Nicki Minaj Performs On Stage With A Sex Toy


Nicki Minaj, who is no stranger to the outrageous, brought her I Am Still Music Tour to the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, NY last night and during her performance produced a plastic penis to incorporate into her act. Now, I’m not sure if this sexual … prop … is a usual part of the show or if she just whipped it out as a special surprise but … homegirl seemed happy to perform with the dildo. Check out the NSFW images below.

Click the image above to see the larger, NSFW images — if you dare. Um … yeah. To her credit, Nicki managed to get her hands on a pretty amply-sized sex toy. I mean, if you’re gonna go big … you might as well go really big. You know, and I was just thinking about how you don’t really see a lot of dildos in live concert performances and then Nicki Minaj has to go and save the day. What do y’all think? Is this shocking or … notsomuch?

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • I’m not typically “turned off” by this sort of thing. Especially being a Britney fan… I mean Brit has had some truly sexy moments during her concert. Ie, Onyx Tour “Breathe On Me” and “Touch Of My Hand” during The Circus Tour… But, Nicki… Oh Nicki, this is just DISGUSTING. :/

    • krissy

      I don’t see the difference between masterbating in a bathtub in concert and this. Well, except Britney’s was orchestrated to look more “real” (nude body stocking and a clear bathtub, right?) Madonna also did this on a bed in her Blonde Ambition tour.

      I think that pushing the boundaries is part of entertainment. Artists have always done it and they always will. I don’t see why you would judge one differently than the other.

    • Yes, I agree with you also. Speaking from a guy perspective, I like a sexual woman, but there is just something about public display of this act that is just disturbing to me.

    • Well i agree…because why would u even think about doing tht, ur ass tits n face is already fake u dnt need no plasic on ur body n….GIRL…but i like the outfit

  • Ella

    That’s what turns be off about “entertainment” today. Nicki, Lady Gaga. It’s all about the shock factor and less about talent. You can put on a good show that people will walk away happy from without making them gasp.

  • Bruce

    I imagine she did that performing her song ‘Did It On Em’ where she says “If I had a dick I would take it out and piss on em”. I think its funny lol

  • Oscar

    I wonder what is the obsession black people have with whites.In Miami Beach black dudes only want blond,white girls.This woman shows up with a large white dong.It is kind of extravagant with contrast of her skin.Oh,well.Ce la vie.

    • Jennifer


    • brandi


  • Okey

  • nicole

    im sorry….but i find this girl a joke. dont get me wrong, she has some talent. but she over shadows it with things like this.

  • realreppinhiphop

    Lmao at her contradicting ass them booty pads scrunching so obvious she using SEX to sell

  • Jennifer

    i’m sorry, how does using a dildo onstage detract from her talent? does it make her rhymes worse? less witty?

    i like that she’s doing something different from rhianna, who seems to just stand around and look stoic and then sing songs that other people wrote for her.

    nicki is challenging what it means to be a woman in hip hop. she’s not featured on Monster as a vapid, moaning groupie, but as a witty, funny, creative woman who isn’t fawning over kanye, but actually blowing his shit away.

  • Errin

    Ummm…. why?

  • realreppinhiphop

    it does jus that detract that’s why the dildo is more interesting & talked about than the performance

  • realreppinhiphop

    Simple, the attention deprived whore has no talent
    Yea the “T” word

    • krissy

      That is exactly what they said when Tina Turner mimicked oral on a microphone, or what they said about Jimmy Hendricks when he would light his guitar on fire. Whether or not a person has talent is completely unrelated to whether or not they shock. I don’t like all of Nicki’s songs, but she does have some serious talent, IMO.

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