Billy Ray Cyrus Calls Off Divorce From Wife Leticia ‘Tish’ Cyrus


Back in October we learned the somewhat surprising news that Billy Ray Cyrus and wife Leticia Tish Cyrus, parents of popstar/actress Miley Cyrus, decided to split and end their marriage. At the time, there were rumors going around that the split was caused by an alleged affair between Tish and rocker Bret Michaels (tho, both parties have denied the affair). After a bit of back and forth feuding in the media, we learn today that plans for a divorce between the couple have been called off … Billy Ray has filed to end the divorce proceedings because the couple are working to reconcile.

Billy Ray Cyrus just made it official, by filing documents — obtained by TMZ — to withdraw his divorce petition so he can try to save his marriage. Billy Ray filed the docs in Williamson County, Tennessee, stating, “The parties are attempting a reconciliation.” Billy Ray has been saying Miley Cyrus’ fame compromised their family. Billy Ray and Tish have been seen out together over the last few weeks. The petition to withdraw the divorce was filed March 11 … and the judge signed the order withdrawing the divorce papers.

Aww … well this is nice. I may not be any kind of Cyrus fan but I am glad to hear that Billy Ray and Tish are working to repair their marriage. It’s always a sad thing when a couple finds out that they are no longer in love but it’s a very heartening thing to hear that a couple is mature enough to work thru their difficulties and repair a damaged relationship. It’s unclear at this point if the couple will be successful in the long run but I, for one, am rooting for their successful reconciliation.


  • KatieFeldmom

    “Undunzo!” :-)

    • i luv Jb

      lol thats preeetty damn amazing if only my parents did that…………….gr i h8 u miley

  • Lauren

    I wouldn’t be a massive Cyrus fan either, but I am glad they’re working through their issues. I’m rooting for them too :)

  • nicole

    its nice to see them trying to work things out. you pretty much never see that in hollywood

    • i luv Jb


  • J

    I never really noticed how Miley Cyrus was Tish’s face on Billy Ray’s head and hair….

    Good for them though!

    • hailey

      so true!

  • Claire

    Good for them. :)

  • this is what marriage is. i’m impressed a couple in hollywood is actually fighting through it. seems like they’ve lost the concept. granted i’m making those observances from the info i’m given, but it’s great to see a couple trying in a world where no one does anymore.

  • sparklecow

    So she screws Brett Michaels and he sticks with her? This man has no balls and is not to mention a horrible father for throwing his own daughter under the bus.