Will Britney Spears Co-Headline Her Upcoming Concert Tour?


Earlier this month we learned from our dear Britney Spears herself that she is planning to go on tour this Summer in support of her new album Femme Fatale which hits stores on Tuesday. Today we are hearing a new rumor that claims that Britney will co-headline her tour with another big name act. But, until that rumor is confirmed we can content ourselves with a more immediate live performance by Britney. Last night, Brit and her crew were spotted at LAX Airport making her way to Las Vegas where she will reportedly perform tonight.

Britney Spears has been causing near heart attacks for weeks as fans in the Bay Area tried to figure out exact details about her Good Morning America performance in the Castro. Between yesterday’s sudden venue change and this morning’s ticket frenzy, the highly anticipated show has proved frustrating for many fans. If you weren’t able to get your hands on tickets for this Sunday’s GMA show, we’ve got some good news. Sources are telling us that Spears has scheduled additional tour dates! Sources say that Britney has already scheduled tour dates in support of her album Femme Fatale. The exact dates have not been released, but according to a recent radio interview, Spears confirmed the tour is set to kickoff in early summer. All the info is expected to be announced very soon. We’ll have the details for you first, as soon as it is released.

I’m not sure I believe this rumor about a co-headlining tour but … I wouldn’t be all that surprised if it turns out to be true. A co-headlining tour with another big act would surely sell tickets but if I had my way, I wouldn’t want Britney to share the spotlight with anyone else. She is more than capable of touring on her own. That being said, if Britney teamed up with someone like Kylie Minogue, well, I think I’d be ok with that ;) What do y’all think of this co-headlining tour rumor? If you got to pick who Britney would tour with, who would YOU like to see her co-headline a tour with?

Are any of y’all planning to see Britney in person in LV tonight?

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  • Jadedkitten

    She and xtina should tour it would be insane

    • Jadedkitten

      *tour together

  • A Britney/Kylie co-headlining tour would not be ok because I would explode.

  • If said rumors are true, my guess would be Britney/Gaga. They both have albums coming out this year. Not to mention, it would be an end to the rumors about them having some sort of competition. If that weren’t enough, could you imagine how awesome the show would be, and how much money they’d both make off of it?

    I mean, I’m sure it probably isn’t true, but in theory, it would be a pretty nice idea.

  • mark

    Heard it was ENRIQUE… that would be a hot tour!!

    • that’s not a co-headlining act on her level… enrique is good, but he’s not britney good.

  • Kayla

    I can’t help but want it to be her and Justin

  • It would be nice with gaga! I wish I live in LA and not in Amsterdam , like now…. ooo… oh ja..
    anyway you guys still waiting to have the new Cd?/ oh lala.. Here In Netherlands F7F already out since thursday;)
    I hope she sing live but i dont mind too if she playback.

  • christian

    i’ve heard that it’s only her promo tour that she is co-headlining.

  • Lauri

    haha her and Justin would be great. If only he would release more music…

    • Dezden


  • helen

    OMG Brit&Justin!! I would seriously die… we all know it’s not happening tho…

    On the other hand I agree with u trent on the fact that she definitely does not need to co-headline, and I surely hope it wouldn’t be gaga, I don’t like her one bit… besides, I think she’s a little to conceited to share the spotlight with the princes of pop…


    DISLIKE! Britney doesn’t need ANYONE… However, people NEED Britney. Srsly. Whoever is in talks to do a tour with her should be THANKFUL and counting their lucky stars. I have a feeling it’s going to be a guy, though.

  • ph

    Trent… i love that i can always count on you for Britney Spears news =D

  • J

    I can imagine a co-headling tour for a particular continent but not world wide. Europe and Australia etc.. she would def tour alone cause she is TOO BIG for a co-headline there.


    Kylie and Britney, in America for Kylie’s benefit would be insane in terms of production and popularity. Kylie would be opener, not a supporting a proper show but not as big as her Europe shows for example. But yeah I can see it happening, great promo for each of them really.

    Hope Brit does come back to Australia. She did cop a lot of crap from some people here which was upsetting – but we should have been more grateful considering she never toured here previously.

  • Others have suggested the Britney/Gaga combination and I would LOVE that, but, I can’t ever see that happening sadly. I may die if it does though. May die.

  • Dezden

    As much as I love some of the other suggestions, I didn’t see anyone mention Britney with the Black Eyed Peas. I know Trent will cringe, and even though I enjoy their music on the fun level… I really don’t want that.

    I’d prefer no co-headlining, but I’ll take it as long as Britney is there. BRITNEY, BRITNEY, BRITNEY!