Watch: Jake Gyllenhaal Does ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’


Jake Gyllenhaal made a guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote his new film Source Code and to give Jimmy some good natured ribbing about his style choices. In addition to promoting his movie and joking around with Kimmel, our dear Jakey poo also shared some cute stories from his recent 30th birthday party. You will never guess what Jake’s mom got him for his birthday. Check out Jake’s full interview with Jimmel Kimmel below.

I love how animated Jake got during this interview. His facial expressions are the best. Watch Jake’s interview below:

Le sigh. I don’t even know what story I like more … the one about Jake’s best friend tying his tie or the one about his mother’s tireless search for Banksy. I think Jake Gyllenhaal should give interviews every single day … wouldn’t it be glorious to just hear him tell stories every day? Le sigh. I have to admit, Source Code looks pretty bad … but … I think I’m gonna hafta see it just to see Jake in action. I mean … can you blame me?

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  • c-word

    i absolutely OVE reading and viewing his interviews – he really just seems like such a good, down-to-earth guy… and super hot. not gonna lie ;)

    *le sigh*

    • c-word


  • gracekellie

    I adore Jake. :) I saw this interview and was giddy the whole time.

    Did anyone else notice how red his neck was?

  • Lisa

    I like when he talks about his mom, and that he has a lifelong friend whom he appreciates so much. He is such a catch! Le sigh, is right! Too cute. Did they even talk about the new movie? Ha ha.

  • Diana

    Aww he’s so charming <3

  • he’s too cute! i saw “source code” in a special screening last week.. it was pretty good.. nothing too special but i would but it on the same level as “adjustment bureau”..

  • Juneh

    Le sigh.