Aretha Franklin Cheers On The NY Knicks


Last December we were fearing for the life of Aretha Franklin was it was reported that she had undergone a mysterious surgery. At the time, there were rumors that she was dying from some form of cancer. In January, we were assured that Aretha did NOT have cancer but no details were given about the reason for her surgery. During the 2011 Grammy Awards, Aretha appeared in public and it was clear that she had lost a lot of weight. Last night, she showed up courtside at the NY Knicks basketball game still lookin’ thinner and, well, much better.

IMHO, it looks like Aretha underwent gastric bypass surgery or some other procedure to help her lose weight. I have to say … she looks better than she has in years. Aretha put on a lot of dangerous weight and I’m sure her doctors were concerned for her health as a result. I don’t know what she did to lose all the weight but I hope she keeps it off, for her own good. While I’d much rather seen photos of Aretha Franklin, the Motown Queen of Soul, cheering on the Detroit Pistons, it is really fab seeing her look so well.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Meghan

    Even though she denies it she definitely had either the gastric sleeve or bypass. People can’t lose that much weight that quicky without one of these procedures.

  • monte14

    I was really concerned when I thought she had cancer, so I was a little annoyed when it turned out she kjust had some type of weight loss surgery instead. But oh, well, its her business.

    But I do wish she would invesst in some better bra’s. She may have lost weight, but “the girls” are still laying in her lap!!