David Beckham, Tom Cruise & Sons Are Basketball BFFs


BFFs David Beckham and Tom Cruise ran into one another at the Staples Center in downtown LA last night at the LA Lakers basketball game and exchanged pleasantries in between the action on the court. Both men were at the game with their respective sons — Brooklyn Joseph and Connor Antony — but took some time to say hello to one another before going to their seats. Becks and Cruise were the best of friends when the Beckham family first moved to the US a few years ago but they don’t seem to spend a lot of time together so much anymore. At least they are able to run into one another at events like this.

They were among the first Hollywood stars to welcome the Beckhams to Los Angeles four years ago. But while Victoria’s friendship with Katie Holmes appears to have fallen by the wayside, husband David is still good mates with Tom Cruise. And he greeted his friend warmly as they bumped into each other at the LA Lakers game at the Staples Centre last night. Cruise, 48, and Beckham, 35, shook each other’s hand and stood chatting by their courtside seats. As they caught up, David’s eldest son Brooklyn, 12, and Cruise’s adopted son Connor, 16, listened in smiling, occasionally joining in with their famous fathers’ conversation. Cruise and Connor then went to take their seats just along from the Beckham boys, stopping on the way to say hi and give a kiss to Vanessa Hudgens, who was there with her actor friend Josh Hutcherson … it had been a while since Beckham and Cruise had been snapped together, even though they keep in touch and Cruise is often seen at LA Galaxy games to support his footballer friend. Last December, the pair started an exclusive club called the Midnight Boys Bike Club, and invited a number of Hollywood stars, including Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt, to join them for midnight cruises through the Hollywood Hills. Both Cruise and Beckham own F131 Hellcat Combat motorcycles that cost £55,000 each. But while they remain friends, the same can’t be said of Victoria, 36, and Katie, 32, who are believed to have drifted apart about a year after the Beckhams moved to LA and struck up a friendship with the acting couple. The ladies were inseparable at first and were often snapped out for lunch or shopping together and even jetted off for Paris Fashion Week. But according to reports, Victoria began distancing herself from Katie after she made it clear she didn’t want to join the Scientology religion, which Katie and Tom follow. Victoria is also believed to have disagreed with Katie over the way she was raising her daughter Suri and got concerned when the Dawson’s Creek actress began copying her style.

While I’m sure it was for Becks to run into his old friend Tom, last night’s basketball game was really all about some male bonding between Becks and his eldest son Brooklyn:

I really, really love how much time Beckham spends with his children. It’s always nice to see him with all 3 of his sons but the alone time he spends with his eldest is just the cutest thing ever.

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  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Look how Tommy is staring into the eyes of Mr. Becks!! You know Tommy is saying to himself “damn I would tap the shit out of you”!!!

  • ali

    hey Mr. Gyllenhaal, projecting much!

  • Chris

    Do tomkat ever spend any time together? They rarely are seen together. Wonder what is keeping them together. You never see tom and suri together either.