    I don’t know why Kylie would want to pull herself down to Brits level…Kylie has an AMAZING voice & we all know Britney refuses to sing live….dont get me wrong, i love Brit on record and would love to see her in concert. But I refuse to shell out money if she refuses to sing.

  • Alys

    Kylie could sing a duet with Oscar the Grouch and I’d be all over it. ;)

  • dion

    umm yes please! luv them

  • Peter

    What? Like James said why would Kylie drop down to Britneys level. Now if it were Madonna or Lady Gaga then it would be awesome but this is just errghh! It’s a bit like when Madonna did the duet with her that was just a completely average song and an epic fail.

  • Peter

    And just in case – on my last post I meant Kylie+Madonna or Kylie+Lady Gaga, no BS.

  • slinkydinky

    I’d love to see this and didn’t know Britney was aware of Kylie…like the fact Rihanna has taken Britney on to colab with….shows not all the new younger fem stars have forgotten the ones that went before….also must do Britney a power of good to know Rihanna likes her to colab with…Madonna and Lady GaGa would not work for me as to alike and L G has taken losts from Madge who is still relevant. It might come across as desperate on both parts….

  • lindsay

    for the people saying why would kylie bring herself down to britney’s level-are you serious? britney is a MUCH bigger star than kylie! kylie is only popular in europe and australia and cant even break into america-britney has never had that problem-she is a huge star all over the world, not just in a few countries! also, britney recently won # 1 gay icon of all time, even over madonna! she has done SO much and isnt even 30 yet! the fact that she’s been out for 12 and a half years and is still selling out arenas and topping polls of the greatest songs/artists and is competetion for even the newbies like katy perry and lady gaga speaks volumes about what a force to be reckoned with she is!