‘The Voice’ Releases A First Promo Video


Last week we got to see photos from a press event for the new NBC competitive singing show The Voice and today we get to see the FIRST promo video for the show. Each of The Voice judges is featured in the clip along with a description of what we can expect from the show. Check out the video below.

While I can appreciate the focus on the voice of the contestants rather than the way they look, I can’t help but feel the “blind audition” feels more like a gimmick rather than a genuine attempt at judging talent. I guess we’ll have to see how this kind of singing competition works out in the long run but … well, at least it’s different. What do y’all think of The Voice now after seeing this promo video? Are you intrigued?


  • Amanda M

    i like that xtina is the only one looking serious about it haha. homegirl needs some work

  • nicole

    i dunno, i kinda get a good vibe from the show so far, and from the couple of promo videos ive seen, the judges seem to click, ill probably watch.

  • Daniel

    I’m sorry, this is a bad idea, you don´t do well in hollywood with just a good voice…. besides that people are no the best in music….

  • cutitout

    Well, if the person does not have a good voice the chairs won’t turn around. Burn. I’m hoping there will be a bunch of Susan Boyles so I can see the judges crap them selves when they see what they have to work with and sell.

  • Xadax


  • seth

    i think christina gained like 10 pounds sinced burlesque. i hope she loses them like how she always do.

  • Madeleine

    Well, if it does well in Europe, it’s bound to do well in the States, right?

    I mean, it worked for Big Brother! No, wait, Big Brother did/does SO WELL in Europe because you can show nudity and swearing over there, and it’s a big old bland mess here.

    Hopefully this version of The Voice won’t follow suit (not that I’m saying contestants should show up naked and swear in their songs…although I bet the ratings would be through the roof!).

  • Lisa

    Nice idea, but the winner will get a whole makeover anyway like Susan Boyle did. And I agree Trent, it’s a little gimmicky. Like, wow! I can’t believe he/she looks like that with a voice like that! I just can’t help thinking of Susan Boyle.

  • Jess

    I think it sounds interesting! From what I’ve heard all the contestants so far have been amazing and because of that alot of great talent hasn’t been picked. I also heard, because each coach can only have 8 people on their team, that when the coaches turned around for some people they were disappointed they didn’t pick them because they had “the whole package”.

  • gayana


  • rOXy

    It’s worth a look and listen.

  • Lin

    I thought I heard that John de Mol sold his rights ‘to America’, but it’s finally comming to american tv :) In holland it was a succes.

  • aimie

    i’ll be watching purely for blake shelton. that guy is hilarious and you never know what he’s gonna say!!!

  • Cupcake

    MMM for Adam Levine I’ll give it a shot & I just ADORE Christina Aguilera. It looks promising :)

  • jessica

    stage presence???

  • nichole

    I can’t wait to watch! I love Blake Shelton & I’m a Christina fan too.

  • Siebje

    Just look up for Ben Saunders audotion on YouTube and you’ll see