Peter Jackson Surfaces On The Set Of ‘The Hobbit’


Last month we saw a few photos from the New Zealand set of the upcoming prequel film The Hobbit, directed by Peter Jackson … and today we get to see a couple of new promo photos from the set this time featuring director Peter Jackson. As you may know, filming production on the much-anticipated film is finally underway … and these photos of Jackson on set show that he is large and in charge.

There and Back Again… Peter Jackson’s Tale! Oh is it great to see Jackson back in Middle Earth again. With filming on the epic two-part adaptation of The Hobbit underway down in New Zealand, two new photos of Jackson himself on The Hobbit set, specifically inside of Bilbo’s house in Hobbiton, have been revealed on his Facebook (via SlashFilm). Combined with that “first photo” of the cast not in costume, these are the only photos we’ve seen and while they are just “behind-the-scenes”, they’re still so great to see! Warner Bros has also announced the start of production and an official blog has also launched.

If you would like to follow along with production of The Hobbit, you can do so HERE on the film’s official blog. I know there are a great many Tolkien fans who have been waiting years for a film version of The Hobbit to accompany the Lord of the Rings trilogy films. Production is underway … soon enough, The Hobbit will come to life on the big screen!


  • Meghan

    Yay!!! So glad filming has started!BTW Peter Jackson is looking great!

  • kendra

    Woooot! I LOVE The Hobbit..I can’t wait to see this..

  • Dot

    Oh my since when is he so thin?

  • Mandy

    Holy weightloss, Batman!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I was going to say didn’t he use to be HUGE but thanks to the same comments above I already have my answer. OMG..I can’t wait!!!