Shirtless Zac Efron Shows Off His New Tattoo While Skateboarding


Earlier this week we saw a few extremely HOT yet grainy/blurry photos of hottie Zac Efron skateboarding here in SoCal sans shirt but with a new inner arm tattoo. Today we get to see those photos in much clearer, higher quality … which means Zac’s shirtless hotness is all the easier to see and drool over. Check out the photos below.

Lord have MERCY on our souls, y’all. Can you believe that Vanessa Hudgens decided to break up with THIS?! That girl is loco in the cabeza, like, for reals. These photos are … yes … much, much better to look at in high, clear quality … but please, do try to refrain from licking your computer screens. Zac’s new tattoo of feathers is, nice. I’m just so happy that the weather is heating up here in SoCal … the warmer the weather gets, the higher the likelihood that Zac Efron might take off his shirt to go skateboarding or whatever. Bring on the Summer, I am SO ready. Woot!!

[Photo credit: Pacific Coast News]

  • Hot! Hot! Hot!

    • Carley

      HOLY SH!T!!! now, i’m a virgin but if i got a chance, i’d tap that!

    • Mr. Gyllenhaal


  • Mela

    Oh look at that; my mouth just filled with saliva.

  • JayeBea


  • mitchell

    I opened these, saw his bod and cut-off, farm-like jean shorts and instantly thought of these lyrics:

    “And down on my knees behind the barn
    singing polly wolly wanna doodle all the day.”

    Isn’t that weird?

  • Mel

    Vanessa Hudgens wasn’t the only loco one in that pairing, if you know what I mean. But as they say, birds of a feather, flock together.

  • Chase

    He has a rocking body, no doubt, but his face… I mean, he’s still handsome, but all that weight gain made his face look round and weird, in my opinion. I just think that these muscles on him look…odd? I dunno. I think it looks better on Taylor Lautner for some reason.

    • perdiz

      i agree. taylor seems like he was meant to be big. zac seems like he had to work at it. still think its pretty damn hot, but it doesnt fit his frame as well.

  • sparklecow

    Are those his “boyfriends” behind him in that final pic? Sorry, he’s gay, no question.

    • krissy

      I think it is really odd when people act as if they have the ability to tell a person’s sexual preference by looking at pictures of them. That is just so wrong.

    • sparklecow

      I’m not judging by this picture, I’m judging by his everyday conduct. Nice try though hun…

    • Stenar

      Keizer, you obviously have no gaydar.

    • krissy

      sparklecow, please tell me what he does in his “everday conduct” that makes him homosexual.

    • keira

      would u like it if u were famous and people said stuf like that 2 u just sayin be nice 2 the lil dude so dont take it Offensive

  • jhu

    drooooollllllllllllllllll.. i wonder if there’s a better picture of his friends too. i bet they look just as delish mmmm

  • Nikki

    Okay, he has a nice enough body… the face doesn’t do it for me… but I think he made a bad choice with the tattoo. It looks like long straggly armpit hair. Yuck.

  • Becca

    He is seriously getting up there in the Jake gyllenhaal hottness category.. SO FOIIINEEE!!!

  • Jade

    He’s like the cute boy in high school who leaves to go to summer camp. Then all of a sudden, he comes back lookin’ all fine and $hit. UNF!

  • mmmmhmmm, yes please. this is what dammmmnnnn hott looks like.

  • Taescharmed

    Him and his armpit hair would be welcome in my life anytime! WORD!

  • thatonegirl

    ya hot but why under his arm?

    • Ama

      Probably because it will be easier to hide/cover up if he does a movie/TV show with a character that has no tattoos.

    • @Ama — Also cuz it’s HOT

    • Ama

      @Trent-Ya~ that too.

  • trent, do you think he’s starting to look like a young jared leto in these pics?

    • lol even though jared still looks around the same age!

    • @choclatie — Yes, a little.

  • Becca

    Ooooooooo he does look like Jared Leto!! Awww yeaaaaaa

  • I have a similar body when I work out.

  • Naomi Black

    I don’t care what it is he’s selling in these pictures… but I’m buyin’ it all!!!! Oh lawdy he’s one huge glass of SEXY!!!!

  • Bryan

    Trent, can you share the untagged HQ pics? You can send it to my email. Thanks.

  • Erik

    I really hate when people take pictures of me and confuse them for Zac Efron. *sobs silently*

  • Dustin

    He looks sooooo much hotter now that he’s grown up!!!

    • jasmine

      he does doesent he and cute

  • Mandy

    Goodbye Troy! Hello Zac!

  • Mariieh Heaven

    Mmm mmm mmmm, my oh my he is way too hott! If that boy were an apple he’d be a delicious and id eat him up!!! :) heheehe

    • Rob

      I love you Mariieh

  • kyllebrosnan

    Nice cut dude. Not anyone has that great figure.

  • tsidi


  • jasmine

    he is cute
    and i love his tatoo
    it must have been great to star in high school musical it would be to me

  • Ziggy

    VH didn’t break up with him, ZE broke up with her. His Loss.