What Is Taylor Lautner Doing In A Yearbook From 1965?

Blast From the Past

Here’s your OMFG/WTF? of the day. While perusing her teacher’s yearbook from 1965, a Taylor Lautner fan came across a photo of a man named John M. Francis that looks so much like Taylor that she had to share it with the Internets. I’ve been staring at this photo for a while now and I have to say, the resemblance is uncanny. Just how old is Taylor Lautner, like, really?

I mean … it’s uncanny!! This man back in 1965 looks exactly like Taylor Lautner looks today. So, either the two are doppelgängers of one another, Taylor is the reincarnation of this John guy or … Taylor Lautner is really a vampire who does not age. HMMMM. What do y’all think?


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  1. Sara


  2. also could be one of the scavo twins from desperate housewives ;)

  3. joeygirl1215

    its like “the event”. tay lautner is obviously an alien who doesnt age as fast as a normal human.

  4. dofnup

    More liek a WEREWOLF that doesn’t age, m i rite?

  5. Ama

    Maybe a distant relative? There are some noticeable differences between them, but this photo is an interesting find.

    Honestly when I saw this I automatically thought of an artist I like who everyone(or at least a large majority of his fans) honestly believed he was 480-500 years old XD Then his actual birth date came out. It was amusing.

  6. Mandy

    Whoa! That’s awesome! The chin is a little off, I think, but otherwise VERY similar!!

  7. Tracy

    WOW! Pretty cool…the chin and nose are off. I wonder where this man is now?

  8. Susie

    That’s so weird! Are we sure this isn’t a photoshop job?

  9. Livia


  10. hailey

    who is the vampire now?

  11. gpgirl

    we also have an instructor that looked like him

  12. Gordan

    Its said to have 11 persons who possesses the same face as you around the world .

  13. sammi

    Are we sure this isn’t just a photo created on the Oldbooth app on the iphone?

  14. ju

    Can you imagine what a stone cold fox that dude was back in the day?? He’s probably still getting chased by women…and men!

  15. Adam

    Would be interesting to track this guy down and see what he looks like, get an idea of what Taylor might look like later in life!!!

  16. Ryan

    Trent!!! What would be really interesting is to get a current or subsequent photo of this John guy so we’ll know what Taylor’s going to look like as he gets more mature looking. How would you track him down?

  17. Sarah

    I think he looks like Matt Damon :)

  18. al

    hah cant he was in shark boy and lava girl just a few years ago and was small and a kid but he remembles yes.

  19. Holly

    That really couldn’t look MORE like him. Unbelievable!!

  20. Dot

    Trent you should post this photo right next to Taylor’s photo just to show how much they really look alike

  21. Nikki

    Okay first Taylor lautner is a wolf and second
    That could be his great great grandfather:) !

  22. roxster

    they should fine a current pic of John!

  23. This pic looks like Taylor, but it also reminds me of Matt Damon.

  24. Ramaxy

    wow probably doppeelgangers of one another and i agree with Nikki

  25. Mrs lautner

    Obviously it’s because werewolves don’t age and I say we track this Frances guy down to see what Taylor is gonna look like when he gets older

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