Chris Colfer Reveals That Another Kurt & Blaine Kiss Is Coming To ‘Glee’


Last week we got to see video of actors Chris Colfer and Darren Criss share their first kiss together on Glee and today we learn from Colfer that another smooch is on the way. Altho Chris reveals that he does not know what exactly will take place during the upcoming Prom Episode of Glee, I’m guessing that Kurt and Blaine will attend the prom together … and will likely share their second on-screen kiss on the dancefloor.

Chris Colfer has admitted that he does not know what will happen in the prom episode of Glee. The show’s creator Ryan Murphy previously revealed that Colfer’s character Kurt will go to the event with Blaine (Darren Criss). Speaking to Zap2It, Colfer explained that he isn’t sure how the storyline will unfold. “I don’t know,” he said. “I hope we don’t get overlooked.” Colfer also joked that he doesn’t know whether a school could have two prom kings, saying: “Here’s the thing – would a school actually have two crowns waiting, just in case? I know my high school would not, just in case.” Colfer added that he has filmed another kiss with Criss, saying: “It was [better than the first one]. It was different.” Glee returns for a new episode in the US next month.

Yay … this is great news. I am so looking forward to the day when same-sex affection can air on TV shows without there having to be an announcement or any need to react afterward … just like we don’t hear announcements about the mundane heterosexual affection that takes place on TV shows every single day, I know that one day same-sex affection will be just as normal … just as mundane. But, until that day comes … I’m happy that we can, at least, look forward to positive presentations of same-sex affection. Of course Kurt and Blaine will continue to kiss on Glee … and I can’t wait to see it :D


  • Paul

    Here Here! Well said. Its true. Its like it has to be an announcement everytime there is a same-sex anything. sooo tiresome sometimes!

  • Francis

    We didn’t get a massive announcement for their first kiss so why do we need one for the second one? They’re kinda undoing work they did with the first one by having so much fanfare for the second…

  • Oscar

    Fabulous.I have kissed so may men in my life and it is so wonderful.Everytime I do it it makes my nuts tingle.LOL.

  • Nita

    Hooray … Klaine Klaine Klaine … so fabulous.

  • Michael

    I dream of a world where Ryan Murphy missed his pitch meeting that day.

  • gpgirl

    yey! But im sad coz the network who shows glee will surely censore it again like last time.. :(

    • Natalie

      How did they censor it? Do you just mean the bit where they cut to the song? I think that was just done for effect.

  • alyse

    Does anyone know when Glee is coming back from their mini-Hiatus? Sometime in April I know but when? Is the prom episode the first back? I really want to see how their relationship develops and I would hate to have to wait to the prom episode to know, especially if it isn’t the first ep. back from the hiatus

    • Rory

      April 12th my birthday!

  • S A R

    The Kurt/Blaine kiss was one of my favourite Glee moments EVER! My favourite is still when Kurt came out to his dad though :)

  • Champagne

    What if Kurt Dated Dave Franco?

  • Troy

    I think it was great, the first kiss. I have read a lot of post from people saying they would never really be together in the real world. This is mostly from 20 somethings. They have no idea what things were like before now and just how impressive this simple act of kissing was.

    I would love to see where the football player who threathened Kurt show up at some point. Just to talk, to try to understand himself.

    If this show saves just one person, just one it will be worth more than any price ever named.

  • irisgirl

    I’m just giddy over this news, and I love being able to say that without having to explain why!

  • Rory

    I can’t wait either. There’re my favorite couple and once again I like Darren Crisis again after hating on him for a bit.

  • Tina- Gleek x

    Love Klaine so much, Chris said this kiss is gunna be better than the last one? It’s gotta be one hell of a kiss then ;D Can’t wait XD

  • Jen

    Clearly we have not come as far as we hoped. That “better” and “different” kiss that was filmed? WHAT HAPPENED TO IT? How much do you want to bet it was pressure from the sponsors on the network and the show’s producers? It is SAD that a simple kiss between two guys is still considered too “fringe” or “controversial” or “obscene” to be on primetime TV. Any straight couple who has shared as much screen time in sweet scenes as Kurt and Blaine would have had more than ONE SCREEN KISS PER YEAR!!!! It’s unnatural. I’m sure the writers/producers would love to write those scenes, and clearly they even filmed at least one more. Damn the dumb sponsors. Find out who they are and boycott them.

  • Orla

    I was very disappointed that this kiss didn’t come after Blaine said he loved Kurt or when they were in the hall way after Kurt had been announced Prom Queen. There were so many opportunities for it to happen and yet, it didn’t!!! So many people a yearning for them to kiss again and surely the number of people that do out numbers the amount that doesn’t…right??? :/

  • Zozo

    I’m glad that Kurt and Blaine share another kiss, the first kiss was BRILLIANT. I’m glad that theyre together. They make a good couple.

    Why didnt they kiss when blaine said he loved kurt, or when they were alone in the hallway, in Prom Queen. They could have done it in night of neglect, when Kurt was showing Blaine around the school.

  • i love you