Wyclef Jean Shot In The Hand While In Haiti


Scary news coming out of Haiti today … it has been confirmed that singer-turned-failed politician Wyclef Jean was shot in the hand in the city of Dumas outside Port-Au-Prince yesterday just one day before the Haitian people will go to the polls to elect their new president. As you may recall, Wycelf attempted a run for the presidency last year but was ruled ineligible for the office and had to drop out of the race. Since ending his campaign, Jean threw his support behind presidential candidate Michel MartellyJean was shot while in Haiti campaigning for Martelly.

A spokesman for Wyclef Jean says the hip-hop star has been released from a hospital after being treated for a gunshot wound to his hand. Joe Mignon, senior program director for Jean’s Yele Foundation, says Jean was shot in the hand after 11 p.m. local time Saturday in the city of Delmas, just outside Port-au-Prince. Jean’s brother, Samuel, confirmed the musician was shot. Neither he nor Mignon had additional details. The shooting comes on the eve of presidential elections in Haiti. Jean is supporting fellow musician Michel Martelly. A spokesman for the Haitian National Police could not be immediately reached for comment.

At this point, it is not yet known if Wyclef was targeted by the shooter specifically or if he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The injury is being described as a “superficial wound” so we can assume that he will be just fine. While I was never a supporter of Wycelf’s silly attempt to lead the country of Haiti as president, I never wanted to see the man hurt for his convictions. Let’s hope that violence like this in Haiti will not deter the people from making their way out to the polls. Haiti elects a new leader today, let’s hope the spirit of democracy is with them today.


  • Michelle

    I’m glad he’s okay but I can’t say I’m surprised. I have a few Haitian students who think Wyclef is a joke. Apparently, a lot of people feel like he only stepped in after the earthquake and while people suffered extreme poverty in Haiti for years, he was off making millions and not worrying about them at all. I get that sentiment. I think he should go back to helping with the earthquake relief and stay out of politics.

  • Tyrika Roary

    OK!He aint doing nothing but acting like he care,when he really don’t.U ask me that aint nothing but them PEOPLE saying “sit your ass down” before it be worst!

    • A

      So……it’s OK to shoot someone, because you don’t want to hear him voice his opinion? Now THAT’s just ignorant. :(

  • HatianGirl

    That is false he has been in Haiti for years and he has helped raise millions of dollars for Haiti before the earthquake I am a Haitian American and I know.Havin bein back to Haiti many times I know the people of Haiti respect him and and value you him before the world took notice of Haiti. So for all of you who have no idea about his foundation and his love for his country besides what your hear from the media dont speak.