James Franco Does ‘Vogue Hommes International’ Magazine


Earlier this month we got to check out a series of photographs of James Franco shot by famed photographer Terry Richardson … and today we get to see a new set of Franco photos shot by Richardson. James is featured on the Spring/Summer 2011 issue of Vogue Hommes International magazine and the spread was shot by Terry. Check out the magazine cover and photospread below.

Some of the photos below are pretty sweet (i.e. the shower photo, the hamburger photo, the fist on the chin photo) but the others are just meh. But, even as cool as these photos are, they still aren’t as cool, interesting or puzzling as the photo that James Franco shared of his …. whatever … on his official Twitter profile earlier this week. I’m still not sure what exactly we’re seeing in that photo. As for this collection of photos, which is your fave? Are you loving these photos or are you suffering Franco fatigue?


  • Lindsay

    Good god, who could get tired of him? Geeeeeeve it to meeee

    • cmc

      *raises hand*

      I’m pretty over him.

  • c-word

    i want terry richardson’s job :/

  • cutitout

    Say no to pit-hair on mag covers.

  • MaryP

    I love james franco…who on earth is as cute as he is?

  • MaryP

    I love james franco…who on earth is as cute as he is